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I am filled with blah. Still haven't heard back from the Job. And I know that I should start emailing some of the other companies (and that M's company is definitely going to be looking for people!). But what I thought was a yeast infection is actually a bladder infection and the antibiotics are taking a while to be effective. My lady bits are sore and I'm tired and embarrassed about not going to the drop-in clinic immediately (although the doctor I saw when I ended up going was very nice and didn't seem to think I'd been an idiot at all).

But at least I've got the next two days off.

Plus there's curling on the TV. And later the Canucks are playing and it'll be the first game since the season started that I haven't had to work (although D brought a radio on Friday night and we listened to the game while we were cleaning the popper - so that was good).

But Curling! - I always forget how much I enjoy watching curling until it's on TV. It's fun and there's cool strategy. And I love that all of the people on the top competitive teams look like normal people. It's reassuring to think that there are elite sports where people can compete who haven't been blessed with lucky genetics. High level sports always require hard work and strategy, but there are so many that require more than that. I like watching those sports too - but it's harder to fantasize about myself doing those things.

It's the provincial Scotties women's tournaments this weekend which is in the lead up to the nationals next weekend I think, and I'm definitely going to try to watch those. Curling is one of the reasons I'm glad that I got cable, because I would never watch curling in a bar (except for maybe the Olympics).
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I am a frustrated goaltender right now.

Today was my first time on the ice in my new pads. And they are gorgeous and shiny and fantastic. And I know that my game will improve, once I get the hang of them.

Unfortunately I do not have the hang of them yet. *glower*

I really shouldn't be surprised. I remember how munch I hated my old pads when I first got them (back when I was 11). They were so much bigger than my previous pair and they felt so unwieldy when I started playing with them. It's the same thing that's happening this time.

My old pads, which are in storage in Ontario right now, are 31". The ones borrowed ones I've been using this year are 32". I didn't really notice the size change too much because I hadn't been on the ice in ages and I was busy getting used to wearing someone else's gear anyway. The (shiny, new, frustrating) pads are 34". A full two sizes larger and with considerably more padding around.

Some photos for comparison:
Guess which are new. Yes the black ones are held together with packing tape.

More Photos for comparison )

The problem is that because they are so much bigger and have padding in places that the old pads didn't I don't know where the holes are where the opposition can get pucks through. So They scored 5 goals on me tonight (and thank the gods it wasn't more); at least three of them were the direct result of wearing new pads. I felt clumsy and slow. And it's super frustrating because I know that I would have been able to stop a few of those shots if I'd been wearing the smaller pads. One of my Defence even mentioned that she noticed that a couple of the goals were clearly the result of the new pads. But in the long run I know these pads will be better for me. I just have no idea how long it will take to figure them out.

Things that I was not expecting:
- I had to undo the attached knee padding and pull them out from under my pants because my pants are too tight to fit them underneath and it was making it harder to move. :(
- I have to stand up straighter while wearing these because they are significantly taller - which means that I have to use my leg and lower back muscles more when I'm in my stance, and that's super tiring.
- I didn't get nearly as many puck marks as I was expecting/hoping. They are still remarkably white.


Well, I'm going to be getting some practice time soon (yay!) so hopefully that helps too.

The process of buying them was very easy and nice. The store we went to in Surrey was great and they had lots of gear. The whole basement was filled with goalie gear and there was a whole wall of goalie pads. It was beautiful. The sales guy was also quite nice. He helped find a few sets of reasonably priced pads that fit and explained the benefits of each of them. He clearly knew what he was talking about and he was in no way phased or judgey that I'd never bought new pads and only played rec league. One thing that was cool was that he just grabbed me a pair of goalie skates in my size for while I was trying on the pads. Obviously that makes a difference in the fit and how they feel, but I really wasn't expecting it.

He was also pretty cute. But while we were chatting he mentioned that he plays Junior - which is high-level hockey but the age limit is from about 16 to either 19 or 20. J and I complained afterward that it made us feel like dirty old women. I must say, it's weird getting old enough that there are people old enough to be dating and having sex that are too young for me.


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