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I am filled with blah. Still haven't heard back from the Job. And I know that I should start emailing some of the other companies (and that M's company is definitely going to be looking for people!). But what I thought was a yeast infection is actually a bladder infection and the antibiotics are taking a while to be effective. My lady bits are sore and I'm tired and embarrassed about not going to the drop-in clinic immediately (although the doctor I saw when I ended up going was very nice and didn't seem to think I'd been an idiot at all).

But at least I've got the next two days off.

Plus there's curling on the TV. And later the Canucks are playing and it'll be the first game since the season started that I haven't had to work (although D brought a radio on Friday night and we listened to the game while we were cleaning the popper - so that was good).

But Curling! - I always forget how much I enjoy watching curling until it's on TV. It's fun and there's cool strategy. And I love that all of the people on the top competitive teams look like normal people. It's reassuring to think that there are elite sports where people can compete who haven't been blessed with lucky genetics. High level sports always require hard work and strategy, but there are so many that require more than that. I like watching those sports too - but it's harder to fantasize about myself doing those things.

It's the provincial Scotties women's tournaments this weekend which is in the lead up to the nationals next weekend I think, and I'm definitely going to try to watch those. Curling is one of the reasons I'm glad that I got cable, because I would never watch curling in a bar (except for maybe the Olympics).


Jun. 15th, 2011 10:14 am
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I am a huge ball of stress for the game tonight.

It's game seven! That means whoever wins tonight wins the whole bloody thing!

The Stanley Cup - which Vancouver has not won in its forty year history. And this is the best shot we've had in seventeen years.

And the media is making me even more angry than usual.

And poor Mason Raymond got his back broken last game. (And the stupid Boston fans jeered him for diving long after he was lying on the ice in obvious pain. Stay Classy.)

(Also, do you remember Rome's hit on Horton last week that was scary for injury? It was a late hit and definitely not intent to injure but he got a four game suspension. Turn that around on Monday so that the Canucks player is the one who's injured, and Boston gets nothing. Not even an interference call on the play. It's not that I think that Boychuck did it on purpose, but can you say double standard? Especially since Rome hit Horton in the middle of the open ice and Boychuck finished his check into the boards while Raymond's head was between Boychuck's legs. It's a fast game and that wasn't done on purpose, but it's a much more dangerous position in my mind. Also this is the second time in the last few months that a Boston player has broken someone's spine. I don't care if it was on purpose or not - someone needs to look into that.)

Also I may go insane if (when - sigh) I hear someone say that Roberto shouldn't be starting in net tonight. Yes he played like crap on Monday. He's still our best goaltender.

Anyway, I'm going to go for a wander through the crowds downtown tonight and then watch the game at home with friends and then maybe go downtown for craziness afterwards.

Think good thoughts! (My head thinks we're going to win because of the home ice advantage which has been a big thing in this series - but my heart may explode in the meantime.)

Whatever happens after this I'll be able to get back to thinking about the rest of my life.
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This article On Stanley Cup Final Coverage and Bias by Harrison Mooney does an excellent job of articulating why Pass it to Bulis (the Canucks blog which he writes with two other guys) is the only sports media I read.

It's bad enough when fans are being douchebags and making snap judgments which prove they have the attention span of goldfish. When they only pay attention to a player's mistakes and ignore all of the good things he's done on the ice. When they apply a double standard between one game and the next or between different teams. Or make comments about sissy European players because it's not racist if they're white too.

But when the professional media does it too? It makes me wonder why they're allowed to keep their jobs.

An excerpt from Harrison's (very well written) article (emphasis mine):

I’m more than willing to deny a bias that doesn’t exist, and the East Coast bias is a myth.

That said, the journalistic bias against the Canucks has been clear as day. Consider, for example, the writing about the Sedins, whose manhood has been questioned for their lack of production in the Final. Anyone with an ounce of sense can see that their best series came against a team that didn’t have a dedicated shutdown pairing (San Jose), and they’ve had a tougher time against teams with Norris-Calibre defensemen that aggressively focus on shutting them down (Chicago, Nashville, Boston).

However, instead of telling this story, we’ve been subjected to a “limp-wristed Euros” narrative that smacks of embarrassing prejudice.

When was the last time someone suggested that Sidney Crosby or Jonathan Toews was less of a man for their relative lack of production in their respective Finals? In 2009, Crosby went minus-3 with a goal and two assists. In 2010, despite going minus-5 with no goals and three assists, Toews won the Conn Smythe. I’m sure their Canadian citizenship had nothing to do with their generous coverage.

In these cases, credit was given to the opposing defenders who shut down elite scoring threats. The Sedins, meanwhile, simply aren’t man enough. They’re hacked, slashed and impeded constantly, but any time they go down, they’re sissy divers, a narrative that stinks of xenophobia over an ethnocentric worry that Europeans have come to ruin the Canadian game. Chris Nilan claimed their “balls shrivel up when they’re on the road”, Joe Haggerty called them “Hansel and Gretel”, Mike Milbury called them “Thelma and Louise,” and a bevy of other sportswriters and fans have stuck with the much less innovative Sedin “sisters”.

Why, exactly, is it considered acceptable — professionally acceptable, even — to mock two men by comparing them to a minority group in hockey, anyway? What’s next? The Sedins play like blacks, jews, or gays?

This line of criticism is, in and of itself, childish and sexist. It’s 2011 and there are women in the Hockey Hall of Fame. If the Sedins actually were women, people might be a little more impressed with their point per game pace over the last five years, their back-to-back Art Ross trophies, their potentially back-to-back Hart trophies, or the fact that they’ve led their hockey team to the Stanley Cup Final in their first year as team leaders. As it stands, however, these accomplishments aren’t enough to escape the criticism that they’re actually women on skates — and that there’s something inherently wrong with that.

This whole thing makes me furious. Most of the time I don't bother reading because it's just awful, the comments are not intelligent and I disagree with what they've said about the game. But every now and again the media actually goes and says something like this that is SO completely offensive that it almost makes me ashamed to be a hockey fan. This is how people who don't watch hockey see the sport. How could this possibly be considered a good thing?

I used to think that the NHL would be the first of the major sports leagues in North America to have an openly gay player. It's a sport that's dominated by Canadians and Europeans who (especially in my generation which is the same age bracket as all the rising stars) increasingly don't give a damn about other people's sexuality. The NHL itself has tacitly endorsed gayness by allowing their names and logos to be used in a movie about a gay hockey player (admittedly it wasn't a big blockbuster - but still!). But if this is what they're saying about the Sedins because they're Swedish I'd hate to see what they'd do if they were gay. Sometimes staying in the closet is the safer choice.

And the Sedins? Their responses were very classy. Because they are cool like that: cut for length )

But whatever. Screw you Don Cherry and your xenophobic comments about Europeans. It doesn't matter whether your favourite team wins or the Canucks do, it'll still be a European captain raising the Stanley Cup.
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The season opener was tonight (totally more important than the paper I have due tomorrow) and it was the Canucks versus the Flames in Vancouver. The game was dedicated to Luc Bourdon, the Canucks defenceman who died this summer in a motorcycle accident. And as Alex Borrows said at the end of the game he was definitely with us. Everything went well for us. Our passes were crisp, we did phenomenally on the rush, Roberto stood on his head in the net. And the score reflected that.

6-0 Bitches!

And people keep saying that the Canucks can't score!

What a way to start the season!

It's a good thing I have to finish up that paper, because there is no way I could sleep right now anyway!

I am going to be happy for a week! (or more)
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Yesterday at work was one of those free stuff days that happen every now and again when you work in a hotel-ish-type-place. We just had a huge group in for a conference that took up the entire building, and most of them left yesterday. I was working a desk shift, and I stripped a bunch of rooms because there was literally nothing going on.

The end result: three unopened Bacardi Breezers and a paperback copy of Death Comes for the Fat Man by Reginald Hill.

*Buster voice* Wicked.

I'm not a huge fan of coolers (ack! Sweetness!) but I can't say no to free alcohol. Also last night was L's birthday party and since I didn't get off work until midnight I figured I'd end up meeting them downtown for dancing post-the party at my place, and thus didn't buy any alcohol ahead of time. Three coolers is not nearly enough to get me drunk, but there were tons of great people around and we didn't end up going downtown for dancing. I also got made fun of a bunch for them (quite rightly) until I told them I got them for free. We're students, we understand the value of free alcohol.

Anyway, I think I might not put on clothes today and just lounge about in my pyjamas. I'm also going to try and watch Baseball. I have no idea why, but I kinda want to give the sport a try. And CBC is playing a Blue Jays - Oreols (sp?) game this afternoon. E used to follow baseball when she was younger, so she might join me for some of it.

Also, any of you people who read the Daziel-Pascoe books by Reginald Hill (and for those of you who don't - why aren't you? British cop novels = wicked) can I read Death Comes for the Fat Man before Death's Jest Book and Good Morning Midnight? Or should I read those first? I know he's become a bit more sequential lately, but I don't know how sequential.


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