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So I finally got photos of the Flames Scarf I knit last year for Spicy J. And I thought it would be good to put up photos of all the hockey scarves I've made. I did all the designing myself for the logos and such, and I'm rather proud of them.

Photos under the cut )
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So this afternoon I gave Spicy J his socks which means that I am done all of the wedding socks! So As promised here're the photos of all socks I knit this summer. And they're all completed within five months of the weddings! I've heard people say that if you're hand-making something for the wedding you have to have it done either within six months or a year - so I succeeded whichever way you slice it! Woo!

Also I managed to knit all four of these socks based on the recipients' shoe sizes instead of a measurement of their actual feet. I'm assured that they all fit well - so that's a relief!

Photographic evidence:

Wedding #1: Spicy J and D )

Wedding #2: The A Team Wedding )

So I finished four sets of socks! Two lace, one cabled, and one colourwork. It was fun and they were very well received. I still like sock knitting, but I must admit that I'm not in a rush to start another sock project.
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- Last night was our first ice time for pick up hockey since our league folded. And it was really good and a lot of fun. We had some guy out to be ref (I didn't catch who he was) and we managed to make some pretty even teams. I switched ends every fifteen or so minutes because we didn't get a second goalie and it was good. The fact that we have ice time at all is pretty awesome since the league organizers were being awful and doing us no favours after dropping us without warning. But now we've got enough people to play an interesting game - and it was pretty even too which was not the case for other times. Real games in a real league are better. But this is still pretty good.

- After we got off the ice and I'd gotten nearly all of my pads off, some guys from the team who were playing after us asked if I could play for them for the first period because their goalie was stuck in traffic (I think someone said there was a jumper on the bridge - which is balls) and they'd have to forfeit otherwise. Considering that it was pretty much my first time on the ice since spring league I was still feeling pretty good so I ended up saying yes. I played most of the first period and their goalie showed up with about a minute left. So we switched. And I spent the rest of the game on the bench with a beer. They were very glad to have me and were very nice the entire time. The game speed was much faster than I was used to, but I managed to hold my own. And even though I had four goals against (some of which I felt like I should have gotten) we were tied when I left the ice, so that's pretty good. Right before I got off I managed to get a real stinger on my arm too. It was right above the blocker and below the big elbow padding. And now I've got a huge puck-shaped bruise. Wear a ton of equipment and somehow they still manage to find the holes! I iced it with some frozen beans when I got home and it's still noticeably warm to the touch. I don't think I want to play at that speed all the time, but it's good to do every now and then.

- On Wednesday night I finally managed to get my former Green College folk out to a bar for weekly drinks nights and that felt pretty damn good. And then I joined up with A and some other friends for trivia night and we came in first! Which is awesome. Clearly we are super smart! And last time we went there was a three way tie for first and we ended up in third because of the tie-breaking question. (The deepest part of the Marianas Trench is only 11km. Who knew?) And that was a lot of fun. Each time we won gift certificates to the bar which we just put towards our bill. It didn't cover the whole thing, but that's okay.

- I still haven't heard back from any of the jobs I've applied to. I think I need to start calling people, but I don't really like phones. So there's that.

- I'm definitely getting a cold. And I'm super congested and that is balls.

- I finished the third pair of four pairs of socks for my friends that got married this summer. Only S-J's pair remaining and I'm almost finished the first sock for that. I'll post up some pictures when I'm done because I'm pretty proud of them.

- I really need to go grocery shopping but I don't want to.
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Life's been pretty busy, but generally good.

This weekend we had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner with seven of the usual crowd. I made cheesy mashed potatoes which is a family tradition (and even moreso - I'm always the one who makes it) - and they were a big hit.

Tonight I'm going to a poker game which is a tradition among some of the department. Buy in is $10, and it's reasonably competitive - but I'm resigned to loosing everything. As long as it's a fun time with the guys I'm cool with it. So that should be fun - I should make myself a poker hands cheat-sheet before I go.

The NHL hockey season has started up again and the Canucks are playing right now. I'm listening to the game. And it's currently 5-4 for Philidelphia in the 3rd period. I dislike the Flyers at the best of time, but this is not helping. Although I'm still not too worried about the game.

I bought a new knitting pattern and I think that I'm going to use it for a Christmas present. But I think that I need to get one more ball of yarn, since I might not have enough. I'm excited to start. ;)

Why are all of the books for my next two presentations in German and French? The French is okay - but Deutsch? Lame. I do not speak German. Oh well, I've got enough time to Google Translate what I need. My main text for the shipwreck I'm looking at is called "Das Wrack". Oh Germans - you're so ... German.

I get to make stone tools in my Anthro class. Partially that's awesome, but partially I'd rather just find some good stones and shape them to make a wall instead. Bifacial what? Although our TA did his Masters' Thesis on stone tools used in high-risk situations like hunting polar bears and sea lions. And that is wicked cool.

Anyway... dinner calls!


Sep. 12th, 2011 08:25 pm
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Am now in possession of one Doctor Who patterned knitting needle case! (Thank you Etsy!) It arrived today and after I opened it M and I immediately looked to see if we could identify all eleven doctors. (We did, but it was mostly M because she's seen way more of the old Who than I have. - i.e. some.) It's adorable! And also useful. I really did need a new needle case, so on the whole I deem it money well spent.

Other things that are spent: Me.

Am super tired right now. This schooling business totally takes it out of you. I know I'm complaining about nothing so far because it's not like I'm in the midst of presentation and paper rush season, but after a whole day spent in the Reading Room and then at class I am wiped.

Am also considering getting the X-Men First Class DVD in order to have the special features. Did and of you get it? Or have you heard the scoop about whether or not they're worth it? I'm also influenced because I hear tell that part of the decision about whether or not to do another one will be based on DVD sales. But I waver.

But perhaps it is sleep time now.


Apr. 19th, 2010 12:11 pm
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I am currently drooling over this set of needles: Knit Picks Harmony Wood Interchangeable Circular Needles.

They are so pretty. And I have only heard good things about Knit Picks needles. Of course the wooden needles are the most expensive of the three options they have. But they're still not a bad price at all. I much prefer wooden needles to metal or plastic. There's just something about them that feels right. And if I got one of the other sets I would just be dissatisfied and end up getting the wooden ones later when I actually have a job.

Not that I'm buying these needles right now anyway. I'm just drooling. And planting this idea in my parents' heads because my Birthday is the end of June... and that's not too far away.

In related news - I have been knitting up a storm lately! I'm not sure what it is, but it's frustrating. I've got one important project on the needles, but it's a lot of annoying intarsia, so I need other things to do when that one is being too annoying. And I keep finishing things too quickly! In the past few weeks I've knit two hats, a bear, designed and knit a Star Trek Uniform for Frob, and finished a sock (yes I'm going to do the other one too).

I'm going to have to start soliciting projects from people soon if I'm going to avoid insanity. Also I should get my yarn stash out of storage.
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My Star Trek Renaissance is still going strong. Since shortly after the release of XI I've been following [ profile] ontd_startrek and filled with joy at all the wonderful fannish things we've been doing as a community. (The other week there was a hostile take-over by our Mods from the Mirror universe and everyone who refused to grow facial hair was forced to spend time in the agony booth - I was really impressed by some of the icons that people managed to give goatees.)

Anyway, back at Hallowe'en everyone was posting pictures of their Trek Uniforms which they'd made for the holiday (or for cons or whatever). And I have uniform envy. But I also know that if I had a Star Trek uniform I would almost never wear it, and that would be sad. I sort of solved this by getting a yellow hoodie and sewing on a command insignia (and I love it and wear it all the time so that totally works!).

Then I saw the Kirk and Spock bears which the Vermont Teddy Bear Company makes, both of which are ridiculously cute and I kind of want them despite the price tag. (Did you see Spock's ears?!?!)

Somewhere along the line I put these two covetous thoughts together and came up with a brilliant plan: I could knit a uniform for my own teddy bear.

So I did. And I'm quite proud of myself. And I think he looks quite sharp.

So with no further ado, allow me to introduce Frobisher (known as Frob to those of us who have known him since Frobisher was too much of a mouthful). He was named after the Arctic Explorer - a perfect candidate for Starfleet. Also I think it's rather obvious that he belongs in the command track.


More Pictures and the Pattern )
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Today I shall write at very least a full rough draft of everything for my UBC Application.

I am going to the Sleepless Goat and I am going to drink coffee and be academic in one of those coffee shops because sometimes it's the right thing to do. (And I don't really have a good table to work at here.)

I am going to wear my reading glasses (which I don't always need because my eyes are only slightly wonky) and possibly a tie because I'll be more academic.

I'm going to wear my new Cicero shoes because I'm applying for Classical Archaeology and because they are Command Gold and I must take charge.

I am going to sew the buttons onto my sweater.

Then I am going to be strong and go have dinner with my Dad and watch House, even though I've missed at least one if not two episodes.

Tomorrow I will do the rough draft for my UVic application.

Wednesday I'll polish everything and print the things what need printing and gather and send off what I can send and figure out what to do with the rest.

Thursday I'll finish packing and get a bus to the Toronto Airport and get on a plane.

Friday I'll arrive in London and get on a train for Edinburgh!!!!!!!!!!

Friday I'll get to see L!
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I finished my sweater today! Well sort of kind of mostly anyway!

No pictures as of yet. I think I might actually finish it up completely before I model it for you and I've still got ends hanging out all over the place and I have to get some buttons.

This is one of the biggest knitting projects I've ever done (although not the longest project). I started it back in October, and I've mentioned it before. It's the Starsky pattern over at Knitty. But I've changed it around a bit. The main thing is that it doesn't sit quite right with the belt (as in the belt makes a nice big line across my middle which accentuates things that don't need accentuating), so I've decided to get some buttons instead. I am kinda nervous about this business because I'm going to have to cut the buttonholes out of the already knitted fabric! I know it can be done and done without too much trouble, but I would be less nervous about it if I had known this would be my plan and had knitted in the buttonholes as I went along. But it'll be fine!

(And it's really warm!)

In other news I got myself TWO (2) pairs of sneakers today! Because they were %40 off. There is a green pair and a yellow pair and they are Adidas and awesome. I'm rather fond of both of them, but especially the yellow ones because their style name is Cicero. No joke.

Also I watched some season 1 Slings and Arrows today and it was made of win! And made me kinda nostalgic for my Uni's theatre society which is big and awesome. And it doesn't help that J just invited me to their most recent production on Facebook. If I were in Hali I would go (and I've never even heard of the play) - but alas and alack, I'm not.

Scotland on Friday!!!!

Must work on Grad School Applications!


May. 5th, 2009 02:13 pm
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Here is my latest knitting accomplishment. They're for my friend L - but she doesn't know that yet. I'm all a tingle with excitement for when I finally get to give them to her, but I'm also really excited to see her again on the dig. So there is nothing bad going on here.

From a knitting perspective these are cool because I did two things that I have never done before. They're wristwarmers and I figured out how to do the pattern myself. They're even slightly complex because I put in decreases along the arm so that they wouldn't be baggy at the wrist or too tight at the elbow. All my other wristwarmers have been ribbed so that they stretch quite a bit and that wasn't an issue. Another thing that I did for the first time is duplicate stitching, which means that I knitted the wristwarmer first and then stitched the pattern overtop. I used to think that this would be a hassle and not worth the effort, but boy was I ever wrong. I wish I'd started doing this ages ago. Expect far more knitting projects to include duplicate stitch in the future. :)

The patterns are Stargate Gate Glyphs and were designed by [personal profile] pennyplainknits, and I found them in the fandom_knit community (I may also make myself a knitted Dalek from one of the patterns over there!).

In other news I'm trying to crosspost this from Dreamwidth. Here's hoping it works.
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I actually knew what to write... over the past few days I kept thinking of things that I wanted to post in the good ol' LJ, but of course now I can't think of any of them really.

Sufficeth to say that I've gone and got myself a busy life. Things and people are being moved back and forth. Bits are being renovated of our house (which is crazy). Work has started and things seem to be going well (we just had training today, which always makes things seem more intense because we have to go over all of the emergency situations). And the second round of the play-offs is going strong. Vancouver and Ottawa are both in the second round and they keep playing on alternate nights so I end up watching a lot of hockey to keep up with what's going on.

Speaking of hockey I've had this craving to be reading stories about hockey lately (either fanfic or regular fic) but the only ones that I can think of are the Screech Owls. And I love them, but at the same time I kinda want something a little more grown up (to read along-side them, of course, I'll still be reading the SOs). Do any of you folks have any suggestions for good books or fic about hockey? (P.S. RPF freaks me the hell out.) There's gotta be a bunch of books about hockey teams and the like. I mean the dynamic of a sports team (and hockey teams in particular) are pretty cool. Or is it strictly a "young adult" and "kids" book phenomena? (Even if that's the case I still want to hear about other good hockey books. I don't subscribe to that agist philosophy.)

And speaking of books I got myself half a bag-full of used books from the Mall for a dollar on Sunday. I got a book of poetry by Yeats (it was still National Poetry Month on Sunday, points to [ profile] kuwdora for that bit of information), a book on Pompeii and a book on the Ancient Near East that both may, or may not, be any good, and two books about Arctic expeditions. The books on the Arctic expeditions look fascinating to me. One of them is a novel with real historical figures as the background characters, which may, or may not, be interesting, but the other is a more academic book describing the Greenly Expedition up to Lady Franklin Bay (near Alert, on Ellesmere Island) and how it failed completely. It looks really cool. The guy who writes it has a good style and the whole thing makes me want to read up on the British expeditions, especially Franklin's, beacause disappearance! and Stan Rodgers!, and Frobishur's, because that's the name of my teddy bear (thanks Mum!).

Tomorrow I have the day off work and I'm going to go grocery shopping (my life is non-stop excitement!) and go and buy some yarn for some various mysterious projets I'm thinking of (Okay, yeah, maybe it is excitement!).

And now, off to watch the Canucks game!
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So first of all... My thoughts on Friday's Stargate episodes (SG-1 10.06 200 and Atlantis 3.06 The Real World) )

Second of all I went to the Women's Art Festival on my lunch break and wandered around looking at all of the pretties and telling myself that No I don't really need that, or that. But I couldn't quite say no to this person, and although I don't quite know whether it's a he or a she o even what it's name is I am loving of it. I was also hoping that you guys could help me with a name (and a gender... if it's necessary. Do toadstools even have genders d'you think?) Anyway here are two pictures, I think that the second one is a better photo and perhaps I will turn it into an icon eventually. Anyway... Here is the cuteness. )

And Third of all I finished my scarf and it is the pretty. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet in here but for the past couple of months I've been knitting a big, long scarf with many different colours of yarn that has been sitting around (some of it since the seventies). If I have it around my neck it goes down to about my knees and when it's wraped once around then it's down to my waist. I knit it in the round so that it's double thickness and wonderful. Oh see the pretties that I have created! )


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