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HI! Thanks for offering one of my requests! I'm super stoked for this year's Yuletide, especially since all of my requests this year are very rare - 2 only have one fic on the AO3! So naturally this means that pretty much anything you write will make me super happy!

I've been doing Yuletide for many years now. And it's actually one of the only places where I end up finishing (rather than just starting) fic. So you can find the stuff that I've written over at the AO3 or at the old Yuletide Archive. You can also check out my previous Dear Yuletide Letters and various other complaints, squee etc at my Yuletide tag.

In terms of my general likes and dislikes in fic - I'm pretty eclectic. I usually prefer happy endings and generally joyful works with a lot of humour, but sad and angsty stuff can also be super awesome. Mostly I just like fic which is good (well, duh...) so if your strength is writing something a little more bittersweet, please do that!

Mostly I'm looking for something on a similar level of joyous/adorableness/happiness/snarkiness/banter to each canon, but I acknowledge that two of the three are actually set during war (and the third in the inter-war years), so life is not exactly a bucket of teddy bears. I hope that gives you an idea of what kind of tone I'd enjoy. If not please feel free to ignore all this.

Swallows and Amazons - Arthur Ransome
Nancy Blackett, Peggy Blackett, John Walker, Titty Walker

I've been rereading a bunch of the Swallows and Amazons books this year. And they're making me so happy - because they are actually better than I remember them being. And now that I'm all growed up I can appreciate some of the great things that a lot of modern authors still can't do well. I made a post about this a couple of weeks ago which is here (read the comments too). I asked in my optional details for a story about the sibling relationship between Nancy and Peggy. In my childish head I remember Peggy as the Amazons version of Susan, which is so totally wrong. (For the record I also love Susan, but in reality one of the few similarities between her and Peggy is that they both prepare the food.) But Peggy is no Nancy (who is totally awesome). I think actually that Nancy and Peggy's relationship is a lot like mine with my older brother - he has the crazy ideas and the ridiculous leadership skills, and I do a lot of the organization to make things happen. It's really good for teamwork. And I could definitely continue rambling about this for a while and not give you any more information... so I'm going to move on to other things that are good.

I'd like some sort of adventure. I love how they are able to make very cool things (like sailing in the lake country) into perilous adventures with banana trees and leading lights all all the associated bits and pieces. It doesn't have to be a big adventure, or it could even be a "deleted scene" from one of the books. My favourites are generally the earlier ones: Winter Holiday, Pigeon Post, Swallowdale.

You should know that I'm a sailor, and I'd love a story with some great sailing references, but if you don't feel confident enough in your terminology, please don't try to force it. I'll be more than happy with a story on Wild Cat Island, or with limited reference to the details of how the boats are working.

A Bear Named Winnie
Ian Macray, Harry Colebourne

So adorable! I could not have asked for more from a movie about Michael Fassbender and Jonathon Young cuddling with a bear cub. There's even random Canadian History references (the Ross rifle - what a shit show). Lots of fun. But as much as I love the bear (she's adorable), I also loved the relationship between Harry and Macray. So I'd like slash please. I know my optional details said "with or without the bear" - but I would not like bestiality. I just meant with or without her in the story. *headdesk*

For this fandom I'm intrigued by the possibilities for X-Men and/or Sanctuary crossovers, but Harry and Macray have such different personalities than Magneto and Tesla that I'm not sure how it could be believable. I'd be really happy if you proved me wrong here :).

Please avoid stories about Macray's death. Other one's about how war sucks are okay. But for me (despite the sadness of the ending) this movie is all about the adorable cuddles. I'm just looking to see some of the human variety. :)

Valor's Series - Tanya Huff
Mike Glicksohn, Reesk, di'Stenjic Haysole

This is a fandom that I request every year, so if you've matched me on this one you can rest assured that I'll be really happy to get whatever you can write. Also you should check out my previous Dear Yuletide Letters for inspiration. Things you should know:
- I love space marines far more than I should
- Tanya Huff is one of if not my favourite author and I love her writing style - especially the humour
- banter is key

Every year I have a debate with myself about whether to include all of the characters I'd like to see in the story in the character field or restrict myself to one in order to get easier matching. Frankly I'd be cool with any story about the group of marines from Valor's Choice (especially the group that sneak out to the Silsviss bar: Hollice's fireteam, Haysole etc). I love Torin, but I don't ask for her because she already has a story - the whole series is about her. I'd like to see more of the other guys.

I love the different cultures and races in these books and I'd love to see either the conflicts or ways in which they mesh within the Marine Corps. Considering that group of marines I can't see how anyone could avoid hi-jinks. Likewise I requested a di'Taykan - I'm expecting omni-sexualness (although I'm not looking for a relationship focused story - I just know that where the di'Taykan go there will be sex). :)

This could be a story about how they circumvent the rules or about the discipline afterwards (cleaning the latrines with a toothbrush). Or Mike figuring out why certain things can only be used as a punishment for certain species. Or anything else that you can think of.

I hope that was helpful and didn't confuse you further. If you need any clarification I'm sure [personal profile] hobbitbabe would be willing to act as a go between.



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