Apr. 30th, 2010 04:31 pm
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I first started watching NCIS LA because of my love for NCIS, and I figured that any team that can make a spin-off that is still going strong after 7 seasons deserves a chance. It's not a Don Bellisario production and it kind of shows. But I still like it.

NCIS LA's premise is nowhere near as believable as the original NCIS and there are loads of episodes where I can't really suspend my disbelief. But I kind of love the characters. This is something that grew on me. One of the things I loved about NCIS was that I fell in love with the characters right off the bat back when they were first introduced on JAG, and I always liked that even small roles got to have cool and quirky personality traits. It's taken NCIS LA a little longer to get to that point.

I think that they tried to start too big with NCIS LA. They had so many characters to start off with that you couldn't really get to know any of them within the first few episodes. (Compare once again with NCIS where they had three main characters to start off with and two recurring sidebar characters and expanded into having 7 or 8 over many years.) But even so I think characters are one of the only things they do right on this show.

Which is of course why I'm still watching it. (Because when asked to choose between character and plot I'd pick character 100% of the time.)

I love the old married couple banter between Callen and Sam (whether it's slashy or not they are totally an old married couple, some of their dialogue could be given to a couple verbatim and no one would notice). I like how Kensi has developed into more than just the token female (which I was worried about at the beginning). I like how they got rid of Dom (he just wasn't useful to the story and they didn't have the time to make him interesting in his own right) and I really wish they'd do the same with Nate. I'm also rather fond of the new guy, Deeks.

But my favourite is Hetty. She is so bad ass. I love how short she is and how much power she has anyway. Her tea and her mystery and her personal connections with absolutely everyone important ever.

Also - from this week's episode when Callen and Kensi are going to a club - "If they play Lady Gaga, dance one for me."

She is cool times ten and totally shouldn't be.

So NCIS LA - I would appreciate it if you would be a little more believable. I understand that you won't do that, so please keep up the good work re: character development. 'Cause that's really all you've got going at the moment.
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So I’ve been thinking a bunch about characters lately (clearly now that I don't have schoolwork to occupy my brain I have to analyze something else) and what makes me like one more than another. I think what I like best in a character is the same thing I like best in stories, which makes sense because I’ll love almost any story if I love the characters enough. I like stereotypes that don’t quite fit. That’s my favourite. And I think that even more than that I like the dumb jock who isn’t. So Daniel Brady from Shadow Unit, Colby Granger from Numb3rs, Tony DiNozzo from NCIS, Dean Winchester from Supernatural, and even to a certain extent Arthur from Merlin. This is probably why I like TV so much actually, since most of the good shows that last take stereotypes and then make them more interesting. I have no problem with this because I like it.

But most of my favourites are all men, I realise. So I got to thinking about why. Part of it is that there are usually way more men than women in the shows I watch. I like SciFi and Cop shows the best so that makes sense because there are more men than women in the military and the police. But even the women they do have just aren’t as interesting most of the time. Sometimes they’re just there to be pretty, sometimes they’re around to be love interests (which is almost invariably lame), and sometimes they’re there to be the strong female character who can do everything and do everything well because women are clearly as good as men at all these things (also remarkably lame). And I understand where the writers are coming from, because people (and not just women) have been sidelined so much in television until recently. A lot of new shows have over-arching storylines and character development and that is awesome. But women are hard because people are hard, and I think a lot of TV writers are more comfortable writing men than women – I’m more comfortable writing men than women.

Anyway, instead of going on and on about gender!fail and depressing everyone - not in the least myself because I’m not sure I approve of all this binary gender business anyway – I decided to make a list (with reasons) of some of my favourite female characters in TV. Here is a celebration of doing things right.

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Oct. 15th, 2008 11:13 pm
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I had an exam this afternoon, so to reward myself I watched a lot of television on the actual television (not just the internet - I know, Shocking). There was a new House episode and a new NCIS tonight and I really enjoyed both of them.

The odd thing was that both had to do with father issues for the main character. House also had Wilson issues, and Gibbs hometown issues, but it was weird that the episodes were so similar in the initial premise.

Of course now I want to read a fanfic about why Gibbs didn't want Tony to meet his father (beyond the fact that Tony is annoying and nosy even at the best of times). It was one of those episodes that felt like they didn't have enough time to properly tell the whole story, so they just left some bits out. On the up-side, because it's NCIS they actually kept a lot of the character development. But I want MORE dammit! More.

I mean, I'm not demanding or anything.
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Life is busy. I've got tons of school-work going on, although nothing in particular, just the usual bits. And I just found out that we get Global on the rabbit ears which means that I can watch Heroes and NCIS and House as they come out on the actual TV. I haven't been able to do that in a while so that's really cool! Plus I'm waiting with baited breath for my Stargate season 10 DVDs to arrive, since they are apparently in the mail right now! I am so excited about this that I may burst! (And possibly miss out on the next few readings I'll have to do after they arrive ... I mean, I'm a good student...) I haven't seen the last half of the season yet and I really want to!

Also my uncle just added me on Facebook, which was kinda weird, but he's a really cool guy so I added him back even though I had a moment of worry since most of the picture of me are from parties where I have ... er ... shall we say "imbibed"? I think we shall. (And here we see the humiliating aspect of Facebook for those of University age, our reunions are going to be so embarrassing.) Anyway now his oldest daughter has added me as well. And she's probably twelve or thirteen by now, but in my head she'll always be younger until she's actually an adult. So I don't know whether or not I should add her. On the one hand, I like having amiable relations with the family, on the other hand I don't really want her to see all the obviously drunk pictures of me... (strangely enough I'm not sure I'd have this kind of worry about her younger brother... maybe it's because I like him more?). Anyway do you guys have any thoughts?


Dec. 30th, 2006 11:35 am
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So the past while I've been spending my time watching cool TV with my brother. J's great for my TV watching habits because though he's not as into it as I am he's good at suggesting shows that I might like (for example Stargate) and he takes advantage of my obsessions to be able to see the shows that he likes whenever we're in the same city. It's almost assured that whenever I go visiting him at his place, or he comes to mine that sooner or later he'll ask, "So, do you have any more House episodes that I haven't seen?" or "What about NCIS?" And then we'll watch whatever new episodes I have downloaded, laugh at mostly the same bits and have a good time. So here's a bunch of my reactions to all the things that I've been watching lately (mostly with J, but not all of them). There will be mild spoilers in these musings.

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Rome )

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So yeah, I like my tv. Actually it's really just stories that I have ridiculous love for. And it's so easy to get good TV these days. It's amazing. I love DVDs. Scarily enough there are actually other shows that I could mention (like Torchwood, and Dr Who and also how much I want more Jeeves and Wooster) but I think this might be enough insanity for the day.

(And if you;re thinking about watching any of these shows I highly recommend them! I bet you couldn't figure that one out on your own. :P)
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That's right no more Imperial Russia for Aderam. Today was the final exam and also what would have been the last class if we weren't having the exam now instead of during the exam time.

I missed the bus this morning by about 30 seconds (I watched it go by but could get to the stop fast enough) and had to walk to school. Luckily I had enough time and my iPod, so I was able to walk and listen to the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Daft Punk and the Russian Navy Hymn from the Hunt for Red October (to get me in the spirit of things). Then when I arrived I found out that my Prof had forgotten to send my exam to student services and I had to walk across campus to pick it up and then walk back to write it. And then of course the exam took me way less time to write than I was expecting. It was the same length as the mid-term and it did take me about the same amount of time to write but it always unnerves me when I take 45 minutes on an exam that we're given an hour and a half for (this is not counting the extra time I get because of my learning disability). But I went over all the answers again twice and re-read the instructions to make sure I wasn't making a mistake, and seeing none I handed it in and came home. Still leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth though.

Of course the bad taste is always cured by feeding me stew. Last night I made beef stew, so of course that's what I'm eating for lunch today. It may also be dinner since I'm not feeling very creative at the moment.

In any case now to reward myself by watching the new episode of NCIS.
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It turns out that I can always rely on you to tell me when I should be downloading new episodes of the shows I love. All I have to do is wake up in the morning and read my friend's list in order to remind me that hey, House played last night, or apparently last night was also the first episode of NCIS season 4!

Anyway, thanks all. Much love and not kisses because I'm sick, but mental kisses. Yes.

Also the Rugby Rookie party did not kill me, nor am I especially hungover, just tired and slightly dehydrated. I'll write a more detailed post later, but right now I'm going to shower, remove the marker from my arms and face and then do my homework for the two classes I have this afternoon.


Jul. 3rd, 2006 10:00 pm
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Am super tired. Still. Am very excited about upcoming days off. Right now 'm lying in bed and typing with one hand, which is frustrating but about as much effort as i'm willing to spend right now. Canada Day weekend working at a tourist attraction is busy. like wo.

I spent thelast couple of after works watching some TV on DVD that I rented. I finsihed Farscape and the first Series of the New Doctor Who. Nearly cried because Farscape is just that awesome, I'm tired and I'll never again have a new ep to watch. Also fell in love with Jack (Dr. Who... sorry for mixing fandoms, but tired).

Also watched to of the Season 1 eps of NCIS that wouldn;t download properly, thus renting was the only option. (sad I know) Oner of them was Enigma (where Gibbs' old CO goes crazy) and it turns out that Gibbs in a worn Carhart hoodie is a fantasy (now fulfilled) that I didn't know I had.

Other cool TV news: the season of TV that I'm getting from my Dad is Crusade. And because of a gift certificate and a sale I'm getting three seasons of Angel for what it used to cost for one of them. I will son own the puppet episode. And Galen.

Didn't I say I wouldn't mix fandoms anymore in this post? whatevs.
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I have been so very not on LJ lately that it feels kinda weird, you know? And this time it's not just that I haven't posted it's also that I haven't been reading my friends list (which makes me feel like a bad friend... or something). Anyway I'd like to blame this problem on two things 1. Work, where I am sans internet and cum much free time. And 2. [ profile] phiremangston. It's all your fault that I started and have become woefully addicted to NCIS. I'm halfway through the third season already, I can't help myself (and don't really want to). The characters are love! All of them. And that doesn't happen everyday.

Anyway some other cool things are happening. This time next week I fully expect to be hung-over on legally aquired alcohol. That's right, I'll be 19 in a week and I'm really excited!(!!!) Also this morning I got a letter from Jamie that has written on the back "DO NOT [underlined and with squiggly lines around it for emphasis] OPEN UNTIL YOUR BIRTH DAY". And now my fingers are just itching to get at it.

Must go distract myself by watching more NCIS...


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