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For my own reference: This is how you move your iTunes library to another computer.

This link explains it:

In short:
Step 1 - Change the directory where iTunes keeps all your media. Edit > Preferences > Advanced
Step 2 - Consolidate Files to that new folder. File > Library > Organize Library > Consolidate Files
Step 3 - Wait.
Step 4 - Copy all the library files and various other bits that are not the media itself but hang out in the same file area, to where you sent the files.
Step 5 - hold shift while starting up iTunes (on the new computer) so that you can choose the library to use - pick the file you just brought with you. It will probably be called "iTunes Library.itl

In other news I was having some issues with my laptop (I thought I had a virus, and maybe I did, but my anti-virus software said otherwise after scanning in safe mode), and decided to back up everything in preparation for a system restore. This is why it came up again. Most of my stuff is all backed-up in a good way, but I had a few things lying around that weren't (as one does).

Then it wasn't letting windows open and suggested a partial restore back to a time when everything still worked. So I did that. Naturally, it's working now (phew), but I'd already moved the iTunes library with plans to keep the settings that way. Now for some reason it won't let me consolidate my library back to it's former location. I deleted all the previous files! Le Sigh. I'll try to put it in a new file over there. I'm going to have a super useless set of folders on that disc now.

Part of me kind of wants to do a full restore anyway. I've been thinking about reinstalling a few of my programs anyway because they've been a little bitchy of late. Maybe that would be a good thing.

Le Sigh.

I think one of the worst parts is that I was purposefully not mentioning this freely around the reading room because I knew that one of the guys would just act as if using a PC instead of a Mac was asking to get a virus. The worst part is that he uses a PC now too, because it's cheaper. I'm sick and tired of the holier-than-thou Mac users. Partially because their cultic ways give a bad name to all the perfectly normal people who use Mac and aren't total douches about it. Using a PC does not mean I'm an idiot. I've looked at Macs and I like PCs and (gods forbid) Windows better. Also, I know I'm going against everyone else, but I think the Macs are ugly. White is not a good colour for something that you're carrying around everywhere.
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So I was dicking around on my new computer and I found a few extra cool features that I didn't know I had. For example Alexander has speech recognition software which came with the computer. I can dictate things to my computer and have it write them down.

In fact I would be saying this out loud instead of typing it, but apparently it doesn't play well with Firefox. I can still tell it to scroll up and down and to switch between tabs (but that is because I know the short-cut keys anyway). I did some dictating into Word earlier and it screws up a lot, but it's also wicked cool.

The main problem is that I currently have a cold - so right now my throat is even more sore than it was because (as S said) I've been shouting at my computer for the last little while. (I'm just speaking clearly and distinctly, okay!)

Whatever - I have a new toy. Which may never be really useful for me (especially since I already type faster than I can think (ie way faster than I can speak) and I seriously doubt that it can understand languages other than English - although I suppose that I could teach it Latin word by word, but it's possible that I have more important things to do.)

Anyway, I totally the coolest nerd I know right now.
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Today was the first day of classes. It was also the day that I picked up my new laptop.His name is Alexander, following in the tradition of naming my electronics after famous kings. Also he's a tablet and I am currently "typing" this using my pointing pen thing and handwriting recognition software. It's actually remarkably good. I haven't even really had to teach it much. I love him. He's so cool.

Also tonight is our annual Frosh Week Casino Night, so the guys and I are watching Ocean's 11 to get pumped. It should be a blast. I'm wearing my tails. :)

I'm very excited. Yay!
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Arg! I think my laptop is starting to fall apart. Henry, why are you doing this to me when everything else in my life is expensive right now? The left-click button now requires much enthusiasm to work, the latch to keep the lid closed is getting more and more broken as time goes by, and the disk drive is being feisty and annoying - sometimes refusing to open, and others stopping in the middle of play-back because I moved the laptop even the smallest of bits. It's frustrating because I really like Henry and I don't want him to die on me! But at the same time it's got me looking at new laptops on the internet and the prices have gone way down even since i bought Henry. It's far too tempting and all.

Hopefully being shut-down for almost two months while I'm away will give Henry the rest he needs to continue working properly. If not I'm definitely going to talk to the student services people about getting the government to pay for some of a new laptop.

In other news: OMGWTF!!!!!eleven!!!!! Italy!

Oh dear.

Mar. 11th, 2007 06:31 pm
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Alright, so my power cord is now officially screwed and I only have the battery power remaining to use for my computer (I already checked and C's power cord doesn't fit, but it's a Toshiba and Henry is an HP so that's not really all that surprizing). Tomorrow I'll go and get another one and hopefully they'll have one in stock and I won't have to go days without my computer. *sad face*

OKay, now I've done the things that absolutely NEEEEEEEEDED to be done on the computer and I'll decide later whether I just want to do the things that I would normally do until my battery is gone, or try and save it for special occasions.

I'd wanted to listen to the Canucks game tonight on internet radio too...
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It is incredibly windy and rainy out today which makes me very happy. I really enjoy most of the weather that people call bad. I love rain, and not just when it's a light drizzle but when it's an actual storm. Real weather, the kind that you can't help but be affected by is what it's all about and I love it. Mind you that doesn;t mean that I want to be outside right now getting increasingly damp and cold until my fingers fall off, but I still love it! And if I had some foulies I might do just that anyway.

Right now my pants are pretty wet, and I took the bus home!

Found out today in my Imperial Russian History class that we have a Mid-term on Tuesday. Yay. Luckily I had an extra form for my accomodations and I was able to get it filled out and filed (in triplicate) right away. But since it's not fourteen days in advance I still might not get the accomodations that I should. Sigh. I really hate bureaucracy, even though I do see why it's needed.

I also picked up my external hard drive today. Yeay! He's boxier and far more high-tech looking than William (my old one, may he rest in peace) was, so all thoughts of calling him William II were quickly derailed. I considered calling him HAL or TARDIS, but those were far too geeky and unoriginal even for me. So I've decided to call him Taliesin. After all he is someone who's main purpose is to remember things. (Taliesin is a very famous Bard of Celtic tradition, and since the Celts were an illiterate society all their culture and stories were remembered and told by the Bards. They are so cool by the way.) And while Taliesin is not exactly a high-tech name it's also not nearly as plain as most of the other names that I like, so it suits him. I'm glad that the saga of the Hard Drive is now over, since it means that I don't have to deal (or have my lovely mother deal) with those blasted peoples over at Canada Computers anymore, and I can start organizing my life again and keep backups. And he comes with a velvet bag!

Today is S's Birthday so we're going to have a lot of people over (hopefully the rain won't stop them from coming), since he asked for "loud" for his birthday. Yesturday he asked me if people would take him seriously when he's twenty. He was wearing a bright red and orange turkey on his head. I'm sure you can imagine.

Thankfully I no longer have rugby practice (the rain and wind) so that means that I can help out around here and get stuff done before the party. Ironically we're always cleaner when we have parties because we clean up beforehand and then clean up again afterwards before we decend back into our usual states of messiness.

On that note I'm going to go and do the dishes (C's already vacuumed in the living room) and decide whether or not it's worth it to go back to school for a one hour class on the Bible (Classical Mythology). I think the answer to that last one is probably no, it's not.
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Stargate Season 9 has arrived!!!! Am in a world of geeky squee!!!

Also my external hard drive is in at the PCPC! And I just picked up my Cicero book for Latin!!!

*Bounces like a mad crazy person!*


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