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This is AWESOME! A few weeks ago the KHL (Russian hockey league) built an outdoor rink inside the Roman Amphitheatre at Pula, Croatia! This is absolutely brilliant! And if I were rich I would totally have flown over there just to watch the game! I don't follow the KHL, but this is just awesome. Things you unfortunately can't do in North America. Check it out:

Arena Ice Fever Pula MMXII from medvescakzagreb on Vimeo.

The Amphitheatre at Pula is one of the best preserved surviving Roman Amphitheatres. It was built somewhere in the first century AD, sometime close to the construction of the Colosseum in Rome (started 70AD, finished 80AD).

I now feel even more justified including a photo of the Canucks' home arena in my presentation on the Colosseum last year.

I miss hockey. And all this talk about the NHL lockout (the players and the owners are bickering about money again) is making it really hard to be optimistic. Everyone is talking about how it's going to be extremely long, just like the last one (which lost an entire season - although this was directly before I was really paying attention). But the irony here is that we haven't even lost any regular season games yet. The season was due (and I suppose technically still is due) to start on the 11th of October. Everyone's still super mad (and I am too actually), but the only thing we've lost so far is the pre-season. Yet the way people are talking you'd think we'd already lost another whole season. Le sigh. Hopefully they can get things sorted soon.

It's hard days to be an optimist hockey fan...
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I just wrote this sentence:

"The breasts of his women are also lopsided, one usually pear-shaped and the other smaller and pointing upwards."

The worst part is that it is also factually accurate and I'm leaving it in.
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"Each person has his own custom, his own practice; the Divine Mind has distributed various guardians to the various cities; as particular souls are given to mortals at birth, so, too, are heavenly geniuses divided among peoples. Utility, which is the clearest proof of the existence of the gods to mortals, adds to this argument. For as all human reason moves about in the dark, whence can knowledge of the gods come better than from the memory and documents of favours done in the past? If the long passage of time lends authority to religion, faith must be kept with so many centuties, and out parents must be followed by us, as they so fortunately followed theirs. ... What does it matter by what rational system the truth is sought? It is not possible to come by one path to so great a truth." (On the Altar of Victory 3.8-9)
- Senator Symmachus in AD 384 writing to ask that Augustus' Altar of Victory (Actium) not be removed.
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So I agonized a little bit and then decided not to do the paper that's due tomorrow. This isn't as crazy as it sounds - honest. You see for my Roman history class there are four essay topics for the semester and I have to write on three of them. My plan was to do the first one so that I would still have a free skip later on, but I'm feeling kinda stuffed up and brain-dead. And also I'm just not interested in writing about how Suetonius' place in history effected his opinion and protrayal of Julius Caesar. Partially because I think it's bloody obvious (and I always feel like an idiot when I write papers that I think are obvious, even if they're exactly what the prof wants), and partially because it'll be nick-picky and boring to flick through fifty pages of Suetonius' Life of Julius Caesar to find good examples to proove said obviousness. And I do think that all three other topics are interesting:

Topic B: How would it seem to people at the time that Augustus had restored the Republic?
Topic C: Why are Trajan and Livy's Letters important as historical documents?
Topic D: Why would contemporary Roman's like the character of Lucius in Apuleius' The Golden Ass?

See? They're all much cooler than flipping through Suetonius to find proof that he's way more comfortable with one-man-rule than Republican Romans (after all it`s not like he`s lived in the Empire under good, solid Emperors for his whole life).

In other news I just got hit with the cold that's been going around. It sucks balls. In fact it sucks bälle. But on the up-side, L is making chicken soup for the purpose of curing colds. She says it is magical Jew-Soup and will fix us all (her included). I am very much looking forward to eating some.

In the mean-time I think I`ll do some readings for class (and not that paper I`m not going to do!) and drink a bunch of mint tea and maybe watch some television. Oh TeeVee - how I love thee.
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For some reason completely unknown to me I am super tired today. I fell asleep on the couch after finishing my Roman history reading and I only recently got up and made mac-and-cheese for dinner. I may need something more than that later.

Today both of my amazon packages of textbooks arrived. The second one (which actually arrive first) had Stargate: The Ark of Truth as well as my enormous Smyth's Greek Grammar (at least it's pretty), so I spent my afternoon watching special features and telling myself that I didn't have the time to watch the whole movie again right now because I had to do work! Of course I totally did have the time to watch it, because it's not like I actually spent that time doing any work anyway. I still have ten pages of Latin to do by Monday and two or three of Greek for Tuesday (and I work Monday nights). I'm really looking forward to next term because then I'll only have to worry about one language course for the first time since first year.

I talked with the honours advisor (?) today and he assured me that I could probably do the Latin Sight Passage without any review ahead of time because it's written for the second-year level. It has been a while since I took that class. But I definitely going to take that exam sometime this term (I'm planning on taking the others next term because I have a smaller course-load then) because I'm still doing Latin right now.

Also the special features for Ark of Truth are pretty cool. They had a recording of the Stargate Panel from the San Fransisco Comic Con and it was awesome. One of the reasons why I love Ben Browder is that he's this really attractive leading-man actor, but when you see pictures of him at cons and stuff he just looks like a normal guy. Still attractive (ob-vi), but his hair is a mess (and not in the styled way) and he's wearing normal clothes, and he seems like the kind of guy it would be great to hang out with and watch some sports and drink some beer. Also in all the special features interviews Michael Shanks was wearing an old Canucks shirt with the flying skate logo, which made me really happy. I mean I've known that Shanks was a Canucks fan even before I became one, but it's still great to see it. Especially since I've been getting pumped for the season lately. Yay more hockey!
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The problem with writing research papers is that it is so easy to get distracted while you're researching for them - at least if you're interested in the subject. I'm currently writing a paper on how Ammianus Marcellinus depicts the Emperor Julian as a Roman Hero and I'm reading Ammianus Marcellinus and the Representation of Historical Reality by Timothy D. Barnes, and it is such a lovely read and so interesting that I would be happy to read all of it. The only problem is that it's not all relevant to my topic. Also I'm a slow reader. (This is more than one problem.)

He has a whole chapter on how Ammianus deals with Empresses and Eunuchs! Eunuchs! (I'm actually interested in reading more about Ammianus' treatment of eunuchs even though this has absolutely nothing to do with my topic. He really hates them, and every time they come up he's always very negative towards them. It's wonderful!)

In conclusion - I am such a nerd.


Mar. 10th, 2008 08:39 pm
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So it turns out that I actually have five weeks of Midterms rather than four. I was supposed to have my Greek midterm on Wednesday, but Prof M forgot to tell the rest of the class after I talked to him about it and he figured out a date (right in front of me I might add). I asked today if we were still having the midterm on Wednesday because he hadn't mentioned it in a long time, and S made an exclamation of shock and worry. Prof M ended up holding his book over his face in shame. It was cute. He's wonderfully absent-minded-professorish. I like it best when he wears bow-ties. (Last Monday he'd gotten a haircut, so I mentioned it and we ended up starting off the class with him muttering about how there aren't any good barbers in town!)

I'd actually been hoping to get these things over with sooner rather than later, since the middle of term is actually long gone. But this is how things go. Le sigh.

At least he didn't forget to tell the rest of my Greek History class about the Midterm we're having tomorrow, so that's still a go. And I should go back to studying that.

ETA: Best typo from my Greek History Notes - "Sappho is participating in the conversation about Zeus as a comic, rational force in the world." I really meant "cosmic" but I kinda like the it the other way around...


Feb. 28th, 2008 11:45 am
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I am going to Italy this summer for a course in Roman Field Archaeology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Oct. 24th, 2007 01:54 pm
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I totally get to write Fanfic for my Roman History class! Instead of a final paper we get to write a Roman History play using a scene (or a few scenes) from one of the Ancient historians we've been reading. And then we have to explain our choices and what they mean and all that, but I get to write a Roman History play!!!

This is so cool. I love Dr. C!

I might write about Cicero's orations against Catalina, but from Catalina's perspective. I love those speeches. Cicero was ON FIRE!

Classics is so great.... La, La - la la!
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I just got my abridged copy of the Liddel and Scott Greek-English Lexicon.

The Little Liddel.

I am so happy.

I am such a nerd.

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There are now five people in my Ancient Greek class, which is (I'm pretty sure) a fifty percent rate of attrition in the first month alone. I like small class sizes as much as the next girl, but this is a bit much. I shudder to think of how big the third year class will be. Although of course whether I get to third year Greek depends entirely on whether or not I survive second year Greek. The entire class has been getting Ds on the quizzes. Trying to remember all the bizarre details of this language makes me want to go and translate some Lucretius (and he was NOT my friend in Latin last year) or hug my Latin copy of the Aeneid (Vergili Opera). I'm going to make flash-cards this weekend with the principle parts of the verbs as well as the meaning on the other side of the cards.

And Dr. O'B in Latin is as charming as ever. Today in the translation there was an implied naves (ships) that one of my classmates missed and he was trying to help her figure it out. The participle modifying it was feminine so he asked, with a mischievous grin: "What is on the sea a lot and feminine? - Other than [Aderam]." And then he apologized for continuing to bring up my sailorly ways simply because it's the only thing that he knows about me and I keep wearing shirts with boats on them (today I'm wearing my Appledore crew shirt). It was really funny.
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I actually knew what to write... over the past few days I kept thinking of things that I wanted to post in the good ol' LJ, but of course now I can't think of any of them really.

Sufficeth to say that I've gone and got myself a busy life. Things and people are being moved back and forth. Bits are being renovated of our house (which is crazy). Work has started and things seem to be going well (we just had training today, which always makes things seem more intense because we have to go over all of the emergency situations). And the second round of the play-offs is going strong. Vancouver and Ottawa are both in the second round and they keep playing on alternate nights so I end up watching a lot of hockey to keep up with what's going on.

Speaking of hockey I've had this craving to be reading stories about hockey lately (either fanfic or regular fic) but the only ones that I can think of are the Screech Owls. And I love them, but at the same time I kinda want something a little more grown up (to read along-side them, of course, I'll still be reading the SOs). Do any of you folks have any suggestions for good books or fic about hockey? (P.S. RPF freaks me the hell out.) There's gotta be a bunch of books about hockey teams and the like. I mean the dynamic of a sports team (and hockey teams in particular) are pretty cool. Or is it strictly a "young adult" and "kids" book phenomena? (Even if that's the case I still want to hear about other good hockey books. I don't subscribe to that agist philosophy.)

And speaking of books I got myself half a bag-full of used books from the Mall for a dollar on Sunday. I got a book of poetry by Yeats (it was still National Poetry Month on Sunday, points to [ profile] kuwdora for that bit of information), a book on Pompeii and a book on the Ancient Near East that both may, or may not, be any good, and two books about Arctic expeditions. The books on the Arctic expeditions look fascinating to me. One of them is a novel with real historical figures as the background characters, which may, or may not, be interesting, but the other is a more academic book describing the Greenly Expedition up to Lady Franklin Bay (near Alert, on Ellesmere Island) and how it failed completely. It looks really cool. The guy who writes it has a good style and the whole thing makes me want to read up on the British expeditions, especially Franklin's, beacause disappearance! and Stan Rodgers!, and Frobishur's, because that's the name of my teddy bear (thanks Mum!).

Tomorrow I have the day off work and I'm going to go grocery shopping (my life is non-stop excitement!) and go and buy some yarn for some various mysterious projets I'm thinking of (Okay, yeah, maybe it is excitement!).

And now, off to watch the Canucks game!


Apr. 19th, 2007 03:52 pm
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I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I became the responsible one in my classes to whom people go when they need notes, or the page numbers for readings, or assignments, or ... you get the idea. Anyway, one of the guys who asks me for the homework on a fairly regular basis is P. P is kinda weird in that he went to the same high school as me (his twin brother was actually in my grade 11 French class) and this year he's come to the same university as me (half-way across the continent) and is in three of my five classes. I enjoy making fun of him for not getting as good marks as me, because we both know that he could be getting the same marks if he only did more work. I don't really feel too badly about giving him notes or homework, because I do see him on a regular basis and he knows that I'm doing him a big favour. Also I'm making him buy me a bottle of wine, since he offered to buy me one the last time I gave him a large chunk of our homework. I've also given notes and questions to another friend in my Classical Mythology class who got mono in the last month of classes.

On the other hand though is A. A is also in my Classical Mythology Class but I haven't actually seen her since the first day of classes all the way back in September. I know her from last year because we lived on the same floor o residence, and she was pretty cool but we were never really close friends. She, like me, also has a learning disability and since I type my notes we'd agreed that I would e-mail her my notes and she said she'd get me the forms so that Student Services would pay me for the service. However, as I said I haven't seen her for a long time, either in class or out, so I didn't send her my notes and she didn't ask me too either. Around December she sent me an e-mail asking for notes and information on the class assignments because apparently she's really sick and our Prof wasn't answering her e-mails (I'm not surprised about this, he didn't answer most of mine either). So I sent her the information, got an e-mailed thanks and didn't hear from her again until recently when she asked for the assignments for this term, again citing this unspecified sickness as the reason why she hasn't been in class. It's not that I don't think that she's sick, it's not that she doesn't think that this is a big favour (she's offered to take me out to coffee, but I don't think that I really want to go anyway). I just don't know if I think that I should give her the info. Part of me thinks that if she knew that she was too sick to go to class it probably would've been a better idea to take the year off. I mean she wasn't at any of the classes as far as I could tell. Admittedly I didn't go to all of them, nor did I scan everyone in the lecture hall to see if she was there, but she's a red-head and the hall wasn't that full, so I'm pretty sure I would've noticed her had she been there. Right now I'm just ignoring her e-mail and choosing to decide later, but what do you think I should do? I know that our Prof is terrible with communicating (except when he's lecturing, goo lecturer), I've experienced it first hand, but that doesn't mean that I'm responsible for helping A out when he's not doing his job.

So what should I do?

< / procrastinating from working on my Classical Mythology take-home exam>
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And it's entirely homework's fault.

I have to read some Plato for my Greek Tragedies class and it reminded me about how much I hate the man and for some reason I ended up with this stuck in my head and screaming to get out. It's short and a crossover between Stargate and Highlander, but the important thing is really the diss that I'm giving Plato (because I'm imitating an imitation!!! Take that you nunce!). Also no beta and barely any editing so it's probably crap, but whatever. General spoilers for Stargate Season 8 Moebius and none for Highlander.

In which Aderam uses Daniel Jackson and Methos to diss Plato royally. )
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I take back what I said about Hesiod. The Theogony is a rollocking good time.

Case in point:

Great Heaven came, bringing on the night, and, desirous of love, he spread himself over Earth, stretched out in every direction. His son reached out from the ambush with his left hand; with his right he took the huge sickle with its long row of sharp teeth and quickly cut off his father's genitals, and flung them behind him to fly where they might.
As for the genitals, just as he first cut them off with his instrument of adamant and threw them from the land into the surging sea, even so they were carried on the waves for a long time. About them a white foam grew from the immortal flesh, and in it a girl formed. ... And out stepped a modest and beautiful goddess, and the grass began to grow all around beneath her slender feet. Gods and men called her Aphrodite, because she was formed in foam, ... and 'genial', because she appeared out of genitals.

This isn't quite as good as Homer's obsession with nipples in the Iliad, but it's still well worth the read.



Dec. 15th, 2006 02:32 pm
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So I haven't posted in a while (I am still alive!), I guess that it's really just because I haven't had much to say. I've returned to Ontario for the Christmas break, and it's left me with a strange feeling of disconnect. This city is so familiar but at the same time it's not at all where I belong anymore. It's not home (I want to go home). I think this is what it would feel like going through the places that you know really well from favourite TV series' or books (except that you can't see the setting as much with books I find). Like something is just a little bit off.

Traveling was normal. I got no sleep at all because I got the 6.30 flight since it was the cheepest, and therefore had to take the 3.40 shuttle to the airport. I got to use my french in Montreal since the cab driver taking me to the train didn't speak english and the ticket guy just assumed that I spoke french instead of asking which language I preferred, which was interesting and made me glad that we tend to randomly speak french at home.

So I've got a two papers to write for Classical Mythology tonight and then once I e-mail them in to my Prof I'm done until January, which will be a bit of a relief.

I got to play hockey on Tuesday right after I arrived in town and it was SO weird using someone else's equipment. It was not as nice as mine but I still managed a few nice glove saves even though it took a whole lot more effort to pick the puck off the ice to hadn to the ref than it does with my own gloves. Also I got a new stick since we didn't get one from the person we got the equipment for, so I'm going to have to think about whether or not I can get it back home since the one I have back there is nearing the end of it's life anyway. Also the Canucks have won both of their games this week (take that Calgary!) which makes me happy. And I'm still winning our hockey pool.


Anyway back to Achilles and Odysseus... (I have another date with Achilles. "Aderam and Achilles are going steady!" says C, or at least he did say that a week or so ago.)


Nov. 21st, 2006 12:42 pm
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Okay so I'm procrastinating from doing Research for my Russian paper and what better way to procrastinate than to try and figure out what class to take next semester. Four of my classes are full year, and I'm actually happy with that even though I'm frustrated by how slowly the German is moving along (we only know nominative and accusative! It's crazy!), but taking Imperial Russia (italized because it can't be said in a normal voice) this semester has made me realise that I'm not interested in more modern history anymore. Maybe it's because the lecturer wasn't very good (she wasn't bad, just hard to take notes from and she just can't seem to make me enthusiastic enough about the subject matter to actually do the readings.), or maybe it's just me, but I figured out that the European History class that I signed up for was not going to make me happy.

So I went looking through the class schedule. The cool looking Roman History class that is set around the time that the whole thing is falling to pieces is at the same time as my Latin class (which you couldn't make me drop if you started jabbing me with hot pokers ... well maybe then) so I can't take that but there is a class on Greek Tragedy that meshes with my schedule which could be really exciting. And there's also a class in Contemporary Studies called "Reflections on Death" that I'm intregued by, even though it's in Contemporary Studies.

I know that the Reflections on Death class with probably be harder (and not only because it's much earlier in the morning) but that's one of the reasons I kinda want to do it. I haven't had nearly as much Philosophy this year as last year (surprise, surprise) and it's not exactly one of my favourite disciplines because I have a hate/love relationship with most philosophers that extends to most philosophy students and professors as well. But I feel like for the sake of my mind I really should do some more philosophy. (A scary enough thought in itself from someone who would rather sit around reading stories in Latin than having to deal with some thinkers who thought that they were so right that they had to share with the world.)

On the other hand (men ... de ... Sorry, Greek reference. If only I could use the actual Greek letters this explanation would be superfluous!) the course on the Tragedies might have exactly the right kind of Philosophy for me and will probably appeal greatly to my inner, slightly abused English Student. Also it's taught by the same Prof who's teaching me Ancient Greek right now and I like her a whole bunch even when she takes extra time to explain participles and I was okay with it on the first go through. (She has awesome hair). Also also the Tragedies class would give me another credit towards my Classics degree, which is always good.

Ga! I think I'll talk to my Greek Prof and see what she thinks (did I mention that she's also the Classics Department's Undergraduate Advisor?) and in the mean time get back to that work thing.

Just under two weeks of classes left, which means I'll be free of Imperial Russia soon (yeay!).

(But then I'll have to make a descision!)


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