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Some friends recently told me that I should watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and since I'd already heard the name bouncing around the internet I got curious.

What are The Lizzie Bennet Diaries? you ask. (Or maybe you don't, because unlike me you actually manage to keep up with the cool things that are happening on the internet.) - Well. It's a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice (as you might expect) that is being told on the internet through Elizabeth Bennet's video blog (and some sidebar video blogs by other characters).

And it shows exactly why I tend to like modern retellings of classic stories, sometimes better than the original.

Classic stories are classic for a reason. They're really good. And usually they're also really old. The really old part is where problems come in. Because writing styles, and laws, and values change a lot over time. So P&P is a great story but when I read (or watch a good historical adaptation - like the BBC mini series) it's also a mental exercise - like reading tough Sci Fi - because I have to try and understand what the fuck the characters are thinking. When you read P&P you have to remember that women are not as important as men, that there aren't that many men around because there's a war on (this is the hardest to remember because Austen doesn't really mention it), and that Mrs. Bennet is not as crazy as you think - sure she's weird, but she's putting all her efforts into making sure her daughters are alright, which is quite noble even if her methods are suspect. (This is a point I have a hard time remembering.)

But modern retellings, when done well, take all the good story bits and make them easier to understand. And you can wallow in the characters and the plot without having to stop and retrospectively seethe for all the women in that time period who weren't allowed to be people.

But I digress.

The point of this post is that The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is AWESOME. And I love the way they tell the story because I feel like it shows off the characters better. I mainlined all the episodes they have so far yesterday, they're not quite done the story yet but they've gotten to the story equivalent of Lydia living unwed with Wickham (I won't tell you how they do it for modern day - spoilers!). And here are the things that I liked:

- Even though they're Lizzie's video blogs her faults and the narrowness of her views and opinions are extremely clear. Her portrayals of the other characters are so hilarious and over the top and the way that the other characters actually appear occasionally on the blog makes so much sense.
- Charlotte has real character development and is awesome! - And the way they do the Mr. Collins storyline is brilliant. BRILLIANT.
- Darcy is a Hipster!
- Everything about Lydia is amazing. Her whole storyline is so well done, with a great hint of meta. Because Lydia is awesome and she's talking about how she deserves what is happening to her ("and that's what everyone's saying, right?") which I think is how Lydia the character in the book is treated. Hell, that's kinda how I felt about her. It's so awesome to be called out about your opinions about a character!
- Lizzie is a Grad Student. Of course she is!
- Somehow this weird format went from hilarious joking into deep emotional stuff without skipping a beat. My Heart!
- Bingley is actually a Med Student named Bing Lee. Which means that he's Asian. But also that his first name is Bing. Which is phenomenal for making jokes.

I feel like this only works in part because we know the story so well. Classics are classic for a reason and being able to have a whole video of Lizzie ranting mostly incoherently about what a dick Darcy is with very little hints to the context is a luxury that the producers can afford because we already know what happened at the ball when the Bennets first meet Bingley and Darcy. Instead of being confusing it's amusing and tantalizing because we want to know more about how it turned out in this version.

So yeah. It's weird because I'm pretty sure I like this better than I do P&P, but The Lizzie Bennet Diaries couldn't exist without P&P. I think this is part of why I like fanfic and comic book movies and rebooting franchises (although I generally prefer new stories to retelling the same one over again). Because all of the story and tradition behind the new work helps shape it and make it bigger and more substantial. It's like how every retelling of the Iliad says more about the time of the retelling than it does about the fall of Troy or the Dark Ages of Greece when Homer wrote down the story.

This got thinky. Sorry. I haven't been a Grad Student in over a semester - I think my analytical brain has recovered.

BUT the point is that if you like P&P and modern stories told in new and fun ways then you should watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. You can find the videos here.

(That link has all the videos in chronological order. I've only watched the youtube playlist with just Lizzie's videos so far because the biggest problem with this series is that through striving for verisimilitude it took me a while to find where to watch everything and not just Lizzie's perspective. To be fair I was also distracted.)

Episode 1!
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I'm just going to put this here so that I can find it again easily later.

This is my favourite interview with perhaps the whole Teen Wolf cast, but definitely my favourite with Tyler Hoechlin.

Things that are good:
- He's so relaxed and happy and smiley and very much NOT DEREK. And I love being able to see so clearly - especially just through the body language - that he is not the same as the character he plays.

- Also he's way hotter when he's being himself because I find happiness way more attractive than abject misery. I totally understand why Derek is sad - but Hoechlin is more attractive.

- The things he says are GREAT!
a) he likes the subtext in the show (including the gay subtext) because it adds so many layers and he thinks that makes it better storytelling.
b) joking around about being happy that Colton Haynes is getting all the shirtless scenes in season 2. Then telling a story about complaining to Jeff Davis (the creator) that he wasn't getting any and he'd been eating right and working out a lot for nothing.
c) he believes that Derek is too busy with all of the other shit in his life to be worried about romance right now. And specifically mentions that he's in the process of rebuilding his family! - I completely agree with this

[personal profile] hobbitbabe you should watch this, especially if you haven't seen Hoechlin being Hoechlin yet.
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Yesterday morning when I woke up it was snowing outside. In general this makes me very happy. But then a little later (somewhere in the vicinity of noonish – I work nights!) while I was lying in bed reading my power went out. – My apartment is super dark. Even in the lightest part of the day.

Turns out this is not just my breaker (as happens rather frequently in my apartment) but the whole neighbourhood. Because even though it’s Vancouver the snow is actually staying on the ground and is between five and ten centimetres!

J and C and I had been planning on going to see the Hobbit that afternoon out at the IMAX (which is in Richmond) so that we could see the first nine minutes of Star Trek. We were planning on the 4:20 show. The official word is that it takes circa half an hour to get to the IMAX from where we are. But we were planning on giving ourselves lots of extra time even before we knew about the weather. So around 2ish we start texting back and forth about whether or not it’s safe to drive with the roads being kinda crap. J has had the worst day ever with exam stress and weather stress and a massive headache, so she decides not to come. But C (our driver) is familiar with driving in snow and checked the webcams for the highways (which were clear) and decided that it was worth a shot.

So she picked me up around 3 from 8th and Waterloo. It took us until 3:40 to get to Arbutus and 30th. Which is nowhere near the IMAX. That should’ve been a 15 min drive on the outside.

Considering Vancouver probably has a grand total of 2 snowploughs, the roads weren’t all that bad. But the traffic was ridiculous, although I didn’t see anyone being too terrible at driving either (which is frankly a miracle).

So we decided to cut our losses and head for C’s place. I checked the BC hydro website from my phone and the power was still off at mine. (Boo.)

Since C lives near my work though I called up the theatre to let them know that we’d be coming to the 7 o’clock show. (Perks of working in a movie theatre – I can take myself and a friend to the movies for free.) We spent the remaining time drinking tea eating a whole grocery store chicken (me) and watching Seaquest, which C has on DVD because she’s cool like that. And then we walked through the slushy snow to the theatre.

So we didn’t get the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness (Hell, we didn’t even get the trailer – lame). But we at least got to see the movie. And lo: it was good.

”Hobbit )

I want Dwarf hugs! All the Dwarf hugs!

Then I went home and although my power was up the internet was not. I think the wireless needs to be reset. But naturally it’s my landlords who control the router. The internet is still out now and I had to abscond to a coffee shop to post my Yuletide story and check on my virtual life. I'll see if I can pester them about it tonight. On my list of things for the next place I live is controlling my own internet. I'm getting fed up with the poor signal strength in the basement and people who don't notice immediately when it's not working. Le sigh.
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I just can't. What they do to me! The characters! The acknowledging of past hurts. The men crying because things are too much and they are still tough as nails! Spike! Jules being tiny and badass! Ed! GREG!


Why does that have to be the end?
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Dear Haven,

WTF??? Why would you do that to us? That is the worst cliff-hanger EVER! (Even though I totally know how you're going to fix it - but still, not cool.) Nathan needs about ten billion hugs. And Duke! Your Face! (You are fooling no one, my friend - no one.)

It's times like these that I'm glad I'm watching it on actual TV which means that I'm on the Canadian schedule instead of the US one. 3.08 has already aired in the States, and now I'm downloading it.

No love,

P.S. I mean all the love. ALL THE LOVE. But can we have some nice things happen to them for a change? Everyone needs more hugs!
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So this afternoon I gave Spicy J his socks which means that I am done all of the wedding socks! So As promised here're the photos of all socks I knit this summer. And they're all completed within five months of the weddings! I've heard people say that if you're hand-making something for the wedding you have to have it done either within six months or a year - so I succeeded whichever way you slice it! Woo!

Also I managed to knit all four of these socks based on the recipients' shoe sizes instead of a measurement of their actual feet. I'm assured that they all fit well - so that's a relief!

Photographic evidence:

Wedding #1: Spicy J and D )

Wedding #2: The A Team Wedding )

So I finished four sets of socks! Two lace, one cabled, and one colourwork. It was fun and they were very well received. I still like sock knitting, but I must admit that I'm not in a rush to start another sock project.
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This is AWESOME! A few weeks ago the KHL (Russian hockey league) built an outdoor rink inside the Roman Amphitheatre at Pula, Croatia! This is absolutely brilliant! And if I were rich I would totally have flown over there just to watch the game! I don't follow the KHL, but this is just awesome. Things you unfortunately can't do in North America. Check it out:

Arena Ice Fever Pula MMXII from medvescakzagreb on Vimeo.

The Amphitheatre at Pula is one of the best preserved surviving Roman Amphitheatres. It was built somewhere in the first century AD, sometime close to the construction of the Colosseum in Rome (started 70AD, finished 80AD).

I now feel even more justified including a photo of the Canucks' home arena in my presentation on the Colosseum last year.

I miss hockey. And all this talk about the NHL lockout (the players and the owners are bickering about money again) is making it really hard to be optimistic. Everyone is talking about how it's going to be extremely long, just like the last one (which lost an entire season - although this was directly before I was really paying attention). But the irony here is that we haven't even lost any regular season games yet. The season was due (and I suppose technically still is due) to start on the 11th of October. Everyone's still super mad (and I am too actually), but the only thing we've lost so far is the pre-season. Yet the way people are talking you'd think we'd already lost another whole season. Le sigh. Hopefully they can get things sorted soon.

It's hard days to be an optimist hockey fan...
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Several months ago I told my friend T (co-founding member of the Coalition of Awesome *high fives!*) that I'd make her a list of some of the best Headstones songs to get her listening to the band. This probably isn't a hard thing to do, because she like this type of music and already loves Hugh Dillon (the front man) from watching Flashpoint. But in any case this is my Headstones pimping post. The Headstones are my favourite band, so choosing a reasonable number of songs is hard, but I'll do my best. I'm going to try to get in my favourites as well as a decent breath of the type of music they do. [personal profile] hobbitbabe, since you're also a Headstones fan, if I'm missing any songs you think are essential to the pimping experience, add a comment!

I like the Headstones because their music is loud and in your face, without just being screaming into a microphone. It's still got a lot of actual music behind it (clearly I'm an expert in music things). Hugh Dillon has an awesome voice. And a lot of the songs have some clever lyrics that aren't just about getting or losing love (like 90% of music - I have nothing against music about love, but there's plenty of other life things to sing about). It's powerful and loud and makes me want to sing along.

So, without further ado: The Headstones. Aka the shit.

Cut for length and YouTube videos and Band Feels )
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When I first heard about Teen Wolf I thought it sounded awful. I think part of it was just the name. It's ridiculous. And my immediate assumption was that it was going to be a shallow, teen-centric show with dubious acting to capitalize on the popularity of Twilight. (Having since learned that three of the four main guys on the show were at one point up for roles in Twilight, I may have had some justification.) And well, I guess it is those things in some ways. But the reason I love it is that between the ridiculousness there are a lot of small things that make me really happy. Things that you don't normally see on TV let alone in a show of this type.

What I'm trying to say is, I thought the show was going to be awful. But then the internet irrupted with love for (seriously I have never seen hit- and kudos-counts that high on the AO3 and I don't exactly hang out in tiny fandoms all the time) the show and I needed something brainless to watch while studying for the Comp (which I passed!!!!). And then somehow dubious enjoyment turned into complete love. And the end of the 2nd season is just filled with AWESOME. I mean there have always been moments in the show where I've laughed my ass off at points which probably weren't supposed to be funny. And the show will always be ridiculous in the best possible way. But those last few episodes of season two are just... EVERYTHING HAPPENS AND IT IS AWESOME.

So here are some reasons that I love the show:

- The cast is really pretty. (and I am shallow - also they're all my age despite playing teenagers, so there's no need for awkward guilt about finding them sexy)
Here they are in character:

And out of character:

- There are werewolves! Which are always my favourite. And not a Vampire in sight. :)

- There are not very subtle werewolf puns. So the Argents are the family of hunters that comes to town at the beginning of the show.

- JR Bourne plays Chris Argent, the Dad. And he is as awesome as he usually is.
(Photo just because I love JR Bourne.)

- Naturally the main love story is between Scott, who is turned into a werewolf at the beginning of the show, and Allison Argent, who doesn't know (yet) about what her Dad really does for a living. And I actually really like their love story. Partially it's because they are super adorable. But I think a lot of it is that neither of them were created to be the love interest or to be the damsel. Both of them get to be badass in their own way and it's awesome.

- The high school sport they all play (or are trying to play in Stiles' case) is not football. It's Lacrosse! And I admit that I know next to nothing about Lacrosse, but I just like that it's not the obvious.

- Jeff Davis, the Creator and Executive Producer, is openly gay. And it kind of shows in a very good way. One of the other high school guys on the Lacrosse team is gay and I love that he's just another character who is doing normal teenage boy stuff. He's just there. And it's not a big deal. Actually Scott keeps accidentally flirting with him and it's adorable. Jeff Davis has actually said in an interview with AfterElton (there's also and interview with one of the cast there that is adorable and also worth a watch) that's he's envisioning this world as being kind of a perfect world without homophobia, racism or sexism. It's not an agenda he's trying to push. The gay characters and things are just there. And he thinks that if you put that kind of perfect world on TV then maybe it can help shape our reality. :'D

- Scott is an adorable idiot, but he's smart enough to surround himself with smart people who can do the research for him, and is actually a great leader because of it. Actually pretty much everyone else on the show is way smarter than Scott and it's great. And a few of the characters actually manage to figure things out without having to be told which is delightful. Also the look on Scott's face when Jackson explains that of course the Argents are hunting werewolves because Argent means silver is priceless.

- And the parents are awesome. Too many of these shows, with the violence and the crazy running around at night that the teenagers do, make me wonder what the hell is wrong with their parents. But Scott's Mum and Stiles' Dad so clearly care about their kids. They know something is going on, but it also makes sense that they don't know. And because she's an ER nurse and he's the Sheriff it make perfect sense that they're away from home at odd hours.

- In addition to being pretty the cast seems to be delightful. I watched a whole bunch of interviews on YouTube and they're obviously good friends and have a great time making fun of each other and hanging out. I love that it seems like every time they have an interview they somehow manage to fit all six of them onto what's probably a three person couch.

And I love that in all their publicity they are totally aware of and cool about the Slash fans. Actually they treat it the same as they would any other fan speculation about relationships on the show. Which is awesome.

He actually says the chances are 50/50!

And then they play to it because they're ridiculous:

So yeah. I'm currently in a happy place, except that I have to wait another year for season three. But it is coming and there's going to be 24 episodes instead of 12! So it's going to be awesome. And in the meantime there is lots of fic and I can always rewatch the episodes.
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Just finished watching the Olympic Closing Ceremonies. They were fun and there was some good music, but it was more of a concert and I was hoping for more ridiculous dances and routines and things. I thought that the Opening Ceremonies were better. (And nothing will compare to the inflatable Mounties and Beavers, and turning the entire stadium into a tabletop hockey game - but that might be my Canadian and cheesiness biases coming through.)

I'm sad that the Olympics are over. They are always so cool to watch and see what people are capable of. There was a feature on before the closing ceremonies on CTV (or maybe TSN, I forget which channel I was on at the time) where the commentator mentioned that it didn't matter whether you understood the sport during the Olympics because it's really about the emotion and the hard work of the athletes. And I completely agree.

When we were watching the Mens 10m platform diving I mentioned to my roommate that I wanted David Boudia (USA) and Tom Daley (Team GB) to beat the two Chinese divers and it's mostly because of the emotion that they show. So many of the Chinese athletes are just so mechanical and focused that the only time you see emotion from them is when they're so disappointed by winning silver instead of gold. (Naturally this is not true of all of them, and when they get happy and excited I love them - the Chinese Diver who came in 4th or 5th gave Boudia a hug afterwards - when Boudia was hugging everyone :) - and that was awesome.) What I love watching are the people who get super excited just because they're there! Because they did their best and did well even though they didn't get on the podium. I love Matthew Mitcham cheering on a friend (from Mexico, too! So not even an Australian! I love cross-country friendships in the Olympics!) in the finals after he was narrowly knocked out (by one place!) that morning.

Actually I just love Matthew Mitcham. He was my Olympic crush throughout Beijing, because he is an adorable gay puppy, and I remember being super excited when he won gold! What a dive!

Things that I loved about this Olympics:

- All the Diving. Because I always love the diving. They are so beautiful and talented, and even when they have a "bad" dive I still can't believe they can do that. And to top it off they are all so beautiful - I think that divers, both men and women, have the best bodies. So from a shallow perspective it's also great

- Ditto for the swimming. Damn they're fast. And watching a bunch of attractive athletes wear very little and do amazing things is awesome.

- Oscar Pistorius

- Will Crothers getting a Silver Medal for Canada in the Mens Eights Rowing. I went to high school with him. Good job Will!

- Simon Whitfield crashing out of the Triathlon. Partially because I remember watching him in Sydney for Gold, and partially because even though he knocked him out of the race Leonardo Chacón wrote him this letter on Facebook thanking him for being a good example for the sport and wishing that he recovers from his injuries soon. :'D

- Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion being adorable and french while getting the Bronze in Synchronized 10m Platform diving for Canada.

- Mature conversations with my roommate while watching diving.
Roommate: "I like the Australian swimsuits because they have stars on their buts."
Me: "Well, their buts do deserve a gold star."
Roommate: "It's nice that they can make the speedos look nice even though there's so little fabric. - More gold star buts!"
*Giggle like 12-year-olds*
Me: "Look at that Russian! He's got stars on his penis!"
*More Giggling*

- Swimming Bromances: Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C... you get the idea...

- Michael Phelps - because while I knew that he was fast and awesome I hadn't realized that he's also kind of an adorable dork. Example:
(With Ryan Lochte)
And also there's this ridiculous thing where Shaq challenges him to a swimming competition and it is HILARIOUS. (About 40min on YouTube and well worth your time.)

- Actually let's just take some time to appreciate the entire US Swim team. They even made us a video:

And there were tons of other things that I'm forgetting to mention - but I should go make dinner now. Did you watch the Olympics? What was your favourite part? :D
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Through various discussions about TV with my roommate I've been convincing her that she needs to watch Farscape. It didn't take much persuasion really, but she's only watching things that don't require any concentration while she's finishing up her thesis etc. So I've been just thinking about how great Farscape is without being able to share her new joy with the show.

So instead I've been re-watching it myself. I started while I was organizing my shit at my mother's place because she's got a set of the DVDs (my Mum is awesome) so I was half-watching episodes while I was packing everything (I've seen enough of Farscape before that I don't need that much concentration to watch it. And now that I'm home it's great for watching while I'm doing the wedding socks knitting.

How the Frell is this show so good? Some slightly incoherent thoughts:

- Whenever I watch it I weep for how good the female characters are. I mean everyone talks about Aeryn (and rightly so - because Aeryn is amazing), but Zhaan! And Chiana! And even Jool. All of them are complex, interesting, (sometimes annoying) fully fledged characters. And unlike most shows it's clear that they were not solely created to fill the "minority" quota, or brought in to be the other half of a relationship.

- I actually LOVE Crichton and Aeryn's relationship. This so rarely happens for me with canon relationships. I think it has to do with the above point. Crichton and Aeryn are Fully Themselves. Both of them exist fully outside of their relationship. Their relationship is wonderful and very satisfying because it's not the main point of either of their storylines or their lives. And it's beautiful.

- People come and go from Moya all the time - and it rarely coincides with the beginning and ending of a season. Which means that all of the many times when people almost (or actually) die mean something. There's always that danger - maybe they will actually die this time and they won't come back!

- Also I can totally believe how Crichton ended up being so embroiled in interstellar politics, even though he's just a random human no one's ever heard of.

- And I love the names of the episodes - especially the two- and three-parters which have a title for the whole set and then each episode has it's own. Example: from season 2 "Liars, Guns and Money Part I: A Not So Simple Plan", "Part II: With Friends Like These...", "Part III: Plan B". I'm also fond of the puns - "Home on the Remains" - and the pop culture references (which only Crichton would get) - "A Clockwork Nebari".

- And because I just watched it: Spoilers for season 3 Infinite Possibilities Part I: Daedalus Demands and Part II: Icarus Abides )

It's sad and it's wonderful. And I love it, even though mostly I prefer escapist happy shows, because it has all the feelings and makes me have all the feelings in such a good way that feels so real.

God I love this show.
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Instead of working on my Roman aqueducts paper (which - at least aqueducts are super cool) I'm trolling around the internet looking at hockey blogs and being greatly amused.

Here are some things that deserve sharing because of awesomeness. :)

The Sedin Twins are different people (sort of)
This is an article from before the All Star game that's talking about the Twins and how they've played together their entire lives. How they are still different people despite their identicalness. And asking the other Canucks how to tell them apart.

Best quotes (ie almost all of it):
[if they're drafted to different All Star Teams]the mirror image Swedes always could consider punishing their antagonists with a switcheroo. They're both certain the only ones that could tell would be teammates.
"No," Henrik said definitively when asked if anyone other than fellow Canucks All-Stars Alexander Edler and Cody Hodgson would notice. "You're right, we should do that."
Defenseman Kevin Bieksa figured out one difference when he lived in the same building as Henrik and often would spot Daniel waiting for his brother in the parking lot.
Despite being the Canucks' captain, Henrik has a bad habit of running late.
"Danny's always on time," Edler said. "Henrik is always a couple minutes late."
It drives his punctual younger brother (by minutes) crazy.
"He hates when people are late," Henrik said. "I'm usually late."
Within that dynamic, Bieksa said Daniel emerges as the more "responsible" of these road-trip roommates, dictating their schedule and keeping Henrik "in line."
"Hank is going to say he's the one in charge, for sure," Bieksa has said of the differences. "And Danny might even say nobody is just because he's a humble kind of guy. But we all know Danny is the one in charge. And Hank still wants to retain that older-brother status, too, so he tries to boss Danny around sometimes and Danny takes it, which is the funny thing. But Danny is usually the one in charge when push comes to shove."
Edler, who knows them as well as anyone after being taken under their collective wing when he made the move from Sweden to Vancouver, seemed to agree with Bieksa.
"Danny might be in charge. He makes the more smart decisions," Edler said with a mischievous grin. "They are twins, but they are still two different people."
As for which twin really us in charge, it may not matter. Daniel may arrive first, but if he's the one waiting around, isn't Henrik really dictating the schedule?
"Well, he thinks he's in charge," Henrik said of Daniel.
"I am in charge," said Daniel, "but he doesn't care."

I love them. :)

Also there's a new campaign going around to help end Homophobia in sports and Hockey in particular. There's a pretty comprehensive article over at Puck Daddy, and a shorter one in the Toronto Sun which features my guy Tanner Glass, who is a former Canuck, a current Winnipeg Jet and an all around awesome guy (if only he were better at hockey and could have stayed on my team - I miss ya Tanner!).

The Campaign is call "You Can Play" and it's being spearheaded by Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke and his son Patrick who is a scout for the Flyers. They're trying to make the league a safer space for gay athletes starting by reducing homophobic language to begin with. And it's in memory of Brendan Burke (son and brother) who died in a car accident. He was a hockey player, he wasn't in the NHL, but he came out in 2009, which is awesome.

Anyway they're trying to get a lot of NHL players to speak out about it and they've already got over 30 who are going to be in various TV spots. It's really awesome to see some of these guys speaking up about it. Especially since considering the number of Canadians and Europeans in the League I've been expecting hockey to be a more accepting place than some of the other major sports (still not easy - but yeah).

I'm super happy that some of them are even calling guys on homophobic language in Games! From the Toronto Sun article:

If Glass hears an opposing player use a gay slur during a game, he’ll let him know he’s crossed the line.
“The language has got to be the first thing to go,” Glass told the Winnipeg Sun, Monday. “You hear it all the time.”
The reaction he gets tells him there’s hope, but still a ways to go in educating the rank-and-file in the macho world of pro hockey.
“Some guys will be, ‘Yeah, well, f--- you,’ or whatever,” Glass said. “But some guys are like, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.’ ”

Tanner Glass, I love you! Please continue to be awesome!

Anyway here's a TV spot:

And sometimes looking at the comments section is not filled with sadness. Examples:
Photobucket From the Puck Daddy Comments section

(It's still weird for me being in places on the internet where the assumed gender is male.)

More photos of attractive hockey players. Because it seemed like a good idea at the time. :)

Henrick Lundqvist - Goaltender, NY Rangers (also a Swedish twin, but his twin is not on the same team as him, and not a goalie)


Swedes from the All Star Game! Lundqvist (Rangers), Henrik Sedin (Canucks), Eric Karlsson (Senators), Daniel Sedin (Canucks), Daniel Alfredsson (Senators - I love him too), Alex Edler (Canucks - my hockey boyfriend)

Jarome Iginla - Calgary Flames. When he smiles everything is right with the world.

Patrick Sharp - I should hate him because he's a Blackhawk... but look at that face!

Edler's spot for GQ...

I actually have this photo saved as "Cory Schneider looks into your soul.jpg" - Canucks, natch.

Harrison Mooney (Blogger, Pass it to Bulis) with trophy and Tanner Glass (then Canucks, now Jets) - okay, so Tanner's not actually that attractive, but I like his smile and I actually think that his mullet is kinda endearing. Plus it helps that he's an awesome person. :)

This is unrelated to attractiveness. I just have no idea what Alex Burrows is doing. But it's hilarious!
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[personal profile] hobbitbabe is probably the only one who understands what I'm talking about, but that's never stopped me before - so I'm posting more about Flashpoint.

Spike is totally my favourite now. Because he's amazing, even in the face of all the crap they have to deal with. Also he has had a lot of bad things happen to him - which is just super bad because - his face! - flail-arms!

Anyway I've spent the past season or so thinking that Spike needs a hug - like big time - and (reasons why I love Flashpoint) lately he's been getting them! The team is awesome! Now some of those hugs are because more bad things are happening - but most of them are regular-work bad things rather than uber-angst bad things. So it's nice to see the love.

Even more fun (for me anyway) is that they've changed the opening sequence here in season four and now the last scene of the opening sequence is a massive team hug on Spike! He's getting so many hugs! (Or at least the same hug over and over again.) Yay Flashpoint! I totally need a Spike icon. ;)

Also I may have read almost all the Flashpoint fic on the AO3 (not that there's a lot of it). And I may have started writing one of my own. And it may already be longer than about %80 of the current fic. More people should watch this show! Seriously.
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(And I love redundancy. *grin*)

Encouraged by the recent swath of movies, downloading and watching almost all of the animated X-Men, the fact that I've always wanted to get into comics and didn't know where to start, and that my roommate is also starting to read comics and is a Good Influence on me - I'm reading Marvel Comics. And I love it. :)

I've mostly been reading X-Men, but a few Avengers bits and pieces have worked their way in as well. And most recently I read Neil Gaiman's Marvel 1602 - which is Amazing.

The art is gorgeous! The story is well done. And how could you not love the Marvel characters in the Elizabethan Period? - Especially when they're made to fit in there so well?

My roommate got it out of the library and I'm super glad she did (see? Good Influence!). It's really cool to see how the characters are different and how they are the same. It's a canon AU! And it does it well!

Also it's Neil Gaiman.

But for my own sake I'm transcribing a bit from Sir Reed Richards, Natural Philosopher, because I agree whole heartedly.

Sue Storm: So what are these fundamental principles, if they are not atoms?
Sir Reed Richards: Stories. And they give me hope. We are a boatful of monsters and miracles, hoping that, somehow, we can survive a world in which all hands are against us. A world which, by all evidence, will end extremely soon. Yet I posit we are in a universe which favours stories. A universe in which no story can ever truly end; in which there can only be continuances. If we are in such a universe, as I hope, then we may have a chance.
The Thing: Reed -- you spoke of transmutations. Can you restore me to my humanity? I have been a monster too long.
Sir Reed Richards: In truth I do not know, my friend. The natural sciences say yes, a cure is possible. But the laws of a story would suggest that no cure can last for very long, Benjamin. For in the end, alas, you are so much more interesting and satisfying as you are.

So... now I need some comics icons. I'll get on that.
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Warning - Spoilers for EVERYTHING. (But esp 2.03 the Reichenbach Fall.)

Mostly placed here so that I can find it again. Is pretty!

(Clearly I need some Sherlock icons...)

(Also - procrastinating from presentation tomorrow? Me? Never.)


Jan. 26th, 2012 05:54 pm
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Flashpoint is my new happy place. What a great show! I'm really surprised by how good the character development is for the random people in each episode and I LOVE THE TEAM!

[personal profile] hobbitbabe asked me who my favourite was, and I answered "Everyone!" - which is totally still the answer, but now the answer might also be Spike. I love his techno-saviness and how he complains (lovingly) about his Italian mother, and how when everyone else on the team was calling their wives and girlfriends to let them know they'd be home late he called Lewis, the other unattached guy on the team (who was standing on the other side of the room) to make fun of everyone else.

I love that it's set in Canada. And that I recognize all the bits of Toronto as they do each episode.

I love how bad-ass they all are. And I love their FEEEEELINGS! For they are SNIPERS WITH FEELINGS! (It's a Canadian show, can you tell?)

And there's Hugh Dillon!

And they are all buddies!

And their actions have consequences! (Some of which kick them in the ass in later episodes.)

And there is good banter! (which is the main thing I look for in a show)

Anyway - it's super fun and I'm really liking it. It's definitely a good de-stresser after working at grad school stuff that I just want to be done with.

Flashpoint - the Show about Snipers with All the Feelings. :)
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Finally went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. It was everything I'd hoped for.

I am filled with Squee!

Also I really must get the soundtrack of the first one from M when we get back home after the holidays. The music in these is really spectacular. Hans Zimmer - why are you so awesome?

Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed the action, the deductions which did not always turn out as expected. And Mycroft!

Now I really want some Holmes/Watson/Mary because Mary is clearly amazing in her own right.

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Had an absolutely ridiculous thought as I was on the bus coming home today. There's probably not enough cross-over of people around these parts who know both Swallows and Amazons and Sanctuary - but I'm writing it down anyway.

Nancy Blackett and Helen Magnus.

Look out world! I have all faith that the two of them together could do anything they set their minds to - and the rest of the world better get out of their way! (Or help.)
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One of the great things about living with M is that we have pretty much the same taste in books, and certainly the same attitude toward them. In any case we've had loads of conversations about different books (and TV, and movies and things) that we remember from our childhoods (and since). It was in one of these that I remembered about Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome. I've only read a few of them myself, but Mum read all of them to me and my brother as we were growing up and they are brilliant. I've started rereading them now - although completely out of order. I'm starting with Pigeon Post - which is probably number 6 or so in the series.

This is definitely one of those rare occasions where the book is actually better than I remember it being. It's a series about two (later three) families of children who sail dinghies while on holiday in the Lake Country in England in the '30s, and it was written during this time too. So it could quite easily be filled with bad stereotypes, racism, sexism, etc. But it's not! And Nancy is a considerably stronger female character than most of the characters we get on modern TV (not to nay-say the other girls in the books - it's just that Nancy is so very much in charge of everyone). Yes, it's one of those series of kids adventure books where the eldest in the family is a boy named John (a good alternative to Peter), and the second is a girl named Susan who is practical. But there is no stereotypical explanation for the Blackett sisters. And I love how even though John, as Captain of the Swallow, manages to win in the competition to be the flagship of their tiny fleet, Nancy who is Captain of the Amazon is still very clearly in charge whenever they are doing anything.

But the best thing about these books for me is the imagination.
- Nancy, who's real name is Ruth, refuses to answer to it because pirates are ruthless
- bananas being tied to trees to make banana-trees
- renaming the local village and all the different landmarks to be more exciting - Wild Cat Island, the great hill of Kanchenjunga, Rio, the North Pole etc
- being forced to interact with the Natives (locals and family members left behind on land)
- and endless battles both against and alongside Captain Flint aka Nancy and Peggy's Uncle Jim, who lives in a houseboat

I love them because all of the things that the Swallows (John, Susan, Titty and Roger), Amazons (Nancy and Peggy) and Ds (Dick and Dorothea) do in these books are perfectly normal things for kids their ages to do. They have all properly learned how to sail, or are learning from the older siblings, they are more than capable of cooking for and looking after themselves. And they're also never too far from their parents - who are responsible, loving adults. Who are in no way neglectful and are quite encouraging of their children's insanity so long as they aren't being idiots or unsafe. I think too many of these type of adventure books end up with kids doing things that kids should never have to do. And there are always moments when I wonder where their parents are and what they were thinking. But Swallows and Amazons describes the type of things that my brother and I either did or would have done if we'd been able to spend our holidays on a peaceful lake with easy access to a farm for our morning milk.

(Slight Digression - I love how camping in Mrs Tyson's orchard in Pigeon Post is much too close to civilization, but after they move camp they still send someone all the way down the hill every morning to get fresh milk for their tea. Certain definitions of "wilderness" apply.)

And the sailing is great too. I learned a lot of my first principles of sailing from these books - right off the get go with Roger tacking up and down the field with the telegram in the first chapter of Swallows and Amazons. It kinda makes me miss being out on the water - even though I really can't stand sailing in dinghies (I'm much too big for them).

Of course now I'm imagining the St. Lawrence II (the sail training vessel where I spent my high school summers - she's a brigantine, a tall ship) crewed by Swallows, Amazons and Ds. It would be awesome.

So thank you Arthur Ransome for being more awesome than your time period called for. For having awesome characters of both genders doing amazing and credible things. And for providing such good stories to fuel my imagination during my formative years. I wonder if when you wrote these books you ever thought that a 24-year-old in 2011 would read them as a means of sanity preservation while working on finishing her MA?

(And it's totally related to my Classics degree. The first homing pigeon was named Homer, so naturally the next two were also named for Greek poets. Thus: Sappho and Sophocles.)
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There are so many other things I should be doing right now. But instead I am trolling about on the internet and thoroughly enjoying myself. Perhaps I can afford one more day of procrastination - classes start tomorrow after all.

Things I've been enjoying that you should too:

[personal profile] kuwdora's vid for A Bear Named Winnie which is the cutest thing ever! Go look at the pretty! The vid is adorable and now I'm trying to download the movie because any movie in which Magneto Michael Fassbender and Nikola Tesla Jonathon Young hang out with an amorous bear is a GOOD THING. Also I have memories of seeing ads for this movie on CBC when it first came out - why didn't I watch it then? Foolish past!Aderam, you have let me down once again!

Also This:

Dear Sir Patrick,
Why are you so awesome? And how is your son so cool too? (Also why does your so look like one of my profs? That's kinda creepy actually.) Please continue to be amazing!
Love, Aderam

Part 2 under here )

Things I should be doing instead of this:

- My report. You're probably already tired of hearing about this. I was tired about that stupid report even before I started writing it. It's the main thing that I should be doing right now because I should get it done before classes start up and I have other work to do. If only I didn't have to do paperwork when I did archaeology, it would be so much more enjoyable.


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