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And where exactly did the old year go?

I had a truly lazy holiday season, sprinkled with work and not much else. On New Year's Eve I worked for two hours (on of my coworkers had a split shift - a stupid thing where she was scheduled to work 10-3 and then 6-8 or something like that - so I took the 6-8 part. It covered my beer for the night) and then had a few friends over to my place to hang out and drink and be generally relaxed and happy. And that was good. They left shortly after 1:30am and managed to catch the last bus.

We're still running the Hobbit at work. And I still love the music. But next week we're going from 4 shows down to 2 shows per day. Because no one is coming to the 11:30am or the 10:30pm anymore. But it means that everyone's shifts are cut down which sucks, because minimum wage is not enough to cover living expenses when I have a decent number of shifts. But I'll have some time off and maybe I'll get some writing done.

It's January now which means I should hear back about that archaeology job in Calgary soon. And if I don't hear back in a week I'm going to email them just so I can know for sure. I'm super nervous. I really want this job. I would be working in my field and actually earning enough money to live and things would be good! So wish me luck! (At least if I don't get this one there's still others I know will be hiring in a couple of months.)

And some things that happened in 2012 (in no particular order):
- Finished Grad School - I may have had to rewrite a comprehensive exam, but I still finished - Aderam, BAH, MA
- Didn't go on a dig and didn't go to Europe - (unlike the last four years)
- Survived two and a half months of unemployment
- Got my first full (ish) time job. - Working at the movie theatre
- Grandfather died. Down to 1 of 6(ish) grandparents
- Turned 25
- Purchased my first set of new goalie pads
- Attended two weddings

Places I slept in 2012 (other than home):
- Paradise, Newfoundland
- Edmonton, Alberta
- Waterton Lakes, Alberta
- A hotel (on the highway going to Waterton), British Columbia
- Toronto, Ontario
- Kingston, Ontario
- Calgary, Alberta
- Victoria, British Columbia

Which means that I didn't leave Canada at all this year (despite going from end to end). That's weird.
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- Last night was our first ice time for pick up hockey since our league folded. And it was really good and a lot of fun. We had some guy out to be ref (I didn't catch who he was) and we managed to make some pretty even teams. I switched ends every fifteen or so minutes because we didn't get a second goalie and it was good. The fact that we have ice time at all is pretty awesome since the league organizers were being awful and doing us no favours after dropping us without warning. But now we've got enough people to play an interesting game - and it was pretty even too which was not the case for other times. Real games in a real league are better. But this is still pretty good.

- After we got off the ice and I'd gotten nearly all of my pads off, some guys from the team who were playing after us asked if I could play for them for the first period because their goalie was stuck in traffic (I think someone said there was a jumper on the bridge - which is balls) and they'd have to forfeit otherwise. Considering that it was pretty much my first time on the ice since spring league I was still feeling pretty good so I ended up saying yes. I played most of the first period and their goalie showed up with about a minute left. So we switched. And I spent the rest of the game on the bench with a beer. They were very glad to have me and were very nice the entire time. The game speed was much faster than I was used to, but I managed to hold my own. And even though I had four goals against (some of which I felt like I should have gotten) we were tied when I left the ice, so that's pretty good. Right before I got off I managed to get a real stinger on my arm too. It was right above the blocker and below the big elbow padding. And now I've got a huge puck-shaped bruise. Wear a ton of equipment and somehow they still manage to find the holes! I iced it with some frozen beans when I got home and it's still noticeably warm to the touch. I don't think I want to play at that speed all the time, but it's good to do every now and then.

- On Wednesday night I finally managed to get my former Green College folk out to a bar for weekly drinks nights and that felt pretty damn good. And then I joined up with A and some other friends for trivia night and we came in first! Which is awesome. Clearly we are super smart! And last time we went there was a three way tie for first and we ended up in third because of the tie-breaking question. (The deepest part of the Marianas Trench is only 11km. Who knew?) And that was a lot of fun. Each time we won gift certificates to the bar which we just put towards our bill. It didn't cover the whole thing, but that's okay.

- I still haven't heard back from any of the jobs I've applied to. I think I need to start calling people, but I don't really like phones. So there's that.

- I'm definitely getting a cold. And I'm super congested and that is balls.

- I finished the third pair of four pairs of socks for my friends that got married this summer. Only S-J's pair remaining and I'm almost finished the first sock for that. I'll post up some pictures when I'm done because I'm pretty proud of them.

- I really need to go grocery shopping but I don't want to.


Mar. 18th, 2012 06:48 pm
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Today I woke up at 8 even though I'd already planned to sleep in.

I read fic on my kindle all morning instead of getting out of bed.

I made real breakfast, with fried eggs and a toasted bagel. And Tea.

I watched the Hockey Night in Canada After Hours segment with Chris Higgins (of the Canucks) who apparently demonstrated again last night that he has great abs when he was fixing his equipment (not a euphemism) on the bench.

I did not put on real pants (sweat pants totally don't count).

I cleaned out the fridge and cleaned the kitchen so that I could feel accomplished without doing any of my school work.

I knit a bunch.

I watched the Foo Fighters documentary "Back and Forth" which was really cool. I got it from a friend this summer and I've been meaning to watch it for ages.

I made dinner (pesto).

I did not regret taking a day off even a bit.

Things I have left to do for my degree:
- 1 max 5000 word paper on the Roman Port of London
- 2 Comprehensive exams on Greek and Roman Archaeology

Things that are not degree related but I still have to do:
- 1 more department meeting
- mark c. 60 papers for the Religious Studies course I'm TAing (check to see when I have to have them done - if the gods are favouring me they can wait until after comps)
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- Breakfast
- Go to local coffee shop and work my ass off on Paper
- Buy Toilet Paper. And Conditioner.
- Home for lunch to avoid buying food.
- Laundry
- continue to work on Paper
- dinner (chunk o' Pork)
- more working on paper - either back at coffee shop or in the Reading Room (which will hopefully be empty)

The paper isn't due until the 30th. But I've got another paper due then too. And I was planning to have this one done by last Monday.

Also I'm in denial about my comprehensive exams. Comps are balls. And (lucky me) only my department seems to have them at the Masters level.
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(Even though THAT DAMN PAPER is not yet done.)

- Laundry: washed, dried and folded
- Sent the last of the Christmas packages (everything else will be brought with me)
- Not quite 700 words of boring boringness (although I am going to try and write some more this evening)
- Figured out how to buy a single Canucks game streaming live on the internet.
- Remembered - after purchasing the next game that the Canucks vs Senators game (which is on right now) which I meant to buy is actually on CBC so it's A) not available on the fancy streaming (which actually would have been nice since the CBC stream isn't very high quality), and B) is Free streaming live on CBC.
- *headdesk*
- Inadvertently bought the streaming of the Canucks-Blue Jackets Game on Tuesday. (So I guess I'm watching that game.)
- Minesweeper. So much Minesweeper.

Plan for tomorrow:
- finish the first draft of THAT DAMN PAPER. (It's only 1 business day later than my original plan.) I'm already about half-way done in terms of wordcount and probably about a third through in terms of content, so it's more than doable.
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1. Laundry

2. Clean the bathroom and de-clog the tub

3. Clean my room

4. Reorganize furniture etc to account for my new shelves

5. Write a longer post about Hockey, and the cats I'm catsitting, and Christmas (or my lack-thereof), and my newfound love of Fringe, and how I'm starting to recognize bits of Vancouver in TV, and my plans for the future, and steampunk, and... maybe it'll have to be more than one post. ;)

Anyway, those are the things that are on my mind. How's your mind doing?


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