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So this afternoon I gave Spicy J his socks which means that I am done all of the wedding socks! So As promised here're the photos of all socks I knit this summer. And they're all completed within five months of the weddings! I've heard people say that if you're hand-making something for the wedding you have to have it done either within six months or a year - so I succeeded whichever way you slice it! Woo!

Also I managed to knit all four of these socks based on the recipients' shoe sizes instead of a measurement of their actual feet. I'm assured that they all fit well - so that's a relief!

Photographic evidence:

Wedding #1: Spicy J and D )

Wedding #2: The A Team Wedding )

So I finished four sets of socks! Two lace, one cabled, and one colourwork. It was fun and they were very well received. I still like sock knitting, but I must admit that I'm not in a rush to start another sock project.


Oct. 22nd, 2012 04:01 pm
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Somehow I managed to sleep in until about noon today despite waking up enough to turn off my alarm at 08:30. (No, I don't have to get up at any specific time these days - unemployed - but I've been trying to have reasonable awake hours instead of sleeping all day and not being able to get to sleep at night.)

Then I made myself a to do list and I actually managed to do most of the things on it!

Including calling a recruiting agency that places people in office jobs! Admittedly I had to leave a message on the person's voice mail, which is hopefully not as awkward as I fear. But I actually called them! I hate phones! This is an accomplishment!

I also tried to edit my CV to make all of the officey-type things I've done more obvious. None of my jobs have been office jobs, strictly speaking. But I've done a lot of data entry and forms and shit as well as filing, emailing people, and I'm not sure what taking notes in class is if not dictation. Also when I worked front desk I was responsible for all incoming calls to the university after the receptionist went home (there is no need to mention that the university was only 1000 students - or that I didn't get more than one or two desk shifts a week).

I also went grocery shopping (it never ends). And picked up some bus tickets. Did the dishes and I just started my laundry.

Tonight I'm going to see Seven Psychopaths with A and K and that should be fun. I'm going to try to not get any over-priced concessions.

My puck bruise is looking pretty damn impressive. It's sort of yellowy-greeny red in the middle and purpley-dark blue around the edges and I'm pretty sure it's actually bigger than a puck at this point which is pretty cool. Doesn't hurt as much as it used to either - which is good.

Now I think I'm going to read some fic to make me feel better.

And good news! I thought my kindle had died yesterday because it wouldn't respond to anything, including trying to restart it. But it turned out that it just needed to sit and think about what it'd done for a while. Because I restarted it today and it seems fine now. It even remembers where I was in my various ebooks (aka downloaded fic).
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- Last night was our first ice time for pick up hockey since our league folded. And it was really good and a lot of fun. We had some guy out to be ref (I didn't catch who he was) and we managed to make some pretty even teams. I switched ends every fifteen or so minutes because we didn't get a second goalie and it was good. The fact that we have ice time at all is pretty awesome since the league organizers were being awful and doing us no favours after dropping us without warning. But now we've got enough people to play an interesting game - and it was pretty even too which was not the case for other times. Real games in a real league are better. But this is still pretty good.

- After we got off the ice and I'd gotten nearly all of my pads off, some guys from the team who were playing after us asked if I could play for them for the first period because their goalie was stuck in traffic (I think someone said there was a jumper on the bridge - which is balls) and they'd have to forfeit otherwise. Considering that it was pretty much my first time on the ice since spring league I was still feeling pretty good so I ended up saying yes. I played most of the first period and their goalie showed up with about a minute left. So we switched. And I spent the rest of the game on the bench with a beer. They were very glad to have me and were very nice the entire time. The game speed was much faster than I was used to, but I managed to hold my own. And even though I had four goals against (some of which I felt like I should have gotten) we were tied when I left the ice, so that's pretty good. Right before I got off I managed to get a real stinger on my arm too. It was right above the blocker and below the big elbow padding. And now I've got a huge puck-shaped bruise. Wear a ton of equipment and somehow they still manage to find the holes! I iced it with some frozen beans when I got home and it's still noticeably warm to the touch. I don't think I want to play at that speed all the time, but it's good to do every now and then.

- On Wednesday night I finally managed to get my former Green College folk out to a bar for weekly drinks nights and that felt pretty damn good. And then I joined up with A and some other friends for trivia night and we came in first! Which is awesome. Clearly we are super smart! And last time we went there was a three way tie for first and we ended up in third because of the tie-breaking question. (The deepest part of the Marianas Trench is only 11km. Who knew?) And that was a lot of fun. Each time we won gift certificates to the bar which we just put towards our bill. It didn't cover the whole thing, but that's okay.

- I still haven't heard back from any of the jobs I've applied to. I think I need to start calling people, but I don't really like phones. So there's that.

- I'm definitely getting a cold. And I'm super congested and that is balls.

- I finished the third pair of four pairs of socks for my friends that got married this summer. Only S-J's pair remaining and I'm almost finished the first sock for that. I'll post up some pictures when I'm done because I'm pretty proud of them.

- I really need to go grocery shopping but I don't want to.
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Today has been pretty solid, all things considered. I've been chugging away at my last paper and it's getting pretty close to being done (plus I've still got over 24 hours before it's due - I'm golden). And I went to the dentist.

Dentists are balls you might say (and I would agree with you). But get this: I don't have any cavities!!! So yes, Dentists suck. But after all the dental death I had to go through last year, not having a cavity is kinda amazing! My are generally filled with suckiness, but apparently not today! So that's worthy of celebration!

And to make things more better: I got my Old Navy order in the mail today - a week early! New clothes are exciting!

Also: the Ice Birds' last game is tonight! And I've roped a whole bunch of people into coming and cheering us on, so that should be lots of fun!

Finally, I've also just been invited to a Wedding! This is the first time I've been invited to a wedding for someone who is not directly related to me. So I'm going! Even though it'll be a bit of a trek to get there. Its especially cool that I got invited because I know that they didn't have much space, so only a few of us got invites at all from our group of friends. But enough people I know are going that it should be fun even if we barely get to say hi to the happy couple. I'm really looking forward to it!
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Life's been pretty busy, but generally good.

This weekend we had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner with seven of the usual crowd. I made cheesy mashed potatoes which is a family tradition (and even moreso - I'm always the one who makes it) - and they were a big hit.

Tonight I'm going to a poker game which is a tradition among some of the department. Buy in is $10, and it's reasonably competitive - but I'm resigned to loosing everything. As long as it's a fun time with the guys I'm cool with it. So that should be fun - I should make myself a poker hands cheat-sheet before I go.

The NHL hockey season has started up again and the Canucks are playing right now. I'm listening to the game. And it's currently 5-4 for Philidelphia in the 3rd period. I dislike the Flyers at the best of time, but this is not helping. Although I'm still not too worried about the game.

I bought a new knitting pattern and I think that I'm going to use it for a Christmas present. But I think that I need to get one more ball of yarn, since I might not have enough. I'm excited to start. ;)

Why are all of the books for my next two presentations in German and French? The French is okay - but Deutsch? Lame. I do not speak German. Oh well, I've got enough time to Google Translate what I need. My main text for the shipwreck I'm looking at is called "Das Wrack". Oh Germans - you're so ... German.

I get to make stone tools in my Anthro class. Partially that's awesome, but partially I'd rather just find some good stones and shape them to make a wall instead. Bifacial what? Although our TA did his Masters' Thesis on stone tools used in high-risk situations like hunting polar bears and sea lions. And that is wicked cool.

Anyway... dinner calls!
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I've been looking at my calendar the past few days. I'm in the middle of two weeks with three presentations. It's kinda of balls, and I've been telling myself that I just need to get through Tuesday and I'll be able to relax. This is only partially true. I've got a paper coming up soon and another three all due at the end of November/beginning of December.

In sum: Grad School is a lot of work.

I knew that, but I'm not sure that I knew I would actually get up at 9am on a Saturday to spend the entire day in the Reading Room working on Presentation #3. Especially on the Thanksgiving Long Weekend.

I still like it mostly, but I kinda wish that I could be doing stuff related to my own interests instead of just more course work. Whatever - I totally signed up for this. And the courses are pretty good - it's just that they were better LAST year, and I apparently have poor timing. Whatever, I'm writing a thesis next year and I'll get to do my own interests for that.

I'm taking a bit of a break today and going to Chinatown with one of my fellow Greenies for lunch and tea shopping. And tomorrow the grad students from the department are getting together for Thanksgiving - I'm making Sweet Potatoes. Before and after these events - work, work work.

Also Menstruation TMI )


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