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Elysian Fields Hotel? Someone has been reading Tanya Huff.

And I like the result.

Could you do more of that please? I'm not sure how you're going to make it work considering how this episode ended, but I really liked that. I would love an epic storyline where these guys get more influence and screen time.
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This is my current level of coherent thought. This episode was amazing. Also Cas.

Cas is made of win!

And he so deserves a hug - as does Dean... and Sam... and Bobby... Dammit - this whole show needs to stop with the angst for a moment and have a giant group hug - and then go back to the angst, because I still love you show!
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A while ago I decided that I really needed to write more - or more specifically that I needed to finish more of my writing. So I signed up for the Dean focused Hurt/Comfort Challenge at [ profile] hoodie_time.

My prompt was #5 Dean with appendicitis. Bonus if it's wee!Dean. Gen please! :) from [ profile] whisper99.

In Which Dean is Still Too Young to Drive
Gen - Dean, Sam and John
~3650 words

Summary: John burst out laughing. “You’re too young for a learner's permit,” he managed after a few more minutes. “But I’ve already made myself one!” Dean pointed out helpfully.

Sam’s leg was definitely broken. )
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Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. It was cold and windy - but that was mostly because I was stupid and didn't bother wearing a sweater under my coat. It's January. Parts of my brain still think that it's supposed to be colder.

So I went out for a walk around Calton Hill and took a whole lot of photos. I'd share a bunch but the internet connection here at my amazingly priced flat is rather slow so I think I won't.

Calton Hill was beautiful and the view was stunning and the wind was high! It kept trying to take away my hat (which will not do). I also very much want to climb up to Arthur's Seat now, because it looks amazing. But I feel that will take a bunch more effort (and probably a packed lunch). L has mentioned that we should do that at some point, so I will also figure out when she's available and do it then.

Speaking of L she came over last night and we had a sleep over party with blue jello (brought all the way from Canada because this crazy country doesn't have it - shame), and HAGGIS pizza from Tesco (which was actually really good, who knew?), and probably more Supernatural than was necessary. So now we're both caught up to the hiatus, and neither of us have a good way to download the new episodes. I'm sure we'll figure out other things to do. For example - tomorrow is another Capitals game! Hockey in Scotland may be one of my favourite things! I'm going to buy a t-shirt. It's going to be awesome.

Also why are phones so much more sensible here? I mean I'm probably paying almost as much as I do in Canada, but so many things about them are just easier and better. Also all of the UK is local. I can't even call in-province on local minutes! Granted my province is considerably larger than the UK, but it's the principle of the thing.

In other news, today is also beautiful but I have no idea what I want to do. :)
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This episode was made of win in so many ways! Supernatural is so my current happy place.

Cut for spoilers and squee! )
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I am filled with squee!

For the following reasons... )
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So here I am reading a Supernatural fic and at the off-hand mention of Dean knowing how to conjugate Latin verbs I start wondering whether or not spells and exorcisms in Latin would use the subjunctive (actually the first thing I thought of was "attractive!" but that is my default reaction with Dean or Latin so both of them in the same place is wow).

And come to think of it I think that it would use the subjunctive because you're invoking things that you want to happen but have not actually happened. There would also probably be quite a liberal useage of the hortatory subjunctive in there too. Though I bet that there are definitely some times where they'd use the indicative as an emphasis, not giving it the option of not happening, you know.

I am such a nerd.
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And so life continues on in that crazy way which I have come to expect.

My fish are definitely sick (something which I've been in denial of for the past few days because I'm sick and I really didn't want to kill them so soon), so I just went to the fish store and got some medication that will hopefully make Princess Trina better and stop Bertram from getting sick along with her. Now my tank is flourescent green. It said on the instructions that this would happen, but I never expected that it would look so SciFi. My fish will be living in an intensely green environment for the next four days and after that they will hopefully continue to live and be happy, frisky and twitchy for many years.

On the TV front Supernatural still has control of my brain (thanks [ profile] superjamie) and the Winchester brothers keep giving me little pieces of stories that I can never actually make into something coherent (this is of course the story of my life). My favourite line that I've had so far is:

Throughout his childhood they ate in roadside diners so often that Sam thought he hated all-day breakfast until he went to Stanford and craved greasy bacon and eggs and soggy half-cooked pancakes every night of the exam period.

Which sat there in a Word document for quite a while grining devilishly at me and telling me to write more of it until I started trying to find it a home. I think I might have something, but this is not clear to me.

I have similar woes with my original fiction where I have characters that I love floating around in a setting without anything resemebling a plot to anchor them. Which is why I have almost nothing written about them. Le sigh.
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I haven't updated in a while, I guess there wasn't much to say (not that I usually let that stop me of course), but things have been happening. I've been getting back into the sing of classes and such like. It still feels kinda like the winter break didn't happen while at the same time like they shouldn't be beginning at all yet (and that makes less sense than usual, good job Aderam).

Of course the other thing that is keeping me off in my own little world is that I'm currently basking in the happy glow of a new fandom. After finishing off season 1 of Supernatural I of course went looking for some fic to go along with it, and thankfully I've found a bunch of good ones that aren't Sam/Dean. *shudders* My squick level isn't exactly low, but that is just WRONG.

Also I keep spending time just watching my fish. They are pretty darn cool. These are the first pets that I've ever owned (except sea monkeys, but I'm not sure they really count since they seemed to flourish rather ridiculously even when I was doing my best to igore them and didn't feed them for ... actually I don't think I ever fed them) and it's just really neat. I tried taking some pictures but only one of them turned out to be any good and I haven't bothered putting it on my computer yet. Funnily enough the problem isn't reflection off the glass, the problem is that Bertram is a twitchy fish and every single picture I have of him is an orange and black blurr instead of a fish.

Tomorrow is the YAS Ball and I am the excited! It's my university's annual formal dance and I didn't go last year because I was sick and I didn't think I'd have a good time. Of course this year I'm of the legal drinking age, so that's also a great bonus. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone dressed to the nines and to dancing with various people. S says that I should go for as girly as possible because I'm usually very much not girly. C says that I should be as girly as I want to be ("And that's why he's my favourite," says L).

And now I am tired and my battery is running down, so I'm going to go upstairs to my room, plug in Henry and watch my fish for a while as they swim about in their tank.


Dec. 30th, 2006 11:35 am
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So the past while I've been spending my time watching cool TV with my brother. J's great for my TV watching habits because though he's not as into it as I am he's good at suggesting shows that I might like (for example Stargate) and he takes advantage of my obsessions to be able to see the shows that he likes whenever we're in the same city. It's almost assured that whenever I go visiting him at his place, or he comes to mine that sooner or later he'll ask, "So, do you have any more House episodes that I haven't seen?" or "What about NCIS?" And then we'll watch whatever new episodes I have downloaded, laugh at mostly the same bits and have a good time. So here's a bunch of my reactions to all the things that I've been watching lately (mostly with J, but not all of them). There will be mild spoilers in these musings.

House M.D. )


Supernatural )

Rome )

Scrubs )

due South )

So yeah, I like my tv. Actually it's really just stories that I have ridiculous love for. And it's so easy to get good TV these days. It's amazing. I love DVDs. Scarily enough there are actually other shows that I could mention (like Torchwood, and Dr Who and also how much I want more Jeeves and Wooster) but I think this might be enough insanity for the day.

(And if you;re thinking about watching any of these shows I highly recommend them! I bet you couldn't figure that one out on your own. :P)


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