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Old Navy still has free shipping and free return when you order from them online. I need new pants and don't really have time to shlepp out to the Metrotown Mall to go to Old Navy (which has cheap clothing that actually fits me!) so this is fantastic. I've gotten thinner than when I bought the pairs I currently own so I wasn't sure which size I would need. But because there's free shipping and returns it doesn't matter! I can (and did) order up to three different sizes of the jeans I'm ordering and the ones that don't fit or don't look good can easily be sent back for a refund.

Also it's nice that even though I'm doing this it still cost under $300 for my order, and I'll be sending back at least half of it!

In contrast to the order I got from Threadless where I had to send 4 of 5 items back to get the size up (and in one case a refund because I ordered the biggest size), and pay for the return shipping.

Also Mark's has free shipping right now, so I think I'm just going to order some socks from them online instead of heading out to their store. Online shopping is dangerous - and awesome.
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I forgot my glasses at home when I went to school to do work, so that was a bit of a bust. But I did manage to read and take notes on a review in the JRA (Journal of Roman Archaeology) which is sadly not online (woe is me! Some of my sources are only in the Library! - at least it's in English).

So now I'm procrastinating a bit. - Knitting and watching some of the Eagle (which I bought yesterday).

I went shopping yesterday and managed to get a variety of items that were all on sale! Which is awesome.

Things I got:
- A watch (not the perfect watch which I'm still vaguely looking for, but a nice one)
- A Halloween candle (with a ghost on it)
- A hand mixer
- New headphones (my old ones broke - but the new ones are purple, so that's an improvement)
- Movies (the downtown HMV is closing so everything was on super sale - I didn't mean to get any movies, but they were so cheap!) - Casablanca, 10 Things I hate About You, the Eagle, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Highlander, and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
- A set of glasses with the heads of Marvel Superheroes - Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, and Spiderman

Also Nominations for Yuletide are up! Finally! I've already submitted mine. I nominated Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome, The Valor's Series by Tanya Huff, and A Bear Named Winnie. Are any of you doing Yuletide this year? Have you/are you going to nominate anything?

Life is pretty good. - But that might be the denial talking...
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Yesterday was a really good day. I didn't get a lot of school stuff done, but that might be why it was so good. I started off the day by going to the mall on an epic quest to find jeans because I was in desperate need of more pants.

F, who is in all of my classes and just generally an awesome person, came with me. We had a really good time chatting away on the bus and then taking the mall by storm with ruthless efficiency. F is the best shopping companion. She has two sisters and really knows how to get through the shopping with the least amount of pain. She was happy to be shopping with someone like me who is not so wishy-washy and hard to please.

Things I learned from this trip - go to Old Navy. They had multiple styles which were flattering in my size (in the Women's section no less) that were only $20 a pair (on sale). I am no longer in need of jeans. :)

Then we came back to the Reading Room and did some work. I did the best kind of work there is - scanning pretty pictures of Egyptian Gods for my presentation on Monday. (More of that will be happening today.)

After that was a department seminar in which an adorable young Dutch professor from University of Ottawa talked about the reuse of Egyptian temples in the transition to Christianity. It was really interesting, and he got really cutely excited about things.

Also it was another Grad Student's Birthday yesterday so then we all went to the bar and had some drinks.

All in all a very good day - although now I really should be getting down to work (I have two presentations next week and one the week after) and stop posting on DW.
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I recently got my Stargate DVDs back from the lovely and talented [ profile] affabletoaster which is really awesome. I knew they were in good hands and I didn't have a huge need to watch them, but it's really nice to have them back. It's my first fandom and my first true TV love - except maybe Star Trek and Sesame Street, which were shows I grew up watching. So it's just good to have them around. They're like my teddy bear Frob - not necessary, but I feel better when he's where I can see him.

She also brought back one of my favourite hats which I'd left at her place by mistake the last time I saw her. So very win! I mean it was also great to see her - she is lovely and talented after all. :) And it was a very long time. I hadn't seen my Stargate DVDs my hat her at all since May. And since we used to be roommates (in the Room of the Lack of Not Coolness - lo these many moons ago) that is a very long time indeed.

I also ordered some clothes on the internet and they arrived yesterday! I don't particularly dislike shopping - and in fact I kinda love going shopping with C and E because they make everything fun! - but I often find it frustrating because I can never seem to find anything that fits. I've been on an informal quest for skinny jeans for ages because most places with jeans seem to think that because I have a 40 waist I want elephant pants to make me look huge instead of a slimmer cut of pants to make me look like a normal, fashionable person. Le Sigh. So [personal profile] hobbitbabe pointed me to this site in the states which does plus sized skinny jeans. Awesome says me. I dicked around the site a bunch and found a pair that look good, checked the size chart to make sure I was getting the right one, and found a bunch of other things while I was there because I might as well get a few more bits while I'm having something shipped. So I ordered a pair of jeans, a pair of sandals (I have size 12 feet, my life is difficult in the ladies footwear department), and 3 bras. I was leery about the bras because they're bras, they never seem to fit right.

I'm sure you're waiting for the kick in the pants. I mostly was too. The first hit was from customs (thanks guys). I had to pay $69 worth of duty (only $20 short of half the price of my items) because these goods were made in China. I bought them from the States! I hate duty. Then both the shoes and the pants are too big. Too BIG! (Says my Dad re: the shoes "I thought that was impossible." Thanks Dad, very nice.) Mum says that we can alter the pants since the legs fit really well and we can just take in the sides around the hips and waist. I'm not sure if I care enough (although I'm seriously thinking about it). But I don't want to send them back and then have to pay even more duty on an exchange. We'll see. I have a lead on some skinny jeans at the Gap which might fit so I'm going to go and check them out today and if I can get them from Gap I'm definitely sending these back instead of trying to fix them.

On the up side the bras are awesome. One of them needs an extender, but it's strapless anyway so that's really not a problem at all. They're really comfy and they make my boobs look great - definitely a win.

Now all I need is some gold-pressed latinum (and some skinny jeans) and I'll be set.


Nov. 12th, 2009 01:17 pm
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I have one thing to say - Star Trek Kicks exist. (Evidence and Pretty Pictures!) And they actually look pretty damn cool.


Now the question is - do I face my innate fear of phones and try calling the local Payless? $50 for a pair of shoes (even if the price is more because we are in Canuckland) is still a pretty decent price. And I love kicks. Also it goes well with my love of subtle fandom indicators, symbols from shows that people wouldn't recognize unless they knew the show (or in this case, small symbols from the show/movie on my feet where most people won't notice them - but I WILL KNOW).

Who am I kidding? Internets! Tell me the number for our local Payless!

Now what colour do I want?!
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Yesterday I bought new underpants! So today I am wearing new underpants!

(I'm sure you're all very pleased to hear this.)

But honestly, how could anything go wrong when you're wearing new underpants? Especially when they're pretty colours. (I generally don't buy boring underwear, and I'm always a little disappointed by the plain pair of white they always seem to want to put in the package with the cool colours.)

So today (with my new underpants!) I will be productive! I will finish a rough draft of my Statement of Purpose for my SSHRC application, and I will e-mail my profs re: references. And maybe (if I'm good) I will go to American Apparel and see if they have any yellow hoodies in my size.

(I could also work out my Yuletide sign-up and things like that... but maybe this is too much for one day.)

And I got a mug that say "Happy Birthday" at the coffee shop in which I am currently sitting. If that isn't a good sign I don't know what is.

Life is strange these days. My friends and family all seem to be ridiculously busy all the time and I can barely find the energy to do one useful thing per day.

Also everybody think good thoughts for my brother today! He's got Transport Canada exams so that he can get his mate's ticket. I hope he's wearing new underpants too. They're totally good luck.
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I went to Value Village today with the gang (for those not in Canada Value Village is a thrift store, often you can find really cool things, but you shouldn't go with something particular in mind because you might get disappointed). And I scored so huge!

Things wot I got:
- dark red leather Doc Marten shoes that fit perfectly
- A nice tweed suit jacket
- A black double-breasted suit jacket (for use in my Hallowe'en costume)
- A white tuxedo shirt
- Cuff-links for the above shirt
- A purple dress shirt of awesomeness
- A glass mug with the Bounty on it
- Glasses to be turned into a monocle

And a dress for SL's Hallowe'en costume all for under a hundred dollars! The Shoes and the Suit Jackets could easily have been a hundred dollars each outside of Value Village. I feel like much success!

Also, I came home and was studiously ignoring the fact that the Canucks were playing tonight because they've been playing pretty badly and I didn't want to get disappointed and distracted since I have a midterm tomorrow (The Rise of Rome... MMMMmmmm...), but it turned out that they won!!! 4-1 no less! Take that Columbus Blue Jackets! S told me about it and then congratulated me on my non-observation policy, apparently it worked! Go Canucks! And Kevin Bieksa got me five points for our hockey pool! Woo Hoo!


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