Oct. 26th, 2014

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Hello! And thanks for writing for me!

In general I like happier stories with banter. I like characters, so I prefer characterization over plot (although both is AWESOME). And I love fandom tropes. Pretty much all of them.

I don't like incest, imbalanced power dynamics in relationships (teacher/student, boss/employee, etc), or overt cruelty from our heroes (as in the Star Trek Mirrorverse).

I don't think I have anything to add to my optional details.

But for clarity: I mentioned that I don't want underage sex for my Eureka prompt. This has to do with the power dynamics thing mentioned above. And it depends on how you do Teenage!Nathan (should you do Teenage!Nathan - optional details and all that!). If he's still mentally in his late thirties, but in a teenage body, I don't mind that (although Jack might!). What squicks me out is when adults are taking advantage of kids who are actually kids, rather than adultss stuck in kids bodies.

I hope that makes sense! (There are some things I never thought I'd type until I joined fandom - I love this place!)

I'm not really active on DW anymore but there's still lots of info on my Yuletide Tag about my previous year's requests etc if you're curious. I've requested Swallows and Amazons a number of times, so if you want to take a look at old Dear Yuletide Author letters you might get some inspiration.

If you want to see some more recent stuff I'm Aderam on tumblr. Although I mostly reblog instead of making original content.


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