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May. 24th, 2013 09:09 am
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"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." - Lewis Carroll

I checked in with the archaeology job again. Apparently they still haven't finalized things with their clients up north, which means that they still don't know if they can hire additional people for the field season. My contact seemed frustrated by this - but not frustrated at me. She again encouraged me to keep in touch.

But things are too close to the wire. I'll be homeless on the 31st. I can't stay here.

So I've bought my plane ticket to Newfoundland. I'll be heading that way on the 30th.

In theory I know that this hasn't changed my situation at all. I could still get this job and head to Calgary and actually get to use my degree for once. If everything turns out well than this will just be a visit with my brother that I really need.

But it's really hard not to feel discouraged.

Plus, I'm in the midst of packing and moving. It's hard not to feel discouraged at this point. On the one hand: Why do I have so much stuff? On the other hand: All my worldly possessions fit into roughly 17 boxes/bags (including the duffles I'm taking on the plane).
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Still haven't heard from the job. During the interview she'd said I would hear confirmation sometime "around the 20th". I'm trying not to feel disheartened. I'm not sure it's working.

I had the day off today so I've spent it knitting, watching TV, not bothering to get out of my pyjamas, and freaking out every time I get a new email.

I'm watching Deep Space Nine, because Star Trek is beautiful and optimistic and I love it.

There's an awesome episode at the end of Season 3 called Explorers where Sisko recreates a ship with solar sails that had been invented by the Ancient Bajorans. There's this story that the ancient Bajoran starfarers went all the way to Cardassia - vehemently denied by the Cardassians naturally - but there's no proof. It's an awesome episode. Because Sisko is doing experimental archaeology (which is the most fun kind of archaeology) and all of the conversations are questions that people keep saying about all sorts of things in the history of Earth. And there're sails! And Jake being cool. And the B plot involves O'Brien and Bashir being space bros and getting drunk together.

Star Trek is the best.

Important life questions: if you lived in the 23rd century and had the option of joining Star Fleet, would you?

I totally would.

Secondary important life question: What colour do you think the archaeology department would be?

I feel like it would fall under the Sciences - so Blue. But communications is Red.

Or do you think that Starfleet wouldn't take archaeologists on their exploration missions? If the Federation has a version of Inter-Planetary Expeditions (like in Babylon 5) I would be cool with that too.
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They're still in the process of hiring people, but they'll give me a call in a couple of weeks to confirm (or deny).

I may start as early as April! Depending on contracts with clients going through and the weather and other weird logistical things.

She sounded really nice!

She was mostly talking about working up North, which I think is where I'd want to go anyway!

She also mentioned that because I have a Masters degree that it's possible that I could stay on with them and be trained for becoming a permit holder! (In order to dig in Alberta each team has to be led by someone who has a permit to do archaeology in the province, each province has different regulations about who can hold a permit. It's like my brother needing his mate's ticket in order to work as a mate on the boats.)

Continue thinking good thoughts please! I really want this job!


Mar. 5th, 2013 04:11 pm
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I have a phone interview with an(other) archaeology firm tomorrow. (!!!) I have already quizzed M (who works there) about what I should be saying and what I should expect (both from the interview and the type of work they do). I'm optimistically terrified. So think good thoughts for me tomorrow afternoon (PST)!

Some other thoughts to keep myself from brooding:

- I don't like the latest update of iTunes. The reason I started using iTunes was that I found it really intuitive, and the way they changed things around this update has ballsed it up (IMO). So I thinking about switching over to using Zune more, since I have to use it for my phone too. But figuring out new software is annoying. And I do still have an iPod. Blagh.

- I need a book to bring with me to work. I want to read Tanya Huff's The Silvered because I got it for Christmas and haven't started it yet. But I don't want it to get any butter on it. Because it is a nice book and a massive hardcover. I wish it was out in paperback so I could just grab a cheap copy. Bah.

Also, picking books for reading at work is hard because it has to be something I actually want to read, but also something that I don't feel weird reading in front of co-workers. - This might be lingering issues from that awful summer job I had where my coworkers were rude and bullied me about reading Stranger in a Strange Land because it was an old '70s SciFi cover so it looked really wacky.

- I went to yoga yesterday for the first time in a while. And it felt really good, although my muscles know I was working them today. I was sure that I would need to spend most of the class in child's pose (resting), but turns out that I'm not in as bad shape as I thought I was. I have been playing hockey though, and it's interesting that I can feel which muscles are hockey muscles because those poses are much easier for me than even some of the "easier" poses that don't use hockey muscles.

- I really want to do more writing, but I'm terrible without deadlines. I've figured out that I need to finish my Teen Wolf fic before Season 3 starts in June because it's a pre-series story and I know from spoilers that they're doing a flashback episode. I'm torn between being super excited to see the canon Hale family and a little sad that they aren't going to be the same as the Hale family that's been hanging out in my head for the past few months.

And the other day I picked up a Star Trek XI fic I started years ago and wrote a couple of scenes because they were just in my head. I have no idea why since, while I'm excited for the new movie, I haven't been reading any fic or even watching any of the other Treks. Whatever, as long as I'm writing I don't really care.
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Had my phone interview with the archaeology firm. They seemed really nice and I think that overall it went well. Except that I don't have a driver's license and that might be a problem - which I sort of knew going into it, especially working in rural areas. But at least the interviewer gave me a chance to explain why I haven't gotten my license yet (and commented that although she drove standard now she couldn't imagine having to learn on one - which is the main reason I didn't actually learn in High School: no one teaches on standard where I'm from, and naturally my parents drive standard). [personal profile] hobbitbabe pointed out that it meant the interviewer was on my side, and I hope that's the case.

Man, it's never more apparent to me how many non-verbal cues I follow in social situations until I don't have access to them. I think that the interview went well - but I definitely hate phone interviews.

Also I probably won't hear anything until January because they weren't able to get interviews for some people until after Christmas.

So I'm watching H50 and eating curly fries and knitting until I have to go to work tonight.

Job interviews suck.


Dec. 5th, 2012 02:35 pm
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Holy Shit guys! I've got a phone interview with an archaeology firm on Tuesday! They're hiring field archaeologists and their season starts up at the end of January!

Think good thoughts for me please!
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So it's been over a week since I got back from Italy, and I still haven't written up a good post about the dig and being back and all those other important things. ... And this isn't that either. This is a post about all the crazy things that are in my head at the moment.

First and foremost are James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender - because they are awesome and X-Men has eaten my brain. It's not so much that First Class was that great a movie (although I did really enjoy it) but their chemistry was fantastic and their obvious friendship in all their interviews is absolutely contagious. Their epic bromance is only equal to Sir Patrick and Sir Ian, or RDJ and Jude Law. It's epic. And also they totally weren't exaggerating when they mentioned the drag scene which was cut from the movie - HILARIOUS! I think I may have to buy the DVD if I'll get extras like these!

Evidence: The Japan DVD trailer, the Drag is at the 4 min mark!

I've also downloaded and started watching episodes of the Animated X-Men TV series which is a fond memory from my childhood. It is totally awesome too. I was not expecting it to still have such great characterization and messages and even the plots are pretty awesome. Even my roommate M is loving it and she didn't watch it as a child and therefore doesn't have nostalgia. - Also even in '90s Children's TV the Professor and Magneto are made for each other!

Let the brain-eating continue I say!

I've been procrastinating from writing my report for the dig. Partially because I've never written an archaeological report before and I'm worried that I'm going to screw it up, and partially because I've been sick and sleeping for most of this past week. In that light I've even ended up accomplishing other things - like organizing an orientation for the incoming grad students to our department (because our department would never do anything like that and also it needs to happen - but it's going to be super basic, I don't have the time or energy to do anything more official.) and getting my student loan documents in order (almost done!).

But today I will at very least start on that damn report, and I will at very least organize my laundry so that I can do it. And I will try not to be seduced by the internet and McAvoy-Fassbender interviews - I've seen most of them already anyway.

Also also - have you guys seen the new videos up on Peter Jackson's Facebook page for the Hobbit! There are 13 Dwarfs! And they are AMAZING! They are teasing each other and joking back and forth and it makes me squee like a squeeing thing! I can't wait for the Hobbit!

And on a more somber note, Jack Layton, Canada's Leader of the Opposition, died of cancer. It's really weird reading people say that they were expecting something like this because of how his health had taken a turn for the worse, because I've been on the other side of the world and paying even less attention to the news than I normally do. I vaguely remember hearing about him having some health problems, but the last I'd really heard of him was from the election when he was strong and energetic. So it's kind of shocking to me. He was a great man and a great politician, and the farewell letter he wrote to Canadians two days before his death is very moving. I don't agree with all his politics, and he was in no way perfect, but I'd been really looking forward to what he would accomplish as leader of the opposition and I had great hopes that he might've won the next election and become our Prime Minister. I'll miss his lovely moustache. See also: The Happy Jack Layton is Happy Tumblr for some awesome photos of Jack in action (via [livejournal.com profile] karenjeane).
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The end of the Dig + Far too many 10 hour field days + holy shit I've still got so much to do = Exhausted Aderam.

Things are still mostly good and bad in the usual places. Right now though I just want to sleep for a week and get a massage from K because she's very good at it.

I'll try to do a better write-up after everything gets done. But I might be sleeping then. If I'm even scarcer than I have been that's why.

Ciao ciao.
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I'm doing a paper on small finds from Mithraea (ie pottery and animal bones and things not structural in sanctuaries of the god Mithras). It's pretty awesome - but the best part is the puns and the snickering which is happening in the articles I'm reading.

Title of article (I'm not joking): "The Symbolic Meaning of the Cock: The Animal Remains from the Mithraeum at Tienen (Belgium)" by An Lentacker, Anton Ervynck, & Wim Van Neer

In a different, but related, article: "As shown in the animal bone study of the Tienen Mithraeum in this volume it was not possible to collect 243 cocks, mostly adult species, in an instant. This requires long term planning." (Marleen Martens)

Te He.

I have determined that I'm actually about 12 years old. Penis humour is the best.


Jun. 25th, 2010 07:12 pm
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So I have safely arrived in Gravina. All the important people are here and we've got just about everything set up for the start of the season. Students arrive tomorrow.

We got everything set up really quickly since there were five of us around who had been here before and knew what needed to be done how. So there was a lot of twiddling of thumbs and general hanging out. The hanging out was awesome - I love these guys so much I may have busted my gut laughing - the thumb twiddling... not so much.

But life is good. I'm sitting in Gambrinus on their wifi, we'll be going out to dinner soon, and I've living with some of my favourite people in the whole world.

Gatecon is also only 15 days away! I am SO excited! There is going to be a day of travelling hell before I get there, but I really don't care! It will be awesome and I will have a grand time and life is FANTASTIC!

(I only wish that Gatecon wasn't conflicting with Gravina - then I could stay for longer - that would be awesome too!)

More updates later! Much love from Italia!


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