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Some friends recently told me that I should watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and since I'd already heard the name bouncing around the internet I got curious.

What are The Lizzie Bennet Diaries? you ask. (Or maybe you don't, because unlike me you actually manage to keep up with the cool things that are happening on the internet.) - Well. It's a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice (as you might expect) that is being told on the internet through Elizabeth Bennet's video blog (and some sidebar video blogs by other characters).

And it shows exactly why I tend to like modern retellings of classic stories, sometimes better than the original.

Classic stories are classic for a reason. They're really good. And usually they're also really old. The really old part is where problems come in. Because writing styles, and laws, and values change a lot over time. So P&P is a great story but when I read (or watch a good historical adaptation - like the BBC mini series) it's also a mental exercise - like reading tough Sci Fi - because I have to try and understand what the fuck the characters are thinking. When you read P&P you have to remember that women are not as important as men, that there aren't that many men around because there's a war on (this is the hardest to remember because Austen doesn't really mention it), and that Mrs. Bennet is not as crazy as you think - sure she's weird, but she's putting all her efforts into making sure her daughters are alright, which is quite noble even if her methods are suspect. (This is a point I have a hard time remembering.)

But modern retellings, when done well, take all the good story bits and make them easier to understand. And you can wallow in the characters and the plot without having to stop and retrospectively seethe for all the women in that time period who weren't allowed to be people.

But I digress.

The point of this post is that The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is AWESOME. And I love the way they tell the story because I feel like it shows off the characters better. I mainlined all the episodes they have so far yesterday, they're not quite done the story yet but they've gotten to the story equivalent of Lydia living unwed with Wickham (I won't tell you how they do it for modern day - spoilers!). And here are the things that I liked:

- Even though they're Lizzie's video blogs her faults and the narrowness of her views and opinions are extremely clear. Her portrayals of the other characters are so hilarious and over the top and the way that the other characters actually appear occasionally on the blog makes so much sense.
- Charlotte has real character development and is awesome! - And the way they do the Mr. Collins storyline is brilliant. BRILLIANT.
- Darcy is a Hipster!
- Everything about Lydia is amazing. Her whole storyline is so well done, with a great hint of meta. Because Lydia is awesome and she's talking about how she deserves what is happening to her ("and that's what everyone's saying, right?") which I think is how Lydia the character in the book is treated. Hell, that's kinda how I felt about her. It's so awesome to be called out about your opinions about a character!
- Lizzie is a Grad Student. Of course she is!
- Somehow this weird format went from hilarious joking into deep emotional stuff without skipping a beat. My Heart!
- Bingley is actually a Med Student named Bing Lee. Which means that he's Asian. But also that his first name is Bing. Which is phenomenal for making jokes.

I feel like this only works in part because we know the story so well. Classics are classic for a reason and being able to have a whole video of Lizzie ranting mostly incoherently about what a dick Darcy is with very little hints to the context is a luxury that the producers can afford because we already know what happened at the ball when the Bennets first meet Bingley and Darcy. Instead of being confusing it's amusing and tantalizing because we want to know more about how it turned out in this version.

So yeah. It's weird because I'm pretty sure I like this better than I do P&P, but The Lizzie Bennet Diaries couldn't exist without P&P. I think this is part of why I like fanfic and comic book movies and rebooting franchises (although I generally prefer new stories to retelling the same one over again). Because all of the story and tradition behind the new work helps shape it and make it bigger and more substantial. It's like how every retelling of the Iliad says more about the time of the retelling than it does about the fall of Troy or the Dark Ages of Greece when Homer wrote down the story.

This got thinky. Sorry. I haven't been a Grad Student in over a semester - I think my analytical brain has recovered.

BUT the point is that if you like P&P and modern stories told in new and fun ways then you should watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. You can find the videos here.

(That link has all the videos in chronological order. I've only watched the youtube playlist with just Lizzie's videos so far because the biggest problem with this series is that through striving for verisimilitude it took me a while to find where to watch everything and not just Lizzie's perspective. To be fair I was also distracted.)

Episode 1!
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I'm just going to put this here so that I can find it again easily later.

This is my favourite interview with perhaps the whole Teen Wolf cast, but definitely my favourite with Tyler Hoechlin.

Things that are good:
- He's so relaxed and happy and smiley and very much NOT DEREK. And I love being able to see so clearly - especially just through the body language - that he is not the same as the character he plays.

- Also he's way hotter when he's being himself because I find happiness way more attractive than abject misery. I totally understand why Derek is sad - but Hoechlin is more attractive.

- The things he says are GREAT!
a) he likes the subtext in the show (including the gay subtext) because it adds so many layers and he thinks that makes it better storytelling.
b) joking around about being happy that Colton Haynes is getting all the shirtless scenes in season 2. Then telling a story about complaining to Jeff Davis (the creator) that he wasn't getting any and he'd been eating right and working out a lot for nothing.
c) he believes that Derek is too busy with all of the other shit in his life to be worried about romance right now. And specifically mentions that he's in the process of rebuilding his family! - I completely agree with this

[personal profile] hobbitbabe you should watch this, especially if you haven't seen Hoechlin being Hoechlin yet.
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I just can't. What they do to me! The characters! The acknowledging of past hurts. The men crying because things are too much and they are still tough as nails! Spike! Jules being tiny and badass! Ed! GREG!


Why does that have to be the end?


Dec. 4th, 2012 02:05 pm
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The past two - two and a half - weeks have been ridiculous. I've had almost 4 job interviews, Graduated, entertained four family members while they were in town for said graduation, had dinner with relatives I'd never met before, got a job (!!!) and started my first week of full time employment, had to buy emergency black pants (and fix the other pair with duck tape for immediate use), and realized that it was December and that I'd have to get Christmas presents for everyone before the end of the week if I want them to actually arrive anywhere approaching on time without spending a fortune.

So I'm very tired. But in a good way.

Some things:

- I now work at a movie theatre. It's a small independent theatre with one screen. I'm working concessions which means that there is a lot of popcorn and butter and telling people that actually we only take cash. I also get to clean a lot of things. Currently we're showing Skyfall (which is so GOOD - and a great soundtrack to your work day) and next will be the Hobbit. I'm really hoping that we get a showing of the Hobbit before opening night because I really want to see it before I have to listen to it while working. At least with the Hobbit I know how it ends, so I'm not worried about spoilers.

- Just about all of my coworkers (with the exception of the managers) are younger than I am. A good portion of them are in grade 12. This is mostly okay, except every now and then I feel really old. There was some duck tape behind the concession the other day so I said "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy" - but my two coworkers hadn't even heard of the Red Green Show, for it is not on the Tee Vee anymore. Le sigh.

- The other day as I was cleaning the men's bathroom this guy came in who I swear was in Stargate, but I can't remember which episode for the life of me. I think he's one of those Vancouver actors that has smallish roles in everything. If we hadn't been in the bathroom I would've asked him and said that I liked his work (I remembered his face after all) - I've decided to try and compliment smaller-time actors when I see them since I don't think they get that very often. But we were in the bathroom, and that seemed odd.

- I need to work more on my Yuletide story. I've got some ideas for an outline of what I need to write next, but I haven't decided some things yet. I think I need to re-consume some of the canon, but I definitely don't have time to get through all of it. [personal profile] hobbitbabe I think we need a brainstorming chat soonish.

- I've been watching Hawaii Five-0 and I kind of love it. Especially because Steve and Danny are so married that multiple characters on the show comment on it. Boys. It's another one of those shows that I'm finding has a lot of little things that make me happy. The regular bits of the show are fun too - and there is LOTS of banter and explosions, so it's my type of show for sure. But I like that it's set in Hawaii - because I keep expecting Lilo and Stitch to show up (can you believe that there is only one crossover on the AO3 - I'm shocked! Shocked, I say!). I like that all of the main characters have extended families that exist even if only mentioned in passing - and that when family stuff comes up they have to go and be with family even if there is a crazy weapons dealer to catch or whatever, because family is important. I like that the governor is a badass lady. I like that Danny is the shortest person on the team including the women. And I like that Daniel Dae Kim is in it because even though everyone else remembers him from Lost, I loved him as Matheson in Crusade.

In conclusion: life is busy in a good way. And I've got a few random posts I want to make (about sailing, and some other things I've been thinking about lately) but I'm not sure when I'll get around to them.
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Dear Haven,

WTF??? Why would you do that to us? That is the worst cliff-hanger EVER! (Even though I totally know how you're going to fix it - but still, not cool.) Nathan needs about ten billion hugs. And Duke! Your Face! (You are fooling no one, my friend - no one.)

It's times like these that I'm glad I'm watching it on actual TV which means that I'm on the Canadian schedule instead of the US one. 3.08 has already aired in the States, and now I'm downloading it.

No love,

P.S. I mean all the love. ALL THE LOVE. But can we have some nice things happen to them for a change? Everyone needs more hugs!
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When I first heard about Teen Wolf I thought it sounded awful. I think part of it was just the name. It's ridiculous. And my immediate assumption was that it was going to be a shallow, teen-centric show with dubious acting to capitalize on the popularity of Twilight. (Having since learned that three of the four main guys on the show were at one point up for roles in Twilight, I may have had some justification.) And well, I guess it is those things in some ways. But the reason I love it is that between the ridiculousness there are a lot of small things that make me really happy. Things that you don't normally see on TV let alone in a show of this type.

What I'm trying to say is, I thought the show was going to be awful. But then the internet irrupted with love for (seriously I have never seen hit- and kudos-counts that high on the AO3 and I don't exactly hang out in tiny fandoms all the time) the show and I needed something brainless to watch while studying for the Comp (which I passed!!!!). And then somehow dubious enjoyment turned into complete love. And the end of the 2nd season is just filled with AWESOME. I mean there have always been moments in the show where I've laughed my ass off at points which probably weren't supposed to be funny. And the show will always be ridiculous in the best possible way. But those last few episodes of season two are just... EVERYTHING HAPPENS AND IT IS AWESOME.

So here are some reasons that I love the show:

- The cast is really pretty. (and I am shallow - also they're all my age despite playing teenagers, so there's no need for awkward guilt about finding them sexy)
Here they are in character:

And out of character:

- There are werewolves! Which are always my favourite. And not a Vampire in sight. :)

- There are not very subtle werewolf puns. So the Argents are the family of hunters that comes to town at the beginning of the show.

- JR Bourne plays Chris Argent, the Dad. And he is as awesome as he usually is.
(Photo just because I love JR Bourne.)

- Naturally the main love story is between Scott, who is turned into a werewolf at the beginning of the show, and Allison Argent, who doesn't know (yet) about what her Dad really does for a living. And I actually really like their love story. Partially it's because they are super adorable. But I think a lot of it is that neither of them were created to be the love interest or to be the damsel. Both of them get to be badass in their own way and it's awesome.

- The high school sport they all play (or are trying to play in Stiles' case) is not football. It's Lacrosse! And I admit that I know next to nothing about Lacrosse, but I just like that it's not the obvious.

- Jeff Davis, the Creator and Executive Producer, is openly gay. And it kind of shows in a very good way. One of the other high school guys on the Lacrosse team is gay and I love that he's just another character who is doing normal teenage boy stuff. He's just there. And it's not a big deal. Actually Scott keeps accidentally flirting with him and it's adorable. Jeff Davis has actually said in an interview with AfterElton (there's also and interview with one of the cast there that is adorable and also worth a watch) that's he's envisioning this world as being kind of a perfect world without homophobia, racism or sexism. It's not an agenda he's trying to push. The gay characters and things are just there. And he thinks that if you put that kind of perfect world on TV then maybe it can help shape our reality. :'D

- Scott is an adorable idiot, but he's smart enough to surround himself with smart people who can do the research for him, and is actually a great leader because of it. Actually pretty much everyone else on the show is way smarter than Scott and it's great. And a few of the characters actually manage to figure things out without having to be told which is delightful. Also the look on Scott's face when Jackson explains that of course the Argents are hunting werewolves because Argent means silver is priceless.

- And the parents are awesome. Too many of these shows, with the violence and the crazy running around at night that the teenagers do, make me wonder what the hell is wrong with their parents. But Scott's Mum and Stiles' Dad so clearly care about their kids. They know something is going on, but it also makes sense that they don't know. And because she's an ER nurse and he's the Sheriff it make perfect sense that they're away from home at odd hours.

- In addition to being pretty the cast seems to be delightful. I watched a whole bunch of interviews on YouTube and they're obviously good friends and have a great time making fun of each other and hanging out. I love that it seems like every time they have an interview they somehow manage to fit all six of them onto what's probably a three person couch.

And I love that in all their publicity they are totally aware of and cool about the Slash fans. Actually they treat it the same as they would any other fan speculation about relationships on the show. Which is awesome.

He actually says the chances are 50/50!

And then they play to it because they're ridiculous:

So yeah. I'm currently in a happy place, except that I have to wait another year for season three. But it is coming and there's going to be 24 episodes instead of 12! So it's going to be awesome. And in the meantime there is lots of fic and I can always rewatch the episodes.
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Through various discussions about TV with my roommate I've been convincing her that she needs to watch Farscape. It didn't take much persuasion really, but she's only watching things that don't require any concentration while she's finishing up her thesis etc. So I've been just thinking about how great Farscape is without being able to share her new joy with the show.

So instead I've been re-watching it myself. I started while I was organizing my shit at my mother's place because she's got a set of the DVDs (my Mum is awesome) so I was half-watching episodes while I was packing everything (I've seen enough of Farscape before that I don't need that much concentration to watch it. And now that I'm home it's great for watching while I'm doing the wedding socks knitting.

How the Frell is this show so good? Some slightly incoherent thoughts:

- Whenever I watch it I weep for how good the female characters are. I mean everyone talks about Aeryn (and rightly so - because Aeryn is amazing), but Zhaan! And Chiana! And even Jool. All of them are complex, interesting, (sometimes annoying) fully fledged characters. And unlike most shows it's clear that they were not solely created to fill the "minority" quota, or brought in to be the other half of a relationship.

- I actually LOVE Crichton and Aeryn's relationship. This so rarely happens for me with canon relationships. I think it has to do with the above point. Crichton and Aeryn are Fully Themselves. Both of them exist fully outside of their relationship. Their relationship is wonderful and very satisfying because it's not the main point of either of their storylines or their lives. And it's beautiful.

- People come and go from Moya all the time - and it rarely coincides with the beginning and ending of a season. Which means that all of the many times when people almost (or actually) die mean something. There's always that danger - maybe they will actually die this time and they won't come back!

- Also I can totally believe how Crichton ended up being so embroiled in interstellar politics, even though he's just a random human no one's ever heard of.

- And I love the names of the episodes - especially the two- and three-parters which have a title for the whole set and then each episode has it's own. Example: from season 2 "Liars, Guns and Money Part I: A Not So Simple Plan", "Part II: With Friends Like These...", "Part III: Plan B". I'm also fond of the puns - "Home on the Remains" - and the pop culture references (which only Crichton would get) - "A Clockwork Nebari".

- And because I just watched it: Spoilers for season 3 Infinite Possibilities Part I: Daedalus Demands and Part II: Icarus Abides )

It's sad and it's wonderful. And I love it, even though mostly I prefer escapist happy shows, because it has all the feelings and makes me have all the feelings in such a good way that feels so real.

God I love this show.
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[personal profile] hobbitbabe is probably the only one who understands what I'm talking about, but that's never stopped me before - so I'm posting more about Flashpoint.

Spike is totally my favourite now. Because he's amazing, even in the face of all the crap they have to deal with. Also he has had a lot of bad things happen to him - which is just super bad because - his face! - flail-arms!

Anyway I've spent the past season or so thinking that Spike needs a hug - like big time - and (reasons why I love Flashpoint) lately he's been getting them! The team is awesome! Now some of those hugs are because more bad things are happening - but most of them are regular-work bad things rather than uber-angst bad things. So it's nice to see the love.

Even more fun (for me anyway) is that they've changed the opening sequence here in season four and now the last scene of the opening sequence is a massive team hug on Spike! He's getting so many hugs! (Or at least the same hug over and over again.) Yay Flashpoint! I totally need a Spike icon. ;)

Also I may have read almost all the Flashpoint fic on the AO3 (not that there's a lot of it). And I may have started writing one of my own. And it may already be longer than about %80 of the current fic. More people should watch this show! Seriously.
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Warning - Spoilers for EVERYTHING. (But esp 2.03 the Reichenbach Fall.)

Mostly placed here so that I can find it again. Is pretty!

(Clearly I need some Sherlock icons...)

(Also - procrastinating from presentation tomorrow? Me? Never.)


Jan. 26th, 2012 05:54 pm
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Flashpoint is my new happy place. What a great show! I'm really surprised by how good the character development is for the random people in each episode and I LOVE THE TEAM!

[personal profile] hobbitbabe asked me who my favourite was, and I answered "Everyone!" - which is totally still the answer, but now the answer might also be Spike. I love his techno-saviness and how he complains (lovingly) about his Italian mother, and how when everyone else on the team was calling their wives and girlfriends to let them know they'd be home late he called Lewis, the other unattached guy on the team (who was standing on the other side of the room) to make fun of everyone else.

I love that it's set in Canada. And that I recognize all the bits of Toronto as they do each episode.

I love how bad-ass they all are. And I love their FEEEEELINGS! For they are SNIPERS WITH FEELINGS! (It's a Canadian show, can you tell?)

And there's Hugh Dillon!

And they are all buddies!

And their actions have consequences! (Some of which kick them in the ass in later episodes.)

And there is good banter! (which is the main thing I look for in a show)

Anyway - it's super fun and I'm really liking it. It's definitely a good de-stresser after working at grad school stuff that I just want to be done with.

Flashpoint - the Show about Snipers with All the Feelings. :)


Sep. 23rd, 2011 11:26 am
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I've got a dentist appointment today. It's just a cleaning, but knowing my luck I'll find out that I've got about ten billion more cavities that need to be filled. Think good thoughts for me please.

Also the bruise on my forehead is still there, and there is only so much that can be covered up by make-up. And there's no wearing of hats in the dentist chair.

Also Also I've got a meeting with library people this afternoon where I have to be all professional and represent the department. I'm the Reading Room TA this year and I'm talking to them about getting an electronic database of the books we have. I still think that this should be done by a prof rather than by me, but I'm still doing it. Here's hoping they take me seriously. I'm pretty sure that I know what we want at least.

And I'm super tired for no good reason. Well, I have one idea... and I'm hoping it just goes away. May talk about it later.

Lots of other things are happening as well which I want to write about - but I should go now to avoid being late for the dentist (*wibble*).

At least tonight is the season premier of Fringe!
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So I started watching White Collar and have been devouring it like a ravenous beast because it is the awesome. And I've also got T (my new roommate) hooked on it, which was accomplished through the very simple task of watching a couple of episodes on our TV one night. I originally downloaded it because [personal profile] thefourthvine mentioned in one of her fic reviews that even though one half of the main slash pairing is married fandom as a whole still loves Elizabeth. In fact most of the fic is OT3 or she's encouraging the boys. It's kinda awesome.

But the show is also super awesome. It's basically the ending part of Catch Me if You Can in a modern setting. The story starts with Neal breaking out of prison and Peter, the only FBI agent who was able to catch him, catching him again. In order to avoid spending another four years in prison Neal cuts a deal to help Peter with his expertise.

Things that I love about the show:

1. Peter is really smart and really competent. Every time it looks like he's about to fulfill the bumbling FBI agent stereotype he turns around and proves that he knows what he's doing. Yeah, Neal is clever and charming and probably unrealistically good at what he does, but Peter is always right there with him. and honestly I think that one of the main reasons that Neal doesn't try to run (especially in the early days) is because he knows that Peter will catch him. Whenever someone is mentioning how good Peter is someone (usually Neal) mentions that Peter caught him twice.

2. The banter is amazing.

3. Diana who is in the Pilot and comes back for the second season and is super awesome! Also gay! And it's never a big deal! Every now and then they talk about her girlfriend but that's it. Otherwise she's just a kick-ass FBI agent like everyone else. The best part is when they introduce the fact that she's a lesbian. Neal is trying to charm her as he does with all the ladies (A/N he could charm me any day!) and Peter points out that it's not going to work. Neal: "Don't you guys have rules about that?" Peter: "That's the military. We don't ask and we don't care."

4. Peter and his wife Elizabeth have a healthy and good relationship. I'm not sure when the last time I saw this on TV was. It is super cute how he is incapable of keeping secrets from her. I also love that Elizabeth isn't in law enforcement. She owns a catering business and is a normal person - well an awesome person but I thoroughly enjoy that in this show you don't have to be a crook or a law man to be awesome or interesting.

5. The suits! Neal is a very snappy dresser and he wears really awesome suits and hats and things. It makes me want to go out and buy a new GQ. Also I love that Neal keeps complaining about how boring Peter's suits are.

6. For a show that is so focused around the two male leads their secondary characters (including women and PoC) are super awesome. Honestly I don't think this would've worked (and certainly not in the same way and tone) if one or both of them had been female. And I'm totally okay with that because they are awesome to their other characters.

7. Neal is kinda like a puppy.

8. It took me a while to realize it but the woman who plays Elizabeth was also Kelly Kapowski from Saved By the Bell. I haven't watched that in ages.

And... somewhat cheesy trailer for your time:

ETA: Actually this one's better:
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aka the best kind of To Do List because it's all stuff I want to do, but have no consequences if I don't! (Yuletide is already written after all.)

1. Catch up on all of Fringe so we can have Fringe Friday get togethers next term. So far this has been going really well. I've been devouring R's DVDs and I totally forgot that Leonard Nimoy played a recurring role. Also I identified him by his voice. Yup.

2. Watch the Cowboy Beebop DVDs Y lent me. The last time I did this there were scratches all over the disc with the two part episode where Vicious comes back and I never got to see part two! Soon this will be solved.

3. Watch a shit-ton of movies. I've got Die Hard ready for Christmas Day. :)

4. Troll the Yuletide Stories once they come out.

5. Finish that podfic I started before I went off to Italy. (Oops)

6. Watch series two of Being Human.
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Dear Sanctuary Writers,

Are you fucking kidding me? You left off the episode there??? It's not even right before the season finale! How is this show so fantastic?

Thank you for bringing back Watson. He's awesome and also played by Peter Wingfield (aka Methos) who was one of my first TV crushes. I would appreciate more of that in the future.

Likewise Helen backstory, the Five, Tesla snark (PM: It will be a service to your country. Tesla: I'm Serbian.), and intriguing plot twists.

Basically just more episodes like this one please!


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Oh show! You are SO AWESOME!

Spoilers! )

In conclusion: Don't fuck a wounded Bear!
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They're filming Fringe outside the Barber Library. I did a trip over there to slake my curiosity and to take back a few books I didn't need anymore. At first I thought the caution tape was to prevent people from walking into the scene, but then I realized that it was because they were filming a crime scene. All the FBI people and the "dead" body sort of gave it away.


Also I went and saw RED yesterday. It was hilarious. The action was awesome and clearly there for the coolness factor, but in a way that is actually cool rather than crap. And there was a lot of Karl Urban being awesome and looking really attractive in suits.

Clearly my type of movie.

I feel much better now.

Carlo Rota

Nov. 5th, 2010 07:51 pm
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So - I've now had my very first random Vancouver celebrity sighting (Gatecon doesn't count). And it was Carlo Rota.

([personal profile] kuwdora I'm looking at you because I know this would please you a lot!)

A few of us grad students were going out for Thai food (a very good mission, I assure you), and took public transportation. We got off the Skytrain at the Yaletown stop and as we were bustling onto the escalator with all the other passengers I noticed that Carlo Rota was right behind me. I smiled as we were waiting for the escalator, and he smiled back! I didn't say anything and just continued with the conversation I was having with my fellows - because hello awkwardness. But once we got out onto the street and away from him I told them. They were excited and we all spent far too long trying to remember his name, which was kinda embarrassing for nerds such as ourselves. But it was good.

Then after we finished eating we headed back to the Skytrain stop and walked by him again. It was weird! (And there may have been some unsubtle exclamations he may or may not have heard - which I maintain was not my fault despite the fact that I was the only one who noticed him again, and might have pointed him out this time.)

The really weird thing was that he was clearly coming from the airport (he had his luggage - and the Canada Line goes directly to the airport) but we were in the restaurant for at least an hour and he was still walking around Yaletown - with his luggage - when we got out.

He had a lovely toque. (And an equally lovely woman walking with him - but I wasn't paying too much attention to that.)

Other than that I've only ever seen a bunch of trailers on UBC campus (no one I recognized to go along with them). Clearly I need to get out more. Curse you grad school - I do not have these opportunities.

ETA: From his IMdB bio:

Carlo is well-traveled. Born in London and raised in Italy, Hong Kong, the Bahamas and Canada, his father, an internationally renowned chef, instilled in him a passion for fine cuisine. This led to Carlo co-creating, hosting and directing a popular documentary-styled show on Canada's Food Network for five seasons. His other interests include trivia, motorcycles and learning to embrace the California lifestyle.

Carlo Rota, why are you so awesome?


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