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So I only have one fish left now. I was doing my reading for tomorrow when I looked over and noticed the carcass of Dany Heatley (named for the Ottawa Senator) in the bottom of my tank. Just the other day he looked fine and was swimming about merrily eating algae. This has led me to one conclusion - MURDER.

Ted is the only fish I have left. He is the fish I have had for the longest period of time and is still going strong - as I type he is in fact swimming up and down the side of the tank in a jaunty manner. He was present for the depression-induced death of Augustus, the equally unexplained death of Steve-the-Sucker-Fish, I believe that he ate Clementine while I was in Europe this summer (she simply disappeared), and now Dany Heatley's sudden demise.

There is a clear pattern developing here.

On the one hand - my fish are dying. On the other hand - Ted is suddenly way cooler than he used to be (and he was always pretty cool).

In less shocking news I haven't yet seen the season opener of Heroes because I'm waiting until after I finish my big important classes on Wednesday and then I'm going to reward myself. I am really looking forward to it, but I am strong and am not going to read anyone's reviews until after I watch it.

Anyway I must go and read some more Iliad for class tomorrow... perhaps write a reading response... or perhaps not. I do have two papers to write within the next week, but if I don't write one for this week I'll have to write one for next week. - It's a dilemma and a half.
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I have recently (i.e. in the last few minutes) come to a conclusion about the similarities between fishes and watches. There's only really the one that I can think of and that's the only one that matters at this juncture.

When you (or, in this case, I) buy something new you usually want to use it right after you got. Play with it. It's a new toy, after all. But Fishes and Watches both don't work that way (I have recent experience with both these situations [did I mention I got a new watch?]). See, with a new watch you can set the time, and press a bunch of buttons, but ultimately all you can do with it is let it sit on your wrist so you can see what time it is. Likewise, when you buy a fish (for example a sucker fish, who may, or may not, be named Steve) you can introduce it to it's new environment, you can be amused by the trails that are already visible in the algae on your tank's skull, but ultimately all you can do is watch it sit on the bottom and hide underneath your plastic plant.

And there you have it. Watches and Fish: they just sit around.

(This ramble has been brought to you by the letter S and the number 0014.)
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Why is it that every time I go to the fish store it rains? And not just calm rain either, intense wet rain that soaks your pants within the first five minutes and that you can feel pounding into the shoulders and hood of your raincoat.

So I got a new fish. He's a sucker fish and an algae eater so I won't even have to feed him. I've yet to think of a name, but all things in time. The fish store people did have quite a time getting one of them out of the tank. Right now he's sulking under the plant, but I'm sure his spirits will rise as he gets used to the new environment and realizes how much algae I have lying around for him to eat.

ETA: I've decided on a name for my new fish. He's Steve. Steve the Sucker Fish. That is all.

Fish Pics!

Jun. 11th, 2007 05:22 pm
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I said a while back that I was going to post pictures of my new fish. And now I'm finally going to do so! It's raining hardcore outside, so now is as good a time as any.

(I even made some icons icons! They're free to a good home etc, but if you want to use them please comment 'cause I'd like to know.)



May. 24th, 2007 09:45 am
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Is sick.

Was sick before but it actually took me forty-five minutes to get ready for the day and I woke up at the sametime that I usually have to walk out the door to get to class.

Decided that I'm not going to class.

Made a note on my white-board about how many more Russian classes I can miss before I automatically fail the class. (I have ten possible absences. I've missed two. I'm fine, but I'm still slightly paranoid.)

I need a tea pot.

In other news I named my fish. I used the tried, tested and true method of sitting next to the tank and watching them while my roommates make suggestions that I mostly ignore. They're named Augustus, Celemintine and Ted. S actually thought of Augustus, but then he started suggesting other, more stupid names so his contribution doesn't really diserve kudos.

Pictures will follow at some point. Maybe I'll have a quiet morning photographing my fish and drinking tea before I go into work.


May. 23rd, 2007 07:25 pm
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Still sick and feeling congested.


Today I got fish! And a barbeque!

(These two purchases are not related.)

I got three Mickey Mouse Platies who have a varying level of red/orange on their backs and black spots on their tail-fins that look like Micky Mouse. I have yet to decide their names, but I think I'm going to give it a few days for them to get used to the ew tank and show their true personalities. I still want to name one Snoop Dog for C's sake (because he kept telling me to name my fish Snoop Dog) but I'm not sure that any of them are spunky enough for that. However this might just be new tank jitters.

At least they've moved out from behind the fake plant.

And the Barbeque is just one of those little table-top ones that run off the little camping propane canisters, like the one that's clamped onto the rail of my Dad's sailboat (only without the clamp part. And it looks significantly less like a spaceship), but it's not like we need anything bigger than that.

I think I'm going to buy myself a ice steak when I go grocery shopping soon. (I really need to go grocery shopping soon, but I don't feel like going tonight.)

Anyway: Yay!


Feb. 3rd, 2007 02:52 pm
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So I'm claening up my room because it had gotten a little bit too much... even for me, and I discovered something:

I do have a desk under all that crap.


ETA: Also I found one of those positive space stickers underneath all that crap so I decided to put it on my fish tank, right on the flappy thing that I lift every time I need to feed the fish. Te He.
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And so life continues on in that crazy way which I have come to expect.

My fish are definitely sick (something which I've been in denial of for the past few days because I'm sick and I really didn't want to kill them so soon), so I just went to the fish store and got some medication that will hopefully make Princess Trina better and stop Bertram from getting sick along with her. Now my tank is flourescent green. It said on the instructions that this would happen, but I never expected that it would look so SciFi. My fish will be living in an intensely green environment for the next four days and after that they will hopefully continue to live and be happy, frisky and twitchy for many years.

On the TV front Supernatural still has control of my brain (thanks [ profile] superjamie) and the Winchester brothers keep giving me little pieces of stories that I can never actually make into something coherent (this is of course the story of my life). My favourite line that I've had so far is:

Throughout his childhood they ate in roadside diners so often that Sam thought he hated all-day breakfast until he went to Stanford and craved greasy bacon and eggs and soggy half-cooked pancakes every night of the exam period.

Which sat there in a Word document for quite a while grining devilishly at me and telling me to write more of it until I started trying to find it a home. I think I might have something, but this is not clear to me.

I have similar woes with my original fiction where I have characters that I love floating around in a setting without anything resemebling a plot to anchor them. Which is why I have almost nothing written about them. Le sigh.
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I haven't updated in a while, I guess there wasn't much to say (not that I usually let that stop me of course), but things have been happening. I've been getting back into the sing of classes and such like. It still feels kinda like the winter break didn't happen while at the same time like they shouldn't be beginning at all yet (and that makes less sense than usual, good job Aderam).

Of course the other thing that is keeping me off in my own little world is that I'm currently basking in the happy glow of a new fandom. After finishing off season 1 of Supernatural I of course went looking for some fic to go along with it, and thankfully I've found a bunch of good ones that aren't Sam/Dean. *shudders* My squick level isn't exactly low, but that is just WRONG.

Also I keep spending time just watching my fish. They are pretty darn cool. These are the first pets that I've ever owned (except sea monkeys, but I'm not sure they really count since they seemed to flourish rather ridiculously even when I was doing my best to igore them and didn't feed them for ... actually I don't think I ever fed them) and it's just really neat. I tried taking some pictures but only one of them turned out to be any good and I haven't bothered putting it on my computer yet. Funnily enough the problem isn't reflection off the glass, the problem is that Bertram is a twitchy fish and every single picture I have of him is an orange and black blurr instead of a fish.

Tomorrow is the YAS Ball and I am the excited! It's my university's annual formal dance and I didn't go last year because I was sick and I didn't think I'd have a good time. Of course this year I'm of the legal drinking age, so that's also a great bonus. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone dressed to the nines and to dancing with various people. S says that I should go for as girly as possible because I'm usually very much not girly. C says that I should be as girly as I want to be ("And that's why he's my favourite," says L).

And now I am tired and my battery is running down, so I'm going to go upstairs to my room, plug in Henry and watch my fish for a while as they swim about in their tank.
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So I signed up for the Word of the Day feed (becuase I am a language nerd) and it turns out that I already know just about all of the words that they're giving out. Some of them are pretty normal words (kind of interesting ones I grant you, but still quite basic), but some of them are ones that aren't quite as well known and I still know what they are. It's kinda weird because this wasdefinately not why I signed up for it, but it's okay becuase I still like seeing words, and they also have the etymology for them. I heart etymology.

Also, speaking of words, I just realized that I can now tell you guys which stories I wrote for [ profile] yuletide. I wrote two this year, which I still think was a CRAZY idea, and both were for books.

This Story Isn't About Nita was written for LC and is set at the end of the fifth book in the Diane Duane Young Wizards Series (which apparently has a bunch more books in the series now that I haven't read yet). It's kinda sad, but I think that it turned out really well. It got a bunch of comments anyway.

And The Man With Blue Eyes, written for Ion Bond which is set in The Ear, The Eye and the Arm by Nancy Farmer (which is a really fun read for any of you who haven't read it yet). It's the only story to be written in this fandom in all of Yuletide, which I think is kinda cool actually.

Also Also I now own two Goldfish. Pictures of Bertram and Princess Trina will come later. For now they are awesome and seem to be getting along fantabulously well. I need to get them a plant.


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