Mar. 21st, 2013

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Still haven't heard from the job. During the interview she'd said I would hear confirmation sometime "around the 20th". I'm trying not to feel disheartened. I'm not sure it's working.

I had the day off today so I've spent it knitting, watching TV, not bothering to get out of my pyjamas, and freaking out every time I get a new email.

I'm watching Deep Space Nine, because Star Trek is beautiful and optimistic and I love it.

There's an awesome episode at the end of Season 3 called Explorers where Sisko recreates a ship with solar sails that had been invented by the Ancient Bajorans. There's this story that the ancient Bajoran starfarers went all the way to Cardassia - vehemently denied by the Cardassians naturally - but there's no proof. It's an awesome episode. Because Sisko is doing experimental archaeology (which is the most fun kind of archaeology) and all of the conversations are questions that people keep saying about all sorts of things in the history of Earth. And there're sails! And Jake being cool. And the B plot involves O'Brien and Bashir being space bros and getting drunk together.

Star Trek is the best.

Important life questions: if you lived in the 23rd century and had the option of joining Star Fleet, would you?

I totally would.

Secondary important life question: What colour do you think the archaeology department would be?

I feel like it would fall under the Sciences - so Blue. But communications is Red.

Or do you think that Starfleet wouldn't take archaeologists on their exploration missions? If the Federation has a version of Inter-Planetary Expeditions (like in Babylon 5) I would be cool with that too.


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