Apr. 12th, 2012 06:41 pm
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It's entirely possible that I've been reading too much about the Canucks lately. I just started reading a Stargate fic, and although I knew it was a Stargate fic when I started reading, when I read "Daniel" I immediately thought it was referring to Daniel Sedin rather than Daniel Jackson.

Of course now I'm picturing the Canucks going to other planets and hanging out at the SGC. So really this whole situation is a win. :)
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First and foremost - Gatecon was fricking amazing!

The guests were wonderful and hilarious (and they filmed everything so I think I'm going to buy the DVD when it comes out). Everything was very relaxed. I spent WAY too much money, and was stilling restraining myself from spending more.

I got hugs from loads of TV celebrities. Went out to an Irish Pub with Paul McGillion, Peter Flemming, Frank Cassini and a bunch of my new fannish friends. Saw Ryan Robbins sing at a fundraiser for Sanctuary for Kids, which is a new charity Amanda Tapping has started up to do all sorts of cool things. And got to hear more about filming Continuum in the Arctic from Barry Campbell.

It ended off last night sitting on the patio of the hotel and having a few drinks with a bunch of fans. Then we were joined by Corin Nemec and Dean Alyesworth (Anubis), followed by Musetta Vander (Shaun'ac) a bit later (just before we left for sleeping).

All in all - a FANTASTIC weekend. I took loads of notes and many photos (most of which I still have to get from S because my camera didn't do so well in the poor lighting and she was usually busy volunteering so I used hers.) So there will be a con report (probably way longer than you actually want to read) in the not too distant future.

I leave for Toronto tomorrow and then a few days there before heading back to K-town. And then I get to sleep, and maybe take a few deep breaths.

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I was just dicking around on and I found the Stargate SG-1 Complete Series Box Set on sale for $136.99.

That is stupid cheap.

Of course I already own all ten seasons - and while I got them on sale they were nowhere near that cheap. I really shouldn't look at the prices for DVDs I've already bought.

But on further inspection all the reviews say that the set is crap. Apparently the packaging is crap so all the discs come damaged - someone said that they had to return the set three times before they got one where they could actually play all the discs.

So I don't feel too bad. On the other hand there are four bonus discs... and I really wouldn't mind getting those. (Of course they are not worth $136.99 though.)
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I recently got my Stargate DVDs back from the lovely and talented [ profile] affabletoaster which is really awesome. I knew they were in good hands and I didn't have a huge need to watch them, but it's really nice to have them back. It's my first fandom and my first true TV love - except maybe Star Trek and Sesame Street, which were shows I grew up watching. So it's just good to have them around. They're like my teddy bear Frob - not necessary, but I feel better when he's where I can see him.

She also brought back one of my favourite hats which I'd left at her place by mistake the last time I saw her. So very win! I mean it was also great to see her - she is lovely and talented after all. :) And it was a very long time. I hadn't seen my Stargate DVDs my hat her at all since May. And since we used to be roommates (in the Room of the Lack of Not Coolness - lo these many moons ago) that is a very long time indeed.

I also ordered some clothes on the internet and they arrived yesterday! I don't particularly dislike shopping - and in fact I kinda love going shopping with C and E because they make everything fun! - but I often find it frustrating because I can never seem to find anything that fits. I've been on an informal quest for skinny jeans for ages because most places with jeans seem to think that because I have a 40 waist I want elephant pants to make me look huge instead of a slimmer cut of pants to make me look like a normal, fashionable person. Le Sigh. So [personal profile] hobbitbabe pointed me to this site in the states which does plus sized skinny jeans. Awesome says me. I dicked around the site a bunch and found a pair that look good, checked the size chart to make sure I was getting the right one, and found a bunch of other things while I was there because I might as well get a few more bits while I'm having something shipped. So I ordered a pair of jeans, a pair of sandals (I have size 12 feet, my life is difficult in the ladies footwear department), and 3 bras. I was leery about the bras because they're bras, they never seem to fit right.

I'm sure you're waiting for the kick in the pants. I mostly was too. The first hit was from customs (thanks guys). I had to pay $69 worth of duty (only $20 short of half the price of my items) because these goods were made in China. I bought them from the States! I hate duty. Then both the shoes and the pants are too big. Too BIG! (Says my Dad re: the shoes "I thought that was impossible." Thanks Dad, very nice.) Mum says that we can alter the pants since the legs fit really well and we can just take in the sides around the hips and waist. I'm not sure if I care enough (although I'm seriously thinking about it). But I don't want to send them back and then have to pay even more duty on an exchange. We'll see. I have a lead on some skinny jeans at the Gap which might fit so I'm going to go and check them out today and if I can get them from Gap I'm definitely sending these back instead of trying to fix them.

On the up side the bras are awesome. One of them needs an extender, but it's strapless anyway so that's really not a problem at all. They're really comfy and they make my boobs look great - definitely a win.

Now all I need is some gold-pressed latinum (and some skinny jeans) and I'll be set.
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So I’ve been thinking a bunch about characters lately (clearly now that I don't have schoolwork to occupy my brain I have to analyze something else) and what makes me like one more than another. I think what I like best in a character is the same thing I like best in stories, which makes sense because I’ll love almost any story if I love the characters enough. I like stereotypes that don’t quite fit. That’s my favourite. And I think that even more than that I like the dumb jock who isn’t. So Daniel Brady from Shadow Unit, Colby Granger from Numb3rs, Tony DiNozzo from NCIS, Dean Winchester from Supernatural, and even to a certain extent Arthur from Merlin. This is probably why I like TV so much actually, since most of the good shows that last take stereotypes and then make them more interesting. I have no problem with this because I like it.

But most of my favourites are all men, I realise. So I got to thinking about why. Part of it is that there are usually way more men than women in the shows I watch. I like SciFi and Cop shows the best so that makes sense because there are more men than women in the military and the police. But even the women they do have just aren’t as interesting most of the time. Sometimes they’re just there to be pretty, sometimes they’re around to be love interests (which is almost invariably lame), and sometimes they’re there to be the strong female character who can do everything and do everything well because women are clearly as good as men at all these things (also remarkably lame). And I understand where the writers are coming from, because people (and not just women) have been sidelined so much in television until recently. A lot of new shows have over-arching storylines and character development and that is awesome. But women are hard because people are hard, and I think a lot of TV writers are more comfortable writing men than women – I’m more comfortable writing men than women.

Anyway, instead of going on and on about gender!fail and depressing everyone - not in the least myself because I’m not sure I approve of all this binary gender business anyway – I decided to make a list (with reasons) of some of my favourite female characters in TV. Here is a celebration of doing things right.

Awesomeness - warning Long )
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For some reason completely unknown to me I am super tired today. I fell asleep on the couch after finishing my Roman history reading and I only recently got up and made mac-and-cheese for dinner. I may need something more than that later.

Today both of my amazon packages of textbooks arrived. The second one (which actually arrive first) had Stargate: The Ark of Truth as well as my enormous Smyth's Greek Grammar (at least it's pretty), so I spent my afternoon watching special features and telling myself that I didn't have the time to watch the whole movie again right now because I had to do work! Of course I totally did have the time to watch it, because it's not like I actually spent that time doing any work anyway. I still have ten pages of Latin to do by Monday and two or three of Greek for Tuesday (and I work Monday nights). I'm really looking forward to next term because then I'll only have to worry about one language course for the first time since first year.

I talked with the honours advisor (?) today and he assured me that I could probably do the Latin Sight Passage without any review ahead of time because it's written for the second-year level. It has been a while since I took that class. But I definitely going to take that exam sometime this term (I'm planning on taking the others next term because I have a smaller course-load then) because I'm still doing Latin right now.

Also the special features for Ark of Truth are pretty cool. They had a recording of the Stargate Panel from the San Fransisco Comic Con and it was awesome. One of the reasons why I love Ben Browder is that he's this really attractive leading-man actor, but when you see pictures of him at cons and stuff he just looks like a normal guy. Still attractive (ob-vi), but his hair is a mess (and not in the styled way) and he's wearing normal clothes, and he seems like the kind of guy it would be great to hang out with and watch some sports and drink some beer. Also in all the special features interviews Michael Shanks was wearing an old Canucks shirt with the flying skate logo, which made me really happy. I mean I've known that Shanks was a Canucks fan even before I became one, but it's still great to see it. Especially since I've been getting pumped for the season lately. Yay more hockey!
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I just watched Unending. The last episode of SG-1 ever. Yeah sure there's going to be movies and such (which I'm so happy about) but it's never going to be the same. Now I've seen it all.

It's kinda shocking really. There are ten years of this show (and how lucky am I to have my favourite show be something that has lasted this long?) and now I've seen and own all of it.


To the extreme.

Anyway my spoilery thoughts on the episode. )
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SEASON 10 DVDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm afraid you won't be hearing from me for a while...

Hopefully I'll manage to continue to do my schoolwork at the very least.

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Life is busy. I've got tons of school-work going on, although nothing in particular, just the usual bits. And I just found out that we get Global on the rabbit ears which means that I can watch Heroes and NCIS and House as they come out on the actual TV. I haven't been able to do that in a while so that's really cool! Plus I'm waiting with baited breath for my Stargate season 10 DVDs to arrive, since they are apparently in the mail right now! I am so excited about this that I may burst! (And possibly miss out on the next few readings I'll have to do after they arrive ... I mean, I'm a good student...) I haven't seen the last half of the season yet and I really want to!

Also my uncle just added me on Facebook, which was kinda weird, but he's a really cool guy so I added him back even though I had a moment of worry since most of the picture of me are from parties where I have ... er ... shall we say "imbibed"? I think we shall. (And here we see the humiliating aspect of Facebook for those of University age, our reunions are going to be so embarrassing.) Anyway now his oldest daughter has added me as well. And she's probably twelve or thirteen by now, but in my head she'll always be younger until she's actually an adult. So I don't know whether or not I should add her. On the one hand, I like having amiable relations with the family, on the other hand I don't really want her to see all the obviously drunk pictures of me... (strangely enough I'm not sure I'd have this kind of worry about her younger brother... maybe it's because I like him more?). Anyway do you guys have any thoughts?
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Summer-time with only a part-time job and (*gasp*) no homework, has left me with enough time to catch up on a lot of the TV-watching that I've been meaning to do for a long time (yeay!). So I finished up all of due South and I've been keeping up with NCIS and Doctor Who (The Doctor! And Captain Jack! And Martha! And The Master! And YEay!) and to a lesser extent House (I have yet to see the last few episodes of season 3) as they've come out (I love you TV-on-the-internet). Also I fell in love with Blood Ties, which is based on a series of books that I love!

But lately I've been watching Buffy for the first time. I realize that most of you will be surprised that I haven't seen all of (or most of) Buffy yet, especially since I love both Angel and Firefly. But I never really got into it before now. I'll admit that at the peak of it's popularity there was definitely an element of "I will not submit to peer pressure" going on there, but also I did watch a few episodes and I never really liked Buffy (not BtVS but Buffy. Now you realize why I'm being careful with Italics in this post), she always seemed whiny and girly and kinda boring to me, and it's not easy to love a show when you really don't love the main character. (I actually had the same problem with Angel, but for some reason [I think it was because I loved the sidebar characters and the story-lines more] I still loved the show and I actually grew to love Angel too. But it definitely took long enough.) Anyway I've just now finished the second season of Buffy (and I've just rented the third), and I'm really enjoying it. I still don't like Buffy, but my love for Xander and for Spike and Dru knows no bounds! Also Willow and Giles are the coolness, and I love seeing the slow development of Cordy, especially knowing how things go in Angel.

In other news, apparently the series finale of Stargate: SG-1 just aired in the States. I'm sad to see it go, especially since I really enjoy the new dynamic with Cameron and Vala, but on the up side we still have ten seasons of a good show to look back on.

I first started watching Stargate back before Season Six had aired in Canada (I don't remember what year it was, but definitely somewhere in the middle of High School) and just as Seasons Five and Six were coming out on DVD (there was only a few months between them I remember). My very first episode was Urgo from season three, I randomly came across it when I was watching TV. I enjoyed it, but I didn't think that it was anything special (I have since changed my mind about this, I love this episode, it's just so much better when you know the characters). About a month or so later my brother and his friends rented season one and had a marathon (I don't remember why, but I know that J hadn't really watched it before). I wasn't around for the marathon, but the next day I joined in with my brother and we picked up where they'd left off the night before, which was on disk four of season one. My real introduction to SG-1 started with the episodes Singularity, Solitudes and Tin Man, and from there on in I was hooked. I started it again from the beginning and slowly worked my way through all of the seasons and managed to get several other people hooked as well. Stargate was the way that I got into fanfiction and through that the culture of online fandom which eventually I extended to include many other shows that I love. I've been told that I can relate anything back to Stargate and there was certainly a time in high school when I both could and did. I haven't finished watching season ten yet, partially because I'm in denial and want to keep the new episodes for a long as possible, but also because I'm going to buy it on DVD and this is going to be the last time that I'll be able to see new episodes on DVD (something that I haven't done since season seven).

So inspired by a similar post by [ profile] kuwdora here are a few sets of favourites from the 10 years of the series.

A few favourites after 10 years of my favourite show. )

I'll miss not having new episodes, but other than that it's kind of hard to miss a show that has ten seasons to continue watching over and over, and reams of good fic out there to be read.
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So as I was walking along today an Arrogant Worms Song pops up on my iPod and I remembered that we found my brother's Arrogant Worms CDs while we were packing over the break. So now I'm reliving my childhood through ridiculous songs. And also as I was listening to The Mountie Song (Lyrics)I couldn't help thinking about Benton Fraser, if someone hasn't made a due South vid to that song I think I may loose all faith in fandom. And for some reason The Lonely Lab of Broken Hearts (Lyrics) just screams for a Sam/Rodney vid, even though it's a little (okay maybe a lot) more bio than physics, but the geeky scienceness of it makes me happy.
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And it's entirely homework's fault.

I have to read some Plato for my Greek Tragedies class and it reminded me about how much I hate the man and for some reason I ended up with this stuck in my head and screaming to get out. It's short and a crossover between Stargate and Highlander, but the important thing is really the diss that I'm giving Plato (because I'm imitating an imitation!!! Take that you nunce!). Also no beta and barely any editing so it's probably crap, but whatever. General spoilers for Stargate Season 8 Moebius and none for Highlander.

In which Aderam uses Daniel Jackson and Methos to diss Plato royally. )
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Apparently there is an explosion in the Stargate Atlantis fandom. From what I've gleaned from reading my friends list it has to do with somebody leaving the show. For some reason I don't really feel the need to go over to GateWorld and find out what the hell is going on. For a second there my brain did a double take, because shouldn't I need to know? Stargate (and Atlantis by extension) is my first fandom, my first tv love (we're not counting Due South and Highlander in this because I loved them a long time ago, but they didn't turn into the obsessive fandom type love until post Stargate (PS, not only a post script but also a way of telling time in the bizarre land of Aderam's mind) ) and the only thing that I buy on DVD as it comes out, so why don't I need to know? (And for that matter why haven't I been combing the internet for ways to watch the new episodes of Season 10 and Season 3 that I know have aired without me seeing them?)

I know that my overwhelming squee for Supernatural hasn't taken over entirely because I'm also very happy with other shows, just basking in the new show goodness. I think what's happened is that I've turned into the laid-back fan when it comes to Stargate. I love it, but I'm not going to get all worked up about it anymore. Especially since I have so much of it on DVD that whenever I get the crazy must-see-the-gate vibe I can always scratch that itch. Also I've always loved getting new episodes on DVD and since I've started buying the DVDs as they come out I've also been downloading things (feeling no remorse because I'm buying them, dude) so the only new bits I end up getting with the new DVDs are just some special features (which, yeah, I do love, okay). I actually think it'll be kinda nice when I get my season 10 DVDs to have a bunch of episodes that I have never seen before (drawing out the few surprises I have left until the end). And the same thing goes for Atlantis, although admittedly I was never as into Atlantis as I was into SG-1.

I'm pretty sure that I had something else to say... but I guess I didn't really. Allow me to leave you with the image of C, my six-foot-two roommmate, enveloped entirely in his quilt and having a nap on the couch. He is the cutest. In about a half hour or so I'll be waking him up to go watch the Canucks and Sens game that's on tonight. It should be really interesting, and not just because he's a Sens fan and I'm a Canucks fan, they're actaully both doing really well at the moment so it should be some great hockey too.

I've been sick for the past couple days and I'm getting to that stage where I want to curl up in a ball and pretend that the world (and my runny nose) doesn't exist. But fanfiction, hockey and roommates are all good cures for this in varying different directions. Also somebody said something the other day that reminded all of us how I'm always the last one to know anything, which was weird because it hadn't really been happening for a while. But I think it might just be one of those things about who I am, because it's not like I don't pay attention, I just never find out the hot gossip until it's lukewarm.

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Stargate Season 9 has arrived!!!! Am in a world of geeky squee!!!

Also my external hard drive is in at the PCPC! And I just picked up my Cicero book for Latin!!!

*Bounces like a mad crazy person!*
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I watched the House season premier the other day and )

And I also downloaded Yesterday's Stargate Atlantis 3.08 McKay and Mrs. Miller )

The SG-1 episode from last night is still downloading. Just s l o w ly. It's currently at 28.7% and I kinda want to give it a kick in the pants, but I don't want it to shun me either. Maybe I'll just watch some old school stuff tonight instead.
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So I went on some errands this afternoon (things that HAD to be done before I leave) instead of doing some more packing; but, let's face it, I'll probably do some more packing later. So now I've deposited my last cheque from work and a huge tub of change (just under $20, $8.50 of which was pennies), changed over my account type so that I get the cheep student rates, and made it so that I can send the parents money electronically. I feel banked out.

I also went by the video rental place and returned Dawn of the Dead, which I rented for R's last Zombie-Night on Saturday which doubled as a last hurrah for the high-school friends since we'll all be buggering of to points away and previous evidence suggests that we're not very good at keeping in touch when not in the same town. Tom the video guy was at the movie place along with Lyn, both of whom are familiar faces from years of renting. I haven't actualy seen them in a while so we had a little conversation before I left. It's weird, throughout the years that my brother and I rented videos from them (starting before they became the place to go) we'd always see those two and Ray in there, and now Ray doesn't even work there anymore and the other two never seem to be in when I go. I've even seen some turn over in the other hands that're there. It's so weird, more evidence of the world changing into a different place.

And the most exciting of all my errands was going to the post office and mailing an empty Kleenex box to the President of the Sci Fi Channel. I don't know if any of you fandom people have heard of this, but there's an initiative to bring back Stargate where fan's send in a Kleenex box with "SEND MORE" written on the side to the Sci Fi people along with a letter explaining why we want SG-1 to stick around. J, one of my most recent converts was the one to point it out to me and now I have sent a box! She sent me the site but the links no longer work so I have a feeling that the lawyery types told them to shut it down. (But I still have the address if anyone else wants to send a kleenex box!) I feel kinda weird because this just proves (with hard evidence) that I'm totally obsessed with Stargate, which makes me kinda weirded out, but at the same time I've always felt kinda awed by the fans who stood up (like for Farscape and Firefly) and told the studios what they thought and what the shows mean to them. It won't be the end of the world if nothing comes of this, but it sends a message nonetheless and I'm proud to be a part of that. I also sent a letter to the MGM people to say thanks for all the fish (or something like that) and that I appreciated them tring to find SG-1 another new home.

Last night A and I ended up seeing Pirates since he hadn't seen it yet (Sorry [ profile] highlandrogue I didn't see your comment until afterward and we didn't really feel like seeing Snakes on a Plane last night). We ended up flipping a coin between it and Bon Cop, Bad Cop which is a Canadian movie about police relations between Quebec and Ontario, it's also completely bilingual and apparently really funny. I still want to see that, but I was not upset about seeing Pirates again (I think I saw Bearded Jon this time!).

Tonight I'm going out to dinner with my Mum in disguise so that if I run into cowrokers they won't recognise me! (Okay, not really. And I haven't actually run into my coworkers outside of work ever, but with my luck I bet that I would and I really don't want to. I am ready to say "My ride got delayed" if all does not go to plan, but I'd rather not have to.)


Aug. 21st, 2006 07:02 pm
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So I'm commemorating the Cancellation of Stargate SG-1 by pre-ordering Season Nine on DVD.

This makes me very sad. I hope they new enough ahead of time to get the ending sorted into something manageable. Am considering finding myself a black armband or something. This was the show that got me into fandom (of all types).

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So first of all... My thoughts on Friday's Stargate episodes (SG-1 10.06 200 and Atlantis 3.06 The Real World) )

Second of all I went to the Women's Art Festival on my lunch break and wandered around looking at all of the pretties and telling myself that No I don't really need that, or that. But I couldn't quite say no to this person, and although I don't quite know whether it's a he or a she o even what it's name is I am loving of it. I was also hoping that you guys could help me with a name (and a gender... if it's necessary. Do toadstools even have genders d'you think?) Anyway here are two pictures, I think that the second one is a better photo and perhaps I will turn it into an icon eventually. Anyway... Here is the cuteness. )

And Third of all I finished my scarf and it is the pretty. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet in here but for the past couple of months I've been knitting a big, long scarf with many different colours of yarn that has been sitting around (some of it since the seventies). If I have it around my neck it goes down to about my knees and when it's wraped once around then it's down to my waist. I knit it in the round so that it's double thickness and wonderful. Oh see the pretties that I have created! )
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So I lost my mind the other day... no wait that's still missing... Let's try this again.

So I lost my wallet the other day when I had to get out of the house and R and I went to go and watch the meteor shower (It was the Perseids and we thought evil thoughts at the clouds and then for a few hours it became one of the clearest, best nights for stargazing that you can get in downtown southern Ontario. We only saw a few meteoroids (I'm pretty sure that they're meteoroids when they're in the atmosphere but I'd have to check my astronomy notes, and even if they're not: meteoroids!) but, as I said it was a really good stargazing night so we looked around at the various constellations and whatnot since I had my binoculars with me. We saw a bunch of satellites and I showed R the double-double in Lyra, a bunch of the nebulae coming out of the spout of Sagitarius, Antares (Mars' "twin" star) in Scorpius, and a random gobular cluster that I found by accident and still don't know which one it is or anything else exciting about it. Then at about 23.30 the clouds started to come back so we went home for sleepy sleeps.) Where was I? Oh yes, the wallet. Anyway I think that it must have fallen out of my pocket while we were sitting and then lying and then sitting and standing and all that stuff with the stargazing. Then yesterday morning when I put on my pants (it's still cool enough for pants!) I knew immedately through my sleep addled haze that something as wrong. Some frantic sleepy searching later I went to work and check where R and I were sitting (standing, lying) because the Tower makes a great shield for the light pollution. No dice. Losing stuff is very unlike me (for longer than about five minutes anyway) but I'm kinda tired so I'm not freaking out too much just starting to think about what I needed to do to fix all that stuff. Most of my ID (sans passport) is in my wallet and at the moment so is my SIN (note to self: change that) so I was a little worried. Yeah. Anyway before my brain can wake up enough to get really freaked out L comes by to tell me that we got a call at home from the Police Department that someone had turned in my wallet(!!!) and suddenly there's no need to freak out. I went down to get it from the Police HQ on my lunch break and absolutely everything was in it, even the thirty dollars in cash. Apparently the woman who found it was a tourists and didn't want to leave her name, but good thoughts go in her direction nonetheless.

Also I was going to go to the Fort today because B told me to and apparently if I ask after him (or my other friends in the Gaurd) then I can get in for free! But I don't think I'm going because I am le tired and I have a dentist (bleagh!) appointment at 14.45 and don't really have the time to rush it. Will find another opportunity before I bugger off to Uni half-way across the country.

... And Stargates )

And the 200th episode of Stargate is this friday!!! *is so much excited* Also apparently there's a making of that's on right before it. I hope someone puts that up to download too because I'd like to see it. Am n3rd.

And in order to make myself a total martyr to the SciFi community: I really like Enterprise! I've just started season three and the entire lighting scheme has gone more contrasty and dark to proove that the situation is more dire. In the same vein Archer's hair is no really short and dark because it doesn't have the fluffy light bits on top. I think it makes his nose look bigger but I've determined that I like men with big noses (Archer, Mulder, Methos, Faramir...) so that's fine by me! Also Trip being so angsty that he's getting emotional advice from Malcom makes me really happy.

And now: Coffee.
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So I just finished reading (at work so it took me the better part of an hour to finish the last few pages. Grrr...) Making History by Stephen Fry, which leads me to believe that that man is far more talented than he should be. It's hilarious, but also serious and lovely since they are talking about going back in time to make it so that Hitler was never born. I'd say it was "gripping" if that wasn't so very chiche. Anyway if you ever get the chance (or the opportunity to manufacture the chance) then you really should read this book!!! I'm very tempted to buy it and look up the other things he's written. I'm still in that just-finished-a-good-book afterglow where half of you is completely satisfied and the other half is itching to hear more about the characters. That may have something to do with my character fetish.


In Highlander News I've just finished up the fifth season and am in lust with the Horsemen Episodes )

And the Stargate Weather Report. )


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