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I'm just going to put this here so that I can find it again easily later.

This is my favourite interview with perhaps the whole Teen Wolf cast, but definitely my favourite with Tyler Hoechlin.

Things that are good:
- He's so relaxed and happy and smiley and very much NOT DEREK. And I love being able to see so clearly - especially just through the body language - that he is not the same as the character he plays.

- Also he's way hotter when he's being himself because I find happiness way more attractive than abject misery. I totally understand why Derek is sad - but Hoechlin is more attractive.

- The things he says are GREAT!
a) he likes the subtext in the show (including the gay subtext) because it adds so many layers and he thinks that makes it better storytelling.
b) joking around about being happy that Colton Haynes is getting all the shirtless scenes in season 2. Then telling a story about complaining to Jeff Davis (the creator) that he wasn't getting any and he'd been eating right and working out a lot for nothing.
c) he believes that Derek is too busy with all of the other shit in his life to be worried about romance right now. And specifically mentions that he's in the process of rebuilding his family! - I completely agree with this

[personal profile] hobbitbabe you should watch this, especially if you haven't seen Hoechlin being Hoechlin yet.


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