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May. 24th, 2013 09:09 am
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"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." - Lewis Carroll

I checked in with the archaeology job again. Apparently they still haven't finalized things with their clients up north, which means that they still don't know if they can hire additional people for the field season. My contact seemed frustrated by this - but not frustrated at me. She again encouraged me to keep in touch.

But things are too close to the wire. I'll be homeless on the 31st. I can't stay here.

So I've bought my plane ticket to Newfoundland. I'll be heading that way on the 30th.

In theory I know that this hasn't changed my situation at all. I could still get this job and head to Calgary and actually get to use my degree for once. If everything turns out well than this will just be a visit with my brother that I really need.

But it's really hard not to feel discouraged.

Plus, I'm in the midst of packing and moving. It's hard not to feel discouraged at this point. On the one hand: Why do I have so much stuff? On the other hand: All my worldly possessions fit into roughly 17 boxes/bags (including the duffles I'm taking on the plane).


Aug. 16th, 2011 06:16 pm
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I've basically been awake since 8pm Vancouver time yesterday (since I woke up at five to catch the train to the airport and lost 9 hours today - plus I can never sleep well on planes). I R Tired.

But I'm home. And that is good.

Now it's time to attempt to stay awake long enough to sleep at a reasonable hour. I'm aiming for 9, but I may cut my losses before then.

Goodnight all!


Apr. 25th, 2011 11:12 am
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I really need to do my laundry. It's kind of a massive mountain of badness at the moment. And I need clean clothes - for general life reasons - but also because I'm heading off on my Cuba vacation next week! So I need to have cute clean clothes for that. (And I kinda already wore - and haven't since washed - all the cute summery clothes I bought in order to be cute in Cuba.) So there's that. And then I'm moving in the coming week (date still slightly flexible - I think I need to call the landlords and poke a bit) so I don't want to pack up dirty clothes, which will then stay packed for the week while I'm in Cuba. 'Cause that's just gross (like leaving your dirty laundry in a mountain on the floor you ask? - well, you're right, but I always have the best intentions). But on the other hand, in my new place I don't have to pay for laundry - and I totally do here. So here's the question: cheapness? or grossness? Which is more important?

The other factor - which is kinda stupid, I'll admit - is that I'm meeting up with a friend to go and vote at noon. (Yay Democracy!) That's in like forty minutes! I can't start a load and have it done by then! (Yes I can. Our washers take about half an hour.) But I do prefer to marathon my laundry and get it all out of the way at the same time.

What I should be doing right now instead of posting in my journal and otherwise wasting time is sorting the mountain of laundry. That way, when I get back after voting I'll be able to have my marathon session.

But - I Don'wanna! I just want to sit around here and pretend I'm done with my school work (I'm not. There's still a take home exam - but I'm letting that percolate. It's an important step in my process *hair flip*. Honest.) and also pretend that downloading episodes of Castle on my fast campus connection is a good way to prepare myself for moving, instead of you know - packing.

That's right friends. I am just that good. See you on the flip side!
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A list in honour of the crown I'm getting tomorrow. :)

1. The hockey blog I read (which I've mentioned before) had a Scrabble Battle today with Tanner Glass, a forward with the Vancouver Canucks. Yes, I did say "Scrabble Battle." Way back near the beginning of the season there was some player profile thing during the TV coverage of one of the games which said that Tanner Glass was an avid Scrabble player. As a result, Harrison from Pass it to Bulis challenged him to a Scrabble game. Probably nothing would have come of this (since the challenge was online rather than in person, natch), but apparently someone in Tanner Glass' family reads PITB, and drew his attention to it. Since then it's been a bit of a running gag. There were T-Shirts made for it and everything. Today was the game.

They organized it to be a fundraiser for charity, and the guy who raised the most money got first move (naturally the guy who earns a lot of money and hangs out with a bunch of other guys who earn a lot of money got the start). I'm actually super impressed. Not only because an NHL hockey player actually decided to play Scrabble with a blogger for charity (which is cool enough as it is), but both of them had really good showings. I posthumously read the Live Blog of the game (over here) and both of them had some really good plays. Harrison won, but not by too much, and both of them had over 300 points. Which is a wicked score.

(Although maybe Harrison should have let Tanner win, because Tanner Glass Fights Bears, after all.) :)

All in all this was extremely hilarious.

2. I'm officially going to Cuba! I bought my ticket today. There is going to be an all-inclusive resort, and my brother and some really good friends of ours are all going to be there. It's going to be the first time I've ever had a hotel room to myself as well - so that should be pretty cool. I'm super looking forward to it.

3. The Eagle. It was every bit as awfully awesome as I thought it would be and then some. I loved it. Unfortunately they weren't in short skirts for as much of the time as I would have liked (for that you have to watch Clash of the Titans *grin*), but I suppose when most of the film is set in Scotland, you want to cover as much as you can. Understandable, but still unfortunate. No mangled Latin, but loads of mangled Gaelic - some of which I recognized! Although I don't have a good enough sense of whether it sounded mangled to me because it was Scots Gaelic instead of Irish (or because it's been nearly 7 years since I took Gaelic in a very poor sort of way), or because they just mangled it. I'm going with the latter personally, but I'm more than willing to be proven wrong. (Because if nothing else, Billy Elliot speaking Gaelic is super hot.)

It was a pretty movie. And it was entirely what you would expect. Although it was rather weird to hear all the Romans with American accents, but I suppose it makes sense because then the British could have British accents. Still. Their putting my cinematic tropes on their head! Also they were clearly portraying the Roman Legions as Jarheads, which took a moment to get used to, but otherwise made very good sense.

As one might expect, I wish there'd been more character development for the relationship between Aquila and Esca. But I'll just wait on the fic. (Is it strange to be sad about movies that come out in the beginning of the year because they're temporally so far away from Yuletide? I feel like even if I don't forget about it before Yuletide shows up then probably everyone else will forget about it by then. Le Sigh.)

But yes - Awesome.
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1. My brother is married.

2. I now have a sister (in-law). She is wonderful and looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress.

3. Newfoundland!

4. The food at the Wedding.

5. The DJ.

6. All of us Bridal Party looking really attractive.

7. Everything about the East Coast.

8. My student loan has come in! Yay! I can has money again!

9. Got an email from M - I'm going to Gravina again this summer! And he definitely wants me to run my own trench!

Things that are not awesome:

1. Vancouver (in comparison to Newfoundland - for now).

2. 12 hours of travel.

3. WestJet - their seats are not as wide as my hips. Their leg room is crap. Their entertainment system is balls. And my direct flight from Toronto to St. John's stopped in Halifax in both directions, which added over 2 hours to my travel time.

4. I have to go back to school and I have a lot of work to do.

The wedding was beautiful and awesome and J and G were so pretty together. I watched their first dance and thought to myself "when did my brother get so classy" - and then I realized it was all her. He had a big smirk on his face all weekend. C and A did speeches at the reception that nearly made me cry because they were beautiful. (And A, being the huge nerd that he is, ended his with "May they live long and prosper - so say we all!")

I tried to take some photos, but then realized that I could get a whole lot of good ones from people with much nicer cameras than mine. I'll share some once I've got them.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend with wonderful people. I'll write up more about it later, but for now I'm gonna sulk some more about being on the wrong coast and having a lot of work to do.
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First and foremost - Gatecon was fricking amazing!

The guests were wonderful and hilarious (and they filmed everything so I think I'm going to buy the DVD when it comes out). Everything was very relaxed. I spent WAY too much money, and was stilling restraining myself from spending more.

I got hugs from loads of TV celebrities. Went out to an Irish Pub with Paul McGillion, Peter Flemming, Frank Cassini and a bunch of my new fannish friends. Saw Ryan Robbins sing at a fundraiser for Sanctuary for Kids, which is a new charity Amanda Tapping has started up to do all sorts of cool things. And got to hear more about filming Continuum in the Arctic from Barry Campbell.

It ended off last night sitting on the patio of the hotel and having a few drinks with a bunch of fans. Then we were joined by Corin Nemec and Dean Alyesworth (Anubis), followed by Musetta Vander (Shaun'ac) a bit later (just before we left for sleeping).

All in all - a FANTASTIC weekend. I took loads of notes and many photos (most of which I still have to get from S because my camera didn't do so well in the poor lighting and she was usually busy volunteering so I used hers.) So there will be a con report (probably way longer than you actually want to read) in the not too distant future.

I leave for Toronto tomorrow and then a few days there before heading back to K-town. And then I get to sleep, and maybe take a few deep breaths.

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This trip to Italy was the trip of everything breaking (and subsequently being fixed). It was kind of ridiculous.

Things that broke while I was in Italy:
1. The eyelets for the laces of my dig boots. Yes one of them was broken before I left, but the trend continued and I ended up having to resort to cutting holes in order to lace my boots.
2. My dig pants - crotch hole. It gets me there first every time.
3. Dig belt. In the field no less.
4. Hearts.
5. The superfluous button on my capri-ish type pants. It's superfluous, but still...
6. The right underwire on all three of the bras I brought with me. The one on my dig bra was in the field.
7. The left underwire on my dig bra. Also in the field. Yes, I did throw it out before I left Italy. With great satisfaction.
8. The right underwire on my red bra. Again. On the same morning as the black bra actually. Is there something about my right side that makes underwires want to stab it?
9. Many beer bottles as I was throwing them into the recycling bin. It's more fun that way.
10. 2 knitting needles. And a third that simply disappeared. I had extras as well, but now I have to use one of the broken ones if I want to keep knitting. Le sigh.
11. One of the dust pans we use on site to scoop dirt.
12. The straw hat I got in Sorrento last year. I trampled it a bit and then I accidentally left it on the plane (trampled and under the seat) on the way to Vancouver. In my defence it was already broken and I hadn't slept in about 24 hours at that point.

Things I didn't break on this trip to Italy:
1. My trowel.
2. Hearts.
3. Any of my electronics.
4. My air mattress (which broke last year and was replaced).


Jun. 25th, 2010 07:12 pm
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So I have safely arrived in Gravina. All the important people are here and we've got just about everything set up for the start of the season. Students arrive tomorrow.

We got everything set up really quickly since there were five of us around who had been here before and knew what needed to be done how. So there was a lot of twiddling of thumbs and general hanging out. The hanging out was awesome - I love these guys so much I may have busted my gut laughing - the thumb twiddling... not so much.

But life is good. I'm sitting in Gambrinus on their wifi, we'll be going out to dinner soon, and I've living with some of my favourite people in the whole world.

Gatecon is also only 15 days away! I am SO excited! There is going to be a day of travelling hell before I get there, but I really don't care! It will be awesome and I will have a grand time and life is FANTASTIC!

(I only wish that Gatecon wasn't conflicting with Gravina - then I could stay for longer - that would be awesome too!)

More updates later! Much love from Italia!
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Alright guys! I'm off.

I'll update again from the dig and let you know about the cool stuff that'll be going on.

Please send some good travel mojo - it's going to be a long trip. I can't wait for transporters and/or localized wormhole technology

Anyway - Ciao Friends. I'll see you later.
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Hey all! Life is still mega busy (in a good way), and the internet at my flat is still non-functional. But that's not too bad. One of the benefits of having an iPod touch is that I can use something small to check my e-mail at coffee shops during the day. And there are plenty of places where I can go with my laptop and use a better screen.

Tomorrow I'm heading off on a five-day bus tour of up North. We'll be going through the Highlands and the Isle of Skye and I think Loch Lomond - but I don't remember all the details because I don't have to! Yay letting the bus people do all the thinking for me!

We went to another Edinburgh Capital's game last night. It was a fantastic game. Really close and intense and physical without being too dirty (although this whole league seems to have a problem with high sticks). We were playing the Coventry Blaze who are first in the League and it went to overtime after an amazing goal from our side with less than thirty seconds to go. Amazing! I joked about having a sore throat today because of all the yelling - and I do! :) - I love our fans. "We are Number Five! We are Number Five!" We're so proud of our place in the standings (5th of 8!).

Apparently I didn't attach the file when I e-mailed my Mum the statement of intent! *headdesk* So that should be fixed now. (*double checks*) If not then it will definitely end up being late, because I won't have access to it while I'm on the bus.

Anyway - continued excitement! And plans to go to the pub on Friday after I get back in.

Edinburgh continues to be awesome. I don't think I could possibly run out of things to do even if I stay here another month (which I can't... stupid planes... and moneys...).

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So the internet at my flat has turned flaky on me. It was slow to start with, and now it's just not working at all. Which is lame. I might talk to management at some point but at the moment I can't be bothered, and everything else about this place is such a good deal that I don't really care. There are plenty of places I can go to get some wifi and check my e-mail.

The long and the short of it though is that I'm not going to be updating as often because I'll be busy with cool things and won't be able to internet from home.

Also I've almost finished my statement of intent for my last application! There's just a little bit of polishing to do, and I think that means that I've got everything covered! I'm almost done with applications! And now it's just waiting for someone to decide to accept me! Nervous I am. But L says that they would be stupid not to accept me because I am really smart. (I like L.)

Today: the Surgeon's Hall Museum and a talk at the Unviersity about Romans in Britain (which I wouldn't have learned about if I didn't have insider information).

Next Week: Bus tour of awesomeness!

Life is good.


Feb. 2nd, 2010 09:38 am
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It's snowing! Yay! You'd think it wasn't Edinburgh! And I'm glad that I went to the zoo yesterday instead of today. As it was it was cold enough that a lot of the animals were hiding away inside. The poor things. The poor, cute things...

Anyway, Surgeon's Hall Museums and coffee with L today! And it seems a bunch of my friends have good news! So I'm feeling happy.

Ciao friends!
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Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. It was cold and windy - but that was mostly because I was stupid and didn't bother wearing a sweater under my coat. It's January. Parts of my brain still think that it's supposed to be colder.

So I went out for a walk around Calton Hill and took a whole lot of photos. I'd share a bunch but the internet connection here at my amazingly priced flat is rather slow so I think I won't.

Calton Hill was beautiful and the view was stunning and the wind was high! It kept trying to take away my hat (which will not do). I also very much want to climb up to Arthur's Seat now, because it looks amazing. But I feel that will take a bunch more effort (and probably a packed lunch). L has mentioned that we should do that at some point, so I will also figure out when she's available and do it then.

Speaking of L she came over last night and we had a sleep over party with blue jello (brought all the way from Canada because this crazy country doesn't have it - shame), and HAGGIS pizza from Tesco (which was actually really good, who knew?), and probably more Supernatural than was necessary. So now we're both caught up to the hiatus, and neither of us have a good way to download the new episodes. I'm sure we'll figure out other things to do. For example - tomorrow is another Capitals game! Hockey in Scotland may be one of my favourite things! I'm going to buy a t-shirt. It's going to be awesome.

Also why are phones so much more sensible here? I mean I'm probably paying almost as much as I do in Canada, but so many things about them are just easier and better. Also all of the UK is local. I can't even call in-province on local minutes! Granted my province is considerably larger than the UK, but it's the principle of the thing.

In other news, today is also beautiful but I have no idea what I want to do. :)
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Today I shall write at very least a full rough draft of everything for my UBC Application.

I am going to the Sleepless Goat and I am going to drink coffee and be academic in one of those coffee shops because sometimes it's the right thing to do. (And I don't really have a good table to work at here.)

I am going to wear my reading glasses (which I don't always need because my eyes are only slightly wonky) and possibly a tie because I'll be more academic.

I'm going to wear my new Cicero shoes because I'm applying for Classical Archaeology and because they are Command Gold and I must take charge.

I am going to sew the buttons onto my sweater.

Then I am going to be strong and go have dinner with my Dad and watch House, even though I've missed at least one if not two episodes.

Tomorrow I will do the rough draft for my UVic application.

Wednesday I'll polish everything and print the things what need printing and gather and send off what I can send and figure out what to do with the rest.

Thursday I'll finish packing and get a bus to the Toronto Airport and get on a plane.

Friday I'll arrive in London and get on a train for Edinburgh!!!!!!!!!!

Friday I'll get to see L!
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I finished my sweater today! Well sort of kind of mostly anyway!

No pictures as of yet. I think I might actually finish it up completely before I model it for you and I've still got ends hanging out all over the place and I have to get some buttons.

This is one of the biggest knitting projects I've ever done (although not the longest project). I started it back in October, and I've mentioned it before. It's the Starsky pattern over at Knitty. But I've changed it around a bit. The main thing is that it doesn't sit quite right with the belt (as in the belt makes a nice big line across my middle which accentuates things that don't need accentuating), so I've decided to get some buttons instead. I am kinda nervous about this business because I'm going to have to cut the buttonholes out of the already knitted fabric! I know it can be done and done without too much trouble, but I would be less nervous about it if I had known this would be my plan and had knitted in the buttonholes as I went along. But it'll be fine!

(And it's really warm!)

In other news I got myself TWO (2) pairs of sneakers today! Because they were %40 off. There is a green pair and a yellow pair and they are Adidas and awesome. I'm rather fond of both of them, but especially the yellow ones because their style name is Cicero. No joke.

Also I watched some season 1 Slings and Arrows today and it was made of win! And made me kinda nostalgic for my Uni's theatre society which is big and awesome. And it doesn't help that J just invited me to their most recent production on Facebook. If I were in Hali I would go (and I've never even heard of the play) - but alas and alack, I'm not.

Scotland on Friday!!!!

Must work on Grad School Applications!
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Yesterday I learned that if you leave pirogies in the fridge for a few days they congeal together into a solid mass of dough and potato which, although delicious, will not be separated from its brethren.

So I squashed them into one massive pirogi-pancake. And it was good.

Pics or it didn't happen! )

Also I'm flying back to Ontario today! Yay visiting friends!
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I've been riding the bus a whole bunch while here in Van City. I like it quite a bit. It's quite straightforward and it lets me see more of the city than I would otherwise. Also there are always weird people on buses.

Today I guy sitting across from me was talking with a fellow student in some law kind of thing. Anyway, she had just done a paper on Same Sex Marriage and his response was: "The way I see it is with same sex marriage then half the people won't be having children. It's birth control."

And I had to stop myself from guffawing.

Because obviously everyone who is married has children. And if we allow same sex marriage half of all marriages will be same sex. This is clearly how this works.

Poor guy, he sounded like he wasn't doing too well in his law courses. And he's a mature student too because he was an optician (or something) but no one is going to be wearing glasses in 2-3 years because it will all be inter-ocular implants. So everyone in the business is going bankrupt.

Other interesting sights included:

A sign that said: "Caution: Live Children Playing" (as opposed to the Dead Children?)

And a street meat stand called Japadog - a Japanese style hot dog stand. (Now I really want to try a Japanese style Hot Dog. How is it different from a regular style hot dog?)
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I'm back from the wilds of Lakes Huron and Michigan. No more sailing for Aderams. Appledore V is being pulled out of the water today and I worked a whole bunch at derigging everything for the past few days before catching my train home to Canadia yesterday.

Several things are eating my brain.

1. I am glad to be back in the country of my birth. I like the States, but it's got a different vibe from Canada and it's not home.

2. Grad Schoolz OMG! What the hell am I thinking. Please get me back in school now!

3. Sailing is awesome. I should try to get on a boat in New Zealand.

4. Fuck I don't have a place to live yet. Hello parents' houses.

5. I <3 the interwebs.

6. I miss King's.

7. There is new TV I missed while I was gone - must investigate!

Anyway there are pictures to be put up soon. And you know how I promised pictures of Italy too? Yeah, I'm on that. Really. I know you don't believe me, but I miss my Italy peeps something fierce so I am totally on that.

Yay Home!

Jan. 3rd, 2009 12:13 am
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My flight was once again delayed, but thankfully not too much. After twelve hours of travel and three weeks visiting other people, I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight.

I did run into everyone I know ever (it seems) at the airport, and I sat next to my Latin Prof's cousin. I did not find [livejournal.com profile] hobbitbabe despite the fact that I knew she had a flight leaving at the same time as mine from Toronto and her gate was only a few down from mine.

Life is weird.

And I'm HOME!!!!!

Also there was a strobe-light going when I walked in the door. No empty house this!
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Last Wednesday I saw Hamlet with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart. As anoither friend who has seen the play has said, I can now die happy. It was amazing. And I will tell you all about it (and other adventures) upon my return to Ca-Na-Da.

...Which is on Thursday! Yeay for home! And sleeping in my own bed and seeing all my friends and being connected to the world. I'll miss you travelling, but right now home sounds great (after I do even more cool stuff in London, natch).



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