Dec. 20th, 2012

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Yesterday morning when I woke up it was snowing outside. In general this makes me very happy. But then a little later (somewhere in the vicinity of noonish – I work nights!) while I was lying in bed reading my power went out. – My apartment is super dark. Even in the lightest part of the day.

Turns out this is not just my breaker (as happens rather frequently in my apartment) but the whole neighbourhood. Because even though it’s Vancouver the snow is actually staying on the ground and is between five and ten centimetres!

J and C and I had been planning on going to see the Hobbit that afternoon out at the IMAX (which is in Richmond) so that we could see the first nine minutes of Star Trek. We were planning on the 4:20 show. The official word is that it takes circa half an hour to get to the IMAX from where we are. But we were planning on giving ourselves lots of extra time even before we knew about the weather. So around 2ish we start texting back and forth about whether or not it’s safe to drive with the roads being kinda crap. J has had the worst day ever with exam stress and weather stress and a massive headache, so she decides not to come. But C (our driver) is familiar with driving in snow and checked the webcams for the highways (which were clear) and decided that it was worth a shot.

So she picked me up around 3 from 8th and Waterloo. It took us until 3:40 to get to Arbutus and 30th. Which is nowhere near the IMAX. That should’ve been a 15 min drive on the outside.

Considering Vancouver probably has a grand total of 2 snowploughs, the roads weren’t all that bad. But the traffic was ridiculous, although I didn’t see anyone being too terrible at driving either (which is frankly a miracle).

So we decided to cut our losses and head for C’s place. I checked the BC hydro website from my phone and the power was still off at mine. (Boo.)

Since C lives near my work though I called up the theatre to let them know that we’d be coming to the 7 o’clock show. (Perks of working in a movie theatre – I can take myself and a friend to the movies for free.) We spent the remaining time drinking tea eating a whole grocery store chicken (me) and watching Seaquest, which C has on DVD because she’s cool like that. And then we walked through the slushy snow to the theatre.

So we didn’t get the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness (Hell, we didn’t even get the trailer – lame). But we at least got to see the movie. And lo: it was good.

”Hobbit )

I want Dwarf hugs! All the Dwarf hugs!

Then I went home and although my power was up the internet was not. I think the wireless needs to be reset. But naturally it’s my landlords who control the router. The internet is still out now and I had to abscond to a coffee shop to post my Yuletide story and check on my virtual life. I'll see if I can pester them about it tonight. On my list of things for the next place I live is controlling my own internet. I'm getting fed up with the poor signal strength in the basement and people who don't notice immediately when it's not working. Le sigh.


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