Oct. 22nd, 2012 04:01 pm
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Somehow I managed to sleep in until about noon today despite waking up enough to turn off my alarm at 08:30. (No, I don't have to get up at any specific time these days - unemployed - but I've been trying to have reasonable awake hours instead of sleeping all day and not being able to get to sleep at night.)

Then I made myself a to do list and I actually managed to do most of the things on it!

Including calling a recruiting agency that places people in office jobs! Admittedly I had to leave a message on the person's voice mail, which is hopefully not as awkward as I fear. But I actually called them! I hate phones! This is an accomplishment!

I also tried to edit my CV to make all of the officey-type things I've done more obvious. None of my jobs have been office jobs, strictly speaking. But I've done a lot of data entry and forms and shit as well as filing, emailing people, and I'm not sure what taking notes in class is if not dictation. Also when I worked front desk I was responsible for all incoming calls to the university after the receptionist went home (there is no need to mention that the university was only 1000 students - or that I didn't get more than one or two desk shifts a week).

I also went grocery shopping (it never ends). And picked up some bus tickets. Did the dishes and I just started my laundry.

Tonight I'm going to see Seven Psychopaths with A and K and that should be fun. I'm going to try to not get any over-priced concessions.

My puck bruise is looking pretty damn impressive. It's sort of yellowy-greeny red in the middle and purpley-dark blue around the edges and I'm pretty sure it's actually bigger than a puck at this point which is pretty cool. Doesn't hurt as much as it used to either - which is good.

Now I think I'm going to read some fic to make me feel better.

And good news! I thought my kindle had died yesterday because it wouldn't respond to anything, including trying to restart it. But it turned out that it just needed to sit and think about what it'd done for a while. Because I restarted it today and it seems fine now. It even remembers where I was in my various ebooks (aka downloaded fic).
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- Last night was our first ice time for pick up hockey since our league folded. And it was really good and a lot of fun. We had some guy out to be ref (I didn't catch who he was) and we managed to make some pretty even teams. I switched ends every fifteen or so minutes because we didn't get a second goalie and it was good. The fact that we have ice time at all is pretty awesome since the league organizers were being awful and doing us no favours after dropping us without warning. But now we've got enough people to play an interesting game - and it was pretty even too which was not the case for other times. Real games in a real league are better. But this is still pretty good.

- After we got off the ice and I'd gotten nearly all of my pads off, some guys from the team who were playing after us asked if I could play for them for the first period because their goalie was stuck in traffic (I think someone said there was a jumper on the bridge - which is balls) and they'd have to forfeit otherwise. Considering that it was pretty much my first time on the ice since spring league I was still feeling pretty good so I ended up saying yes. I played most of the first period and their goalie showed up with about a minute left. So we switched. And I spent the rest of the game on the bench with a beer. They were very glad to have me and were very nice the entire time. The game speed was much faster than I was used to, but I managed to hold my own. And even though I had four goals against (some of which I felt like I should have gotten) we were tied when I left the ice, so that's pretty good. Right before I got off I managed to get a real stinger on my arm too. It was right above the blocker and below the big elbow padding. And now I've got a huge puck-shaped bruise. Wear a ton of equipment and somehow they still manage to find the holes! I iced it with some frozen beans when I got home and it's still noticeably warm to the touch. I don't think I want to play at that speed all the time, but it's good to do every now and then.

- On Wednesday night I finally managed to get my former Green College folk out to a bar for weekly drinks nights and that felt pretty damn good. And then I joined up with A and some other friends for trivia night and we came in first! Which is awesome. Clearly we are super smart! And last time we went there was a three way tie for first and we ended up in third because of the tie-breaking question. (The deepest part of the Marianas Trench is only 11km. Who knew?) And that was a lot of fun. Each time we won gift certificates to the bar which we just put towards our bill. It didn't cover the whole thing, but that's okay.

- I still haven't heard back from any of the jobs I've applied to. I think I need to start calling people, but I don't really like phones. So there's that.

- I'm definitely getting a cold. And I'm super congested and that is balls.

- I finished the third pair of four pairs of socks for my friends that got married this summer. Only S-J's pair remaining and I'm almost finished the first sock for that. I'll post up some pictures when I'm done because I'm pretty proud of them.

- I really need to go grocery shopping but I don't want to.
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Hockey is filled with woe for me right now - and the worst part is that it's not just the NHL and the NHLPA with their lockout bullshit (although they did just cancel the first two weeks of the season FML).

We're having issues with my hockey team. The Ice Birds. Or rather, not with the Ice Birds (we're still awesome) but with our league.

Last year we had four teams. But the fourth team often had problems getting enough players. So this year it looked like it was going to be just three teams: us, the Likastix, and the Pirates. Then about a week ago or so we heard from the league manager that the Pirates were falling apart. They didn't have enough players and their team organizer wanted to go down to part-time and so there wasn't really a driving organizational force. This meant that there were only two teams committed, and you can't have a league with only two teams. :(

So a bunch of the pro-active and awesome women on my team were brainstorming and coming up with various possible solutions. The League manager had offered that we could join the lowest level of the mens leagues. But somebody looked at the scores online and the one team in that league that has three female players was at the bottom of the league and the goal differential was frankly staggering. We were already out-shot and out-scored by a lot in all of our games in our league, so I can only imagine what would've happened to us in that league. So we're not doing that.

In the meantime while players from our team are trying to recruit women to come and help save our league, the Likastix buggered off and joined another women's league. So that pretty much canned that idea.

What we're thinking of doing for this year anyway (because naturally we should have heard about this in August so we could actually do something productive), is to grab one of our regular ice time slots and hold it for drop in hockey with the Ice Birds and whoever else wants to show up. It's affordable if we can get about twenty people, which seems doable.

I feel like I'm in a weird spot though, because I'm the goalie and as part of the league I haven't been paying fees (I'm not sure if it's a league policy or if it's a team policy - but either way it's great for me). Because frankly I can't afford to play if I have to pay fees. But if it's just drop-in hockey then goalies aren't really necessary, and I already feel a little weird about not paying when everyone else has to. Although just about everyone has said quite clearly that they'd much rather I be there so they don't have to play in net.

Plus I've also been (thinking about) looking into campwork in northern Alberta, which would take me away from home (and therefore hockey) for weeks at a time. If it's just drop in hockey then that's also pretty good for me because I don't have to feel guilty about putting them in a goaltender-needing spot. But real games and real hockey is better than drop-in by a lot.

I really love playing in net and honestly I wouldn't be able to afford to play at all if I didn't have the goalies-don't-pay-fees thing. But sometimes I wish I didn't have to have the responsibility along with it. I know in the end that for work and everything I need to make decisions that are best for me, but I also really don't want to have to reneg on my hockey commitments.

Photo only sort of related:
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This is AWESOME! A few weeks ago the KHL (Russian hockey league) built an outdoor rink inside the Roman Amphitheatre at Pula, Croatia! This is absolutely brilliant! And if I were rich I would totally have flown over there just to watch the game! I don't follow the KHL, but this is just awesome. Things you unfortunately can't do in North America. Check it out:

Arena Ice Fever Pula MMXII from medvescakzagreb on Vimeo.

The Amphitheatre at Pula is one of the best preserved surviving Roman Amphitheatres. It was built somewhere in the first century AD, sometime close to the construction of the Colosseum in Rome (started 70AD, finished 80AD).

I now feel even more justified including a photo of the Canucks' home arena in my presentation on the Colosseum last year.

I miss hockey. And all this talk about the NHL lockout (the players and the owners are bickering about money again) is making it really hard to be optimistic. Everyone is talking about how it's going to be extremely long, just like the last one (which lost an entire season - although this was directly before I was really paying attention). But the irony here is that we haven't even lost any regular season games yet. The season was due (and I suppose technically still is due) to start on the 11th of October. Everyone's still super mad (and I am too actually), but the only thing we've lost so far is the pre-season. Yet the way people are talking you'd think we'd already lost another whole season. Le sigh. Hopefully they can get things sorted soon.

It's hard days to be an optimist hockey fan...
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The Vancouver Pride Parade was yesterday (I missed it because I'm not organized and should have been studying) which is awesome all on it's own. But what makes me super happy is that two Canucks players, Manny Malholtra and Jason Garrison, and the Canucks mascot, Fin, marched in the parade with the You Can Play guys who are trying to eliminate homophobia in sports.

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see it happening. Especially because these are two guys who are clearly there because they want to be and they support the message rather than because the organization said they should for publicity (although I'm sure the organization is also pretty keen on the publicity). And I saw a bit of video where Manny was clearly running around and having a good time with a big smile on his face.

Neither of these guys had been liked with the You Can Play people before the Parade, and it sounds like Jason Garrison was a last minute addition.

I'm not surprised to hear that Manny is supportive and awesome. He seems pretty awesome in all the interviews I've seen and read. But also I have some hard anecdotal evidence from one of the women on my hockey team that his wife's best friend is a lesbian. One of her good friend's partner (wife?) is best friends with Manny's wife. She's met him a time or two because of the tangential relationship there, and she says that's he's lovely.

Jason Garrison, on the other hand, is new! And I'd barely heard of him before when he got signed in the off season, so I know almost nothing about him. Well done with the first impressions! I already like you and I haven't even seen you on the ice yet.

Only 4 professional athletes marched in Pride events this year. Two of them were Canucks. THESE GUYS MAKE ME HAPPY. :'D
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I realize that as a goaltender I'm insane. I actually enjoy standing in front of hard, vulcanized rubber pucks which are being shot at me at high speeds. But to be honest I don't even remember why I liked being a goalie so much. I haven't really spent much time playing out at all.

But I like it. And it's fun even when it hurts. I don't like pain - which is why I'm glad that I have new pads with more protection - but there's also something really satisfying about stopping a really hard shot. Nope. I'm there - you can't have that one.

Today I filled in for a friend's pick-up hockey game (organized enough to have two goaltenders - otherwise pretty relaxed) and was reminded that boys shoot harder than girls.

There were some mitigating factors naturally - I think that most of these guys were closer to my age than the women on my team - and almost certainly none of them were beginners. It was a much faster paced game than what we play in women's rec. And it was a lot of fun. They scored a bunch of goals - but I was about equal with the guy in the other net (pick-up hockey means no scorekeeper - and I wasn't paying that close attention), and I had some pretty wicked saves. It's really cool to see that I can keep up with these guys. I like our team and we have a great time - but it's also cool to see that I can hold my own at a higher level of play. Maybe someday I'll join one of the upper level women's divisions - there's at least one league that has some more competitive play.

But man do those guys have harder shots than I'm used to. And all of them seemed keen to hit me in the left upper arm. I've got a bit of a bruise forming there already. And two on the palm of my trapper hand from catching slapshots (take that!). I also took a really hard shot in the left boob (what is it with these guys shooting to the left?).

I don't like pain - but I earned these bruises. And that's kinda cool. (also they don't hurt that bad)
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I saw the beginning of an article about Luongo and Schneider on the Canucks and how one of them is going to get traded (because having two amazing goaltenders is a problem in the NHL - sigh).

Anyway the article started with: "Two goalies."

And my brain immediately filled in: "Both alike in dignity. In fair Vancouver where we lay our stage..."

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The CBC has recently made a partnership with an online audio show which provides an alternate commentary during hockey games. For the Stanley Cup Final games they're going to be hosting the show as an online stream alongside the English and Punjabi (!!!) commentaries. There are several problems with this.

- the show is called "While the Men Watch"
- the subject matter seems to have absolutely nothing to do with hockey
- the subject matter is in fact extremely stereotypical, hetero-normative, and "girly"

None of which would be a problem (except in the general sense) if it weren't being

- funded and supported by the CBC, and therefore public money

Now, I realize that this show is not aimed at me. It is not supposed to be for people who are hockey fans regardless of their gender. The aim of the show is to make hockey more interesting to people who aren't interested in hockey. Instead they are talking about what the coaches are wearing, how hot players are, what's happening in the crowds and various other things.

Actually, I'm totally in favour of those things. And I was filled with glee when I found the places on the internet where female (and male with corresponding interests) hockey fans hung out. I like looking at photos of attractive hockey players. I like hearing about their families and the parts of their lives which are off the ice. The players are people as well as players and they are most interesting to me when I can see both sides of them.

And I would be perfectly fine with these women talking about these things on the internet. Except for one two key points.

1. They are not hockey fans.
2. They are being endorsed by the CBC.

Let's expand on these things. Second things first: the CBC is endorsing them. By endorsing them the CBC is presenting an image of how women should be involved in hockey broadcasting. And it's an image which is not a good one.

Here's some of the subtext:
- women should only start watching hockey because they want to spend time with their man
- they should not actually be interested in the sport, but only the social aspects surrounding it
- the only relationships worth acknowledging are heterosexual ones where the man watches sports and the woman has to find ways to be amused by said sports instead of doing something else that interests them

First things second: they're not hockey fans. Making the sport more accessible is a great thing. I love that they have a commentary track in Punjabi (for example). It's amazing. But I don't understand why they seem to be courting people into... continuing to not be hockey fans?

These women are opposed to playoff beards (BLASPHEMY!). And they most alarmingly have a post on their website which suggests that you shouldn't decline sex with your man after a big loss.

Things the CBC should do to court the casual sports fan:
- make an alternate commentary track that explains the rules in game as well as the significance of certain plays and milestones
- talk about the social aspect of the sport. This is already done somewhat, but not very much. Don't make it gendered. Don't say: "Because women want to hear about your families..." - cause guess what? lots of men want to hear about that stuff too. Talk about what the players do off ice. Talk about the pranks they pull on each other (which are often hilarious). Talk about how they got to where they are (not just "He's a good Saskatchewan boy!").

I mean come on. The CBC has a study that says 40% of the hockey fans in Canada are women. We're not here because we date men who like the sport.

Some of us date women who like the sport.
Some of us date men and make them watch the sport.
Some of us find hockey players attractive for what they do on the ice as well as what they look like off the ice.
Some of us spend time listening to our hard core hockey fan male roommates complain about coaches suits.
Some of us stream hockey games at home alone and yell at the internet.

Being a hockey fan isn't about your gender. So CBC, please don't tell me that the the female perspective (ie my perspective) is what these women are offering.

On the other hand I would love it if you would have more women commentators on Hockey Night in Canada. Cassie Campbell-Pascal is awesome but she's not around nearly as much as she deserves.

I long for the day when a female commentator doesn't have to have more gold medals than the combined players of the teams upon which she's commentating in order to gain respect.

(NB - Cassie Campbell-Pascal (Olympian x3, World Champion x6) is apparently very well respected by the players in the NHL who often talk to her about hockey and ask after the women's team etc. But their respect unfortunately doesn't equate to the respect of the general audience or the broadcasters. Sigh.)

There are many more things that can and have been said about this issue. In various blogs and things across the internet - most of them are more articulate and organized than me. If you're interested I can russell up a few links for you. But the main point I'm trying to get across here is that the problem here isn't that it exists - the problem is that the CBC is backing it as "the female perspective". That's the sexist and derogatory part here.


May. 25th, 2012 09:35 pm
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I forgot to watch the Rangers-Devil's game 6 tonight. Which was an elimination game.

Not because I forgot that it was on Friday or what time it was, or I didn't really care about it.

I forgot because I forgot that today was Friday.

#Summer Grad Student Problems

And the Rangers lost which means that they are done and the Devils are going to the Final against LA.

I'd been cheering for the Rangers too. *sad face*

Oh well. Nicely done Devils. :) And if this is Brodeur's last season (who knows? He's 40 - but he's also Brodeur) it would be cool if he exited with another cup.

I'm sorry you lost Rangers. You had a good run. And at least now you'll be able to rest (I'm looking at you Dan Girardi - your face needs some healing and that's only the immediately obvious stuff). And I still love you Lundqvist.


May. 20th, 2012 08:43 pm
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I spent most of today avoiding the internet because I decided to watch the replay of the World Hockey Championship Gold Medal game (which was originally played at 8pm Finland time - so in the morning here), and I didn't want to be accidentally spoiled for the score. This was a relatively easy task, although until I thought about it I hadn't realized how much hockey I've managed to put into my internet places. I do have other interests! But I also like to consolidate my internet stuff, so DW was probably safe, but LJ certainly wasn't, I joined tumblr for hockey stuff, etc.

Anyway, I had other things to do - so it wasn't a big deal.


M and I went to a local pub to watch the game. Sunday afternoons aren't too busy, so we took over the back room with the couches and the big tv and got our waitress to switch the channel over to TSN. It was less than ten minutes before they were going to replay the game.

Guess what was on the screen.

Yup. The Final Score. And highlights.

Not cool TSN. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was trying to watch that replay without spoilers. And it's not like there was nothing else happening in the world of sports. Just don't show the outcome of the game you're about the replay for fifteen minutes before the game starts! That's all I ask!

I didn't watch the highlights. But I couldn't help but see the score. It's balls, but I'm not as pissed as I would be if it were a game I had a real steak in - like team Canada - or if it were a close match. If it had gone to overtime and I had been spoiled - I would have been super pissed. But the game was 6-2 Russia over Slovakia. It was in no way surprising. The Russians continued to dominate as they have throughout the entire tournament. They won all of their games and won them solidly. It was a fun game to watch regardless (despite the score, the Slovakians are no slouches), but the fun became the Malkin score watch. Going into this game he was tied with someone else for the tournament scoring lead. I was kind of hoping that he would score all the goals! And just be super awesome. Instead he just scored the last one.

So with that Malkin was the scoring leader in the worlds in the same year that he was the scoring leader for the NHL regular season. The only other guy who's done that before was Wayne Gretzky. You may have heard of him. Good company Geno! Well done you happy Russian!

So it was a fun game to watch, and M and I had loads of glee watching all of the happy Russians jumping about and hugging each other after the final horn sounded. Also this happened (wherein Varlamov is such a happy goaltender that he falls over while hoisting the cup):

There's something about International Hockey (and sports in general) that just warms my heart.

I can't wait for the Olympics!


May. 17th, 2012 03:53 pm
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Today has been a productive day!

I slept in nicely and then watched the end of the Sweden-Czech Republic World Championship Quarter Final. The Czechs scored in the dying minutes of the third period to get the game winner and the Swedes weren't able to tie it up. So since Canada was knocked out by the Slovakians very early this morning, both my number one (Canada) and number two (Sweden) teams are out of the Worlds. The Semi Finals are going to be on Saturday and the Medal Games will be Sunday - and I'm planning to watch the Gold Medal Game regardless. The Semis are Russia-Finland and Czech Republic-Slovakia, so they should be a good. I have no strong feelings about the remaining teams, but I have a fondness for both Russia and Finland (and Finland is a host country) so I'll probably be rooting for whoever wins that one.

Then I got to the really productive part of my day. I cleaned out the fridge and cleaned the living room! And I vacuumed! I also went online and wrote out the Garbage/Recycling schedule and put it up on the fridge (Dear Vancouver why do you have to change the days so frequently?). And it was good.

Now I'm going to watch some Buffy and knit. And later today I'm making schnitzel and having a friend over to help eat it.

Life is good.

(Somehow this post about being productive and cleaning my apartment is mostly about hockey... I have talents. *grin*)
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I am a frustrated goaltender right now.

Today was my first time on the ice in my new pads. And they are gorgeous and shiny and fantastic. And I know that my game will improve, once I get the hang of them.

Unfortunately I do not have the hang of them yet. *glower*

I really shouldn't be surprised. I remember how munch I hated my old pads when I first got them (back when I was 11). They were so much bigger than my previous pair and they felt so unwieldy when I started playing with them. It's the same thing that's happening this time.

My old pads, which are in storage in Ontario right now, are 31". The ones borrowed ones I've been using this year are 32". I didn't really notice the size change too much because I hadn't been on the ice in ages and I was busy getting used to wearing someone else's gear anyway. The (shiny, new, frustrating) pads are 34". A full two sizes larger and with considerably more padding around.

Some photos for comparison:
Guess which are new. Yes the black ones are held together with packing tape.

More Photos for comparison )

The problem is that because they are so much bigger and have padding in places that the old pads didn't I don't know where the holes are where the opposition can get pucks through. So They scored 5 goals on me tonight (and thank the gods it wasn't more); at least three of them were the direct result of wearing new pads. I felt clumsy and slow. And it's super frustrating because I know that I would have been able to stop a few of those shots if I'd been wearing the smaller pads. One of my Defence even mentioned that she noticed that a couple of the goals were clearly the result of the new pads. But in the long run I know these pads will be better for me. I just have no idea how long it will take to figure them out.

Things that I was not expecting:
- I had to undo the attached knee padding and pull them out from under my pants because my pants are too tight to fit them underneath and it was making it harder to move. :(
- I have to stand up straighter while wearing these because they are significantly taller - which means that I have to use my leg and lower back muscles more when I'm in my stance, and that's super tiring.
- I didn't get nearly as many puck marks as I was expecting/hoping. They are still remarkably white.


Well, I'm going to be getting some practice time soon (yay!) so hopefully that helps too.

The process of buying them was very easy and nice. The store we went to in Surrey was great and they had lots of gear. The whole basement was filled with goalie gear and there was a whole wall of goalie pads. It was beautiful. The sales guy was also quite nice. He helped find a few sets of reasonably priced pads that fit and explained the benefits of each of them. He clearly knew what he was talking about and he was in no way phased or judgey that I'd never bought new pads and only played rec league. One thing that was cool was that he just grabbed me a pair of goalie skates in my size for while I was trying on the pads. Obviously that makes a difference in the fit and how they feel, but I really wasn't expecting it.

He was also pretty cute. But while we were chatting he mentioned that he plays Junior - which is high-level hockey but the age limit is from about 16 to either 19 or 20. J and I complained afterward that it made us feel like dirty old women. I must say, it's weird getting old enough that there are people old enough to be dating and having sex that are too young for me.

Love Hurts

Apr. 23rd, 2012 08:58 am
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This is how I feel right now. Canucks lost in overtime last night. So that's that for the season.

This series was tough, and it really showed the weaknesses of our team without Daniel Sedin (never be concussed again, pls!). But I think in the end the Kings won it because they played better than everyone was expecting. The Kings were a good team throughout the regular season, but they were a team that didn't score - and they changed that in the playoffs. So fuck. At least the Canucks didn't have a total mental breakdown like the Penguins did. Holy shit that series was ridiculous! But despite the gaffes, my boys still played defence.

Dear Canucks,

I still love you. You're great. And you bring me great joy even when we lose in the first round (although that does suck). I know that some of you might not be back with the team next year and I'll miss you. I know that there will be some new guys and I hope that they fit in well with this truly awesome group.

And I don't care what anyone says, winning the President's Trophy (best record in the regular season) twice in a row is still super awesome! (Even if it was kind of an accident this year.)

Continue to be awesome, boys. I'll see you next year.


At least I can watch hockey without feeling stressed about the outcome now. Also - if Ottawa wins tonight then they've won their series! (And then the Canucks won't be the only 1st place team knocked out by 8th...) GO SENS GO!

A List

Apr. 19th, 2012 02:59 pm
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Things that Are Good:
- I have finished my Roman Comp
- My Greek Comp is tomorrow so soon the stress will be over
- THE CANUCKS WON LAST NIGHT! (no sweep for you Kings!)
- Daniel Sedin is back from his concussion! (Never leave DANIEL!!!!)
- Twin powers activated last night!
- Tim Horton's
- Hockey hugs.
- This:

It gave me chills. (Although the beginning is kinda weird.)
- Plans for drunkenness tomorrow night. (G told me to drink 4-7 more beers than was appropriate. I try to listen to her as often as I can. *grin*)
- Eddie Lack, Swedish goaltender for the Canucks' farm team, makes Swedish Meatballs while wearing a t-shirt jersey for one of his teammates, an apron with the team logo on it, and an enormous chef's hat. (cue Swedish Chef jokes. Also the toothpick Swedish Flag is clearly the most important part!) *Swedish Bias* *Defensive Bias*
- Cat!Canucks in the Cup (by azirae)
It's a good thing that I can identify all but one of them right? - ADORABLE!

Things that Are Not So Good:
- My Greek Comp is tomorrow. I hates it.
- While I know that I did well on my Roman Comp, I need to get a B+ to pass. I'm confident that I got at least a B, but that might not be good enough. :s - normally I'm pretty chill post exams, because I know what doing fine feels like, but the bar is different for these ones, so my insides are churning.
- There are simultaneously not enough and too many things on the internet for procrastination.
- Canucks must do that another three times if we're going to continue our season.
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Didn't I mention that hockey was my stress relief during this hard time in my academic career? Have I treated you poorly?

On a personal level the Kings are currently up 3-0 in their series with my beloved Canucks (only 4 teams have ever come back from a 3-game deficit to win a seven game series *sobs*). And it's not even that we've been playing particularly poorly (unlike the Penguins). Yes there were mistakes and some bad plays - but that is normal. What isn't normal is that after a whole season where the Kings only won games by virtue of Jonathan Quick being a truly spectacular goaltender, they've figured out how to score. :(

(And when I say "spectacular" and "the Kings don't score" I mean it. I think they have the highest number of 1-0 and 2-1 games in the league. And also there was at least one, maybe two, games where they lost even though Quick had a shutout. How does that happen you say? Shoot out goals don't count against the goaltender's shutout. That's right. Even when their goaltender was a brick wall the Kings couldn't score in the regular season. This has changed. *sobs*)

Honestly the Kings have been a good team all season, and if they'd actually been able to score there is no way they would've been 8th seed, and we wouldn't have played them in the first round.

I'm currently longing for the alternate reality where we played the sharks in the first. We can beat them. (of course I was sure we could beat the Kings too. *sobs*)

But to add insult to injury the whole playoffs seem to be going to hell in a handbasket. Most of the teams haven't played game three yet and I've already seen at least five headshots. No wait, six. Which is something that the league has been fighting to get out of the game all season (and before, but this year it was a campaign). Some of these I'm sure will result in suspensions, some of them already have. But for some reason when Shea Weber (Nashville) grabbed Henrik Zetterberg's (Detroit) head in both hands and shoved it into the glass after the game had ended and after Nashville had won he only got a $2500 fine. Admittedly this is the largest fine they can give without handing out a suspension - but holy fuck batman? What do you need to do to get suspensions these days?

It makes me want to throw up a little. I mean, I still love hockey. But that's not hockey. There's playing close to the edge (which is fun to watch because it's physical and good), and then there's that.

Also I watched the Flyers-Pens game yesterday. Everyone was expecting this series to be a bloodbath because the two teams hate each other. But I don't think anyone was expecting it to go like this. There were 113 penalty minutes in the game. That's almost two full games worth of penalties. 78 of them came in the first period alone. Both Clouturier and Giroux (who each scored 3 goals in Game 2 - that's right their were TWO hattricks in game 2) were the recipients of elbows to the head. Clouturier had to leave the game (I have no idea if he's alright). Claude Giroux (lead scorer of the Flyers) got into a fight with Sidney Crosby (whom you might have heard of)! And to top it all off the scores were ridiculous. The Flyers are now up 3-0 in the series. Game 1 was 4-3, game 2 was 8-5, and game 3 was 8-4. The total number of goals in game 2 alone is the same number of goals that have been scored in the entire Canucks-Kings series. Both the defence and the goaltending on both sides of the ice have been super crap.

This is not hockey - it's organized chaos on ice.

So what the fuck?

The only light of goodness so far was that the Canadian Women managed to eke out an overtime win at the worlds to get the Gold Medal! Beating an American team that wolloped us 9-2 in the round robin. So let's focus on that.



These are from the Olympics, but I don't CARE!

And here's some perspective from Flyers Goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov:

"The Universe is so huMANgous big! ... just be happy. Don't worry be happy."

Bryz: Never Change. You are not the best goaltender, but you are probably the most interesting one.
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So Comps are fast approaching and I am alternately in denial and filled with fear and a certainty of failure.

The worst is that I'm not really sure what's going to be on them. And nothing I do will ever be enough. There are always going to be more things that I could read and study. And I won't know if I've done enough until I sit the exams and then hear about whether or not I pass.

Shit guys. I just want to pass. I don't care about whether my answers are excellent or not. Just pass me. Let the time and money I've spent on my education get me a Masters Degree. I promise I won't go on to a PhD and embarrass you (because I'm not going on to a PhD).

In response I've been obsessing over hockey. The Playoffs start tomorrow and the Canucks are playing the LA Kings. It should be a good, extremely defensive series. It's totally balls that the first round is starting the week before Comps. I'm going to watch all the Canucks games (natch), but there were a few other series' that I wanted to watch as well. The Flyers-Penguins series should be epic because of the hate they have for each other. And I really wanted to watch the Senators-Rangers, because I love the Sens and I've got a growing fondness for the Rangers (because Henrik Lundqvist is a god among men).

I was going to make an organized post about all of the reasons why I love the Canucks, but instead here are a few things that have been making me happy recently. Because EVERYTHING IS HOCKEY AND NOTHING HURTS.

The other Canucks players sabotaging an interview with Jannik Hansen. Oh Boys!

Henrik Lundqvist gives out bottles of wine to his teammates after getting shutouts. The Camera guy here is Marty Biron, his backup goalie.

Hugs are the best.

Even when you're on the opposite team, and people are fighting, what really matters is friendship. :D - This is from an old Sens-Sabres game. But I only recently found it and it is awesome. :D

Roberto Luongo supports his defence - in this case Keith Ballard, and literally.

Henrik Sedin: secret punk. Why you gotta harass Edler like that?

Higgy is adorable for more than just his abs.

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Today has been pretty solid, all things considered. I've been chugging away at my last paper and it's getting pretty close to being done (plus I've still got over 24 hours before it's due - I'm golden). And I went to the dentist.

Dentists are balls you might say (and I would agree with you). But get this: I don't have any cavities!!! So yes, Dentists suck. But after all the dental death I had to go through last year, not having a cavity is kinda amazing! My are generally filled with suckiness, but apparently not today! So that's worthy of celebration!

And to make things more better: I got my Old Navy order in the mail today - a week early! New clothes are exciting!

Also: the Ice Birds' last game is tonight! And I've roped a whole bunch of people into coming and cheering us on, so that should be lots of fun!

Finally, I've also just been invited to a Wedding! This is the first time I've been invited to a wedding for someone who is not directly related to me. So I'm going! Even though it'll be a bit of a trek to get there. Its especially cool that I got invited because I know that they didn't have much space, so only a few of us got invites at all from our group of friends. But enough people I know are going that it should be fun even if we barely get to say hi to the happy couple. I'm really looking forward to it!


Mar. 21st, 2012 08:15 pm
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I am so done with the Canucks-Blackhawks rivalry.

When it started it was about two good teams battling it out. Kane and Toews would go flying down the ice in one direction and then the Sedins would go flying down the ice the other way. It was excellent hockey to watch because both teams were so skilled and they wanted to play so much.

Now, it's all fights and brawls and dirty hits and it makes me angry to watch.

The worst part is that it's on BOTH sides. These teams bring out the worst in each other. And then they start flinging insults back and forth and it makes me upset. Because at very least I wish that the Canucks would take the higher ground and be the classy guys they usually are (at least most of them). But they aren't. And I'm angry at my own guys for being douches too.

And I used to like the Blackhawks. Kane and Toews are both really good players (although Kane is also a little shit), and I actually really like Keith and Seabrook because of my defensive bias. (And Patrick Sharp because of his pretty faaaaaaace.)

But then tonight, Duncan Keith fucking elbows Daniel Sedin in the head. And that is totally not cool.

I totally understand taking a run at Burrows, or Lapierre, or Kesler. They are all little shits. Their our little shits, so I love them. But they are shits nonetheless. But the Sedins are really classy players. They are mild mannered Swedes! The only reason to target them is because they're highly skilled. (Although I thoroughly enjoyed watching Henrik mouth off at Keith at every opportunity for the rest of the game. I have no idea what he was saying, but Keith totally deserved it after giving his twin a head-shot. That shit is dangerous.)

So dear hockey gods: can we please, please, not have a 'Hawks-'Nucks match-up in the playoffs this year? It will make my heart sad.


Mar. 18th, 2012 06:48 pm
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Today I woke up at 8 even though I'd already planned to sleep in.

I read fic on my kindle all morning instead of getting out of bed.

I made real breakfast, with fried eggs and a toasted bagel. And Tea.

I watched the Hockey Night in Canada After Hours segment with Chris Higgins (of the Canucks) who apparently demonstrated again last night that he has great abs when he was fixing his equipment (not a euphemism) on the bench.

I did not put on real pants (sweat pants totally don't count).

I cleaned out the fridge and cleaned the kitchen so that I could feel accomplished without doing any of my school work.

I knit a bunch.

I watched the Foo Fighters documentary "Back and Forth" which was really cool. I got it from a friend this summer and I've been meaning to watch it for ages.

I made dinner (pesto).

I did not regret taking a day off even a bit.

Things I have left to do for my degree:
- 1 max 5000 word paper on the Roman Port of London
- 2 Comprehensive exams on Greek and Roman Archaeology

Things that are not degree related but I still have to do:
- 1 more department meeting
- mark c. 60 papers for the Religious Studies course I'm TAing (check to see when I have to have them done - if the gods are favouring me they can wait until after comps)
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We had another game last night and we won!!!! For the first time since the first game of the season! It was awesome! And a real team effort. Our D were passing back and forth and blocking shots like champs. Our forwards were excellent on the rush. And they scored 5 goals! 5!!! (So maybe I wasn't as supportive as I could be - but they still did it!)

In this league we do a short overtime period and then a shoot out if we're still tied - like the NHL. (It caught me by surprise the first time we went to overtime - I've never done overtime outside of a tournament before - and that's totally why we lost that first time *shifty eyes*.)

So we went to overtime! And then it was still tied! So we did a shoot out!

And I stopped all three shooters in the shoot out!!!!

I don't think I've been in a shoot out for about ten years (not counting fun shoot outs with friends during pond hockey - or kitchen ball hockey). It was awesome! And two of their shooters were really good!

And there was much rejoicing!

Play-offs for our league start in two weeks (our league which only has four teams), so we're getting primed for a crazy come-back!

And I won a coffee with Roll Up the RRRRRRRRim this morning! Things are looking good!


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