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I did my Latin Sight Passage for the Honours Exams today. I am now 1/4 done the exam portion of my Honours degree. (That is of course, assuming that I passed.) I felt decently good about it. I couldn't tell where the piece I had to translate was from, but it was about Jason and the Argonauts, and the stuff about boats leads me to believe that Dr. O'B picked that passage for me on purpose. It's exactly his sense of humour.

I do want to know where that passage was from though, because it was one of those passages which helps to remind me that I actually do know what the hell I'm doing. I could see the grammatical constructions even though they were basically lying on top of each other, and I knew most of the vocabulary. Also it was prose instead of poetry.

But I'm done!

And now I've got to write a paper for tomorrow. C says I should wait until after hockey (I think he's mostly joking) and I totally could finish it afterwards (I've currently got an A+ in this class, and I haven't been putting a lot of effort into it), but I might write up an outline or something. And I should get a start on my Latin homework since my brother and some other folks'll be in town this weekend (yay!) and I probably won't have time to do anything then.
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From Chapter Eight of the Cambridge Companion to Ovid: "Landscape with figures: the aesthetics of place in the Metamorphoses and its tradition" by Stephen Hinds.

The deftly compressed ecphrasis, rendered the more emphatic by parenthetic postposition, constitutes a kind of authorial reclamation of and gloss on the twin version’s displaced set-piece laudes. There is a further hint of metaformular wit too: when read against the implied speech of the goddess in the Metamorphoses (ut loca laudauit), the Fasti’s Diana has claims to be a rhetor too, but one who (like a good slender elegist) merely ‘touches on’ her descriptive theme: ut tetigit lucum.

Sometimes the things that I can understand frighten me. It frightens me that I understand what the hell this guy is saying. But at the same time I love "parenthetic postposition" in all its plosive alliterative glory.

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I decided to catch up on some Doctor Who since my brain is a little too fuzzy for some proper studying and besides - this is totally studying for a Roman history exam right?

Except for the part about being historically accurate... )

It also probably improved my enjoyment of the whole thing that the entire time I was thinking "I'm going there this summer." :)

I'm totally going to find Caecilius' house while I'm there too. And I'll try not to weep at the thought of Caecilius trapped under a fallen wall and Cerberus watching over his master in vain!
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I've got my Latin Midterm tomorrow bright and early. C and I met up yesterday to try and study together, compare notes and fill in the gaps that we have in the translation and things like that. It didn't really work out so well, since pretty much we just got together and tried to figure out how to go about the studying bit and realized that neither of us have any idea how to study for a Latin exam at this level. Last year we had vocab lists that we could go over, and we didn't do nearly as much translating. But all we could figure out to do for studying is to go over absolutely everything that we translated and look at it and try to memorize the vocab and all that jazz. It's kinda frustrating because I don't really have the time or the concentration to be able to do that properly, and I'm missing a huge chunk of translation because of missing class or not being prepared or a mixture of the two. I think that after the exam I might ask him if he has any suggestions on studying methods, and talk to him in general about the workload (which is way more than I can handle, and the same goes for several others in the class with whom I have spoken) and things like that.

Well, once more unto the breach!

forsan et heac olim meminisse iuvabit.
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There are now five people in my Ancient Greek class, which is (I'm pretty sure) a fifty percent rate of attrition in the first month alone. I like small class sizes as much as the next girl, but this is a bit much. I shudder to think of how big the third year class will be. Although of course whether I get to third year Greek depends entirely on whether or not I survive second year Greek. The entire class has been getting Ds on the quizzes. Trying to remember all the bizarre details of this language makes me want to go and translate some Lucretius (and he was NOT my friend in Latin last year) or hug my Latin copy of the Aeneid (Vergili Opera). I'm going to make flash-cards this weekend with the principle parts of the verbs as well as the meaning on the other side of the cards.

And Dr. O'B in Latin is as charming as ever. Today in the translation there was an implied naves (ships) that one of my classmates missed and he was trying to help her figure it out. The participle modifying it was feminine so he asked, with a mischievous grin: "What is on the sea a lot and feminine? - Other than [Aderam]." And then he apologized for continuing to bring up my sailorly ways simply because it's the only thing that he knows about me and I keep wearing shirts with boats on them (today I'm wearing my Appledore crew shirt). It was really funny.
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Bad Aderam! You must stop reading Winnie Ille Pu at this very instant. You have far too much Lucretius that you need to be translating and even though Winnie Ille Pu is also in Latin and far more enjoyable in both Philosophy and style you must not read that instead of doing your homework.

Lucretium vitupero!!!! Sed, Winnie Ille Pum laudo, quod optimus est!
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So here I am reading a Supernatural fic and at the off-hand mention of Dean knowing how to conjugate Latin verbs I start wondering whether or not spells and exorcisms in Latin would use the subjunctive (actually the first thing I thought of was "attractive!" but that is my default reaction with Dean or Latin so both of them in the same place is wow).

And come to think of it I think that it would use the subjunctive because you're invoking things that you want to happen but have not actually happened. There would also probably be quite a liberal useage of the hortatory subjunctive in there too. Though I bet that there are definitely some times where they'd use the indicative as an emphasis, not giving it the option of not happening, you know.

I am such a nerd.
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Over at Neil Gaiman's Blog There is a feature that has been made for the blog's sixth birthday that allows you to TELL THE MAGNIFICIENT FUTURE(!!!) by giving you random sentences out of all of his entries. (You'll find it here) Several "shakings" of the "magic ball" result in some funny lines and some boring ones and some that just plain don't make sense.

My favourite so far is:

"Erotic licking" plays no part in the Tango.

Shouldn't that have a story to go with it? I mean, it probably does, but wouldn't it be more fun if you got to make one up on your own? The one that already exists is probably pretty boring in comparison to the line all on it's own.

Anyway, it's late and for the first time in a while I've actually finished my Latin homework before the day it's due (I often finish it on the day it's due right before class, or after midnight) so I'm going to go and steal the downstairs kleenex and go to sleep. 'Night!
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Stargate Season 9 has arrived!!!! Am in a world of geeky squee!!!

Also my external hard drive is in at the PCPC! And I just picked up my Cicero book for Latin!!!

*Bounces like a mad crazy person!*
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Life seems to be settling into a kind of a routine. Everyday I go to class, and I've even figured out where they all are now (woo!) and then I have Rugby practice (although not everyday, thank Marduk), which is getting to be more and more fun as time goes on and we actualy start playing the game. I'm kinda sorry for innundating you with Rugby posts, but since Saturday I've only had two days without rugby practice, so I haven't had much of anything else to talk about.

Anyway so it turns out that I'm a Prop! Which makes me SOOOO happy. For those of you who know nothing about the sport their are two Props (usually the size of oxes) who are in the front line of the Scrum on either side of the hooker. When you see the two piles of rugby players pushing against each other in large groups the Props are shoulder to shoulder with the other team. If you've ever heard the phrase "built like a Prop Foreward" this is the position that they're talking about. And now it also refers to me! (unless something realy bizarre happens, the situation is currently slightly fluid while we see how people do in the different positions and play together and all that wonderfulness.

In other news I'm loving my classes so far. I had an honest-to-Gods squee over Latin grammer this morning because it was all coming back to me and I was so happy. We're going over Gerunds and Gerundives (I didn't know that Gerundives were actually the future passive participle and that was really kinda nice to find out) and little memory things are so useful. The tunes to go with laudo, laudas, laudat ... and -i, -isti, -it... make me so happy and grateful towards my old Magistra. I can't wait until we get to this point in Greek! We've just been learning the alphabet so far lthough last class she introduced us to the conjugation of luo (lambda, upsilon, omega, I don't know how to write in the Greek letters on the computer. Yet.) in the present active indicative. And it's in that new language glow stage.

As for German... Ich heisse Aderam. Ich komme aus Canada. Wie geht es dir? My Prof is from Belaruse and is just recently off the plane from Germany, so she doesn't speak much English, but that's okay, because it's actualy not that hard to figure out what she's saying in German most of the time, although I'm sure that some of my classmates would disagree.

Also I love the word for telephone. It's so much fun to say: Telefonnummer

My other classes, Imperial Russian History and Classical Mythology are also neat, but I'm in a happy language spot at the moment so I'll leave you with Telefonnummer and this Latin epigram, which is actually my favourite piece of poetry that I have written myself. Kind of sadly nerdy I know, but I've been resigned to this fact for a long time.

dicis, mi Luci, "in vino veritas."
dico, "te amo," sedne sum ebrius?


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