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Apr. 20th, 2011 10:52 am
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Starting at the University of Guelph students across Canada have been organizing vote mobs to encourage youth to come out and vote. UBC is doing one today and I'm going to go and join in even though I'm definitely behind on my paper. I've also been procrastinating this morning by watching some of the other vote mob videos from other universities. I think this one from UVic is my favourite so far, if only for the awesome music choice and the intro:

This is partially in response to Rick Mercer's challenge to the youth of a few weeks back (which I posted here on DW, and here on LJ). And partially a response to the fact that only 37% of eligible voters between the ages of 18-24 actually voted in the last federal election.

Advanced polls are this weekend! So I'm voting soon. I still haven't decided for whom I'm going to vote... but I've got three days - that's (metric) TONS of time! Also I've finally found out where the advanced polls are. No thanks to you elections Canada. I dislike how you have been attempting to make my life more difficult with respect to democracy. No love, Me.

So things are coming together. I think I will still consider this election a success if over 50% of my age bracket actually votes this time.

ETA: And this is another Rick Mercer Gem from last election - but still valid!

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Today is December 6th. I don't always remember the day, but I always remember that this time of year is anniversary of the Montréal Massacre. For those of you who haven't heard of it (I have no idea if anyone in the States ever remembers it), twenty years ago today 14 female engineering students were murdered by some insane jealous guy who thought that they were stopping him from being able to go forward in Engineering. He walked into a classroom, told all the men to leave and then shot the women and himself. I don't know if this is standard, but in my tradition of commemorating this terrible event no one ever mentions his name (in fact when someone in my class asked, our teacher refused to say - good on her, I say), I don't know it, and I don't want to know it. Instead we remember the names of the women. I remember when I first heard about the Massacre (or at least when I was first able to understand about it) my grade seven teacher told us that she had been in University when the attack took place. And one of her teachables was science. Afterwards she took up Tai Kwon Do and by the time she was my teacher she'd reached either brown or black belt (something really high up anyway) and she gave us a demonstration several weeks later. (This is the same teacher who dressed as Trinty from the Matrix for Hallowe'en, she's really cool.)

I'm not in engineering, but I know lots of women who are. And it's the same principle in Classics, it's only fairly recently that there are female professors and most of them aren't high ranking yet. But there are more and more female grad students going into the field. Classics has been an old boys club for about 300 years and we're learning about old boys clubs in the ancient world. and it's often assumed that just because I'm female I'll want to learn about women in ancient society - I hate that. So it still really hits close to home for me. And somehow it's worse that it happened in Canada. I know that in some ways it's irrational, but I just don't associate gun violence with my country.

[personal profile] hobbitbabe, who is actually the first woman in North America to have her PhD in Welding Engineering (go her), wrote up some good stuff about her feelings here. And she names the fallen.

A lot of this commemoration has been sublimated into awareness of violence against women in general, but although I agree with that it also bugs me that no one ever mentions the men who were forced to leave. I don't even know how many of them there were, but I can't imagine how these students would feel. And I don't want to take anything away from the women who were killed, but it always bothers me that no one wants to talk about their plight. Violence against women effects men too, and not just the men who are perpetrating the act. I'm not sure if I can think of many things that are more psychologically scarring than being helpless in the face of violence aimed at your friends.

In Halifax there's a walk to raise awareness about violence against women and at the end of it either in addition to or instead of a moment of silence the crowd has a moment of screaming and yelling, because silence is kind of the problem. That often made me tempted to go, but I never did because while I agree with what is being said I hate how often these things go to extremes. And blanket ideas like "all men are evil" bother me and get in the way of my own observance even when they are only implied.

I have more things I could say that are controversial and explain my views about how gender issues are complicated. But I think that debate would somehow debase the point of this entry.

Twenty years ago today fourteen women were killed because they wanted to learn and be a part of a field of study which is still male-dominated today. It is my greatest hope that things have changed.
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Now that the day is (sort of) done, I've handed in two papers, and did my Translation assignment/presentation thing for Latin. I'm now done two of my five classes.


All that I have left for this term is my Greek exam (death), my paper and presentation (on the same subject) for Latin, and my Roman History Exam (I could write this in my sleep... and will still get a decent mark if I don't show up).

And to celebrate the last day of classes I am not going to do any schoolwork tonight!
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Roasts were on sale at the grocery store, so I got a nice little roast that should last me several meals, and some little potatoes and cooked them up for dinner tonight. I decided to just cook everything in the same pan in the oven. It turns out though that even little potatoes (cut into tiny pieces) take longer to cook than a roast beast. So I've got slightly underdone potatoes and slightly overdone beef. It's still good, but it's frustrating to know that it could be better.

Speaking of better, today I finally put up that poster in my Ancient Philosophy Class. This class is in the Chemistry (for reasons that escape me) and there's an enormous poster of the periodic table on the wall. Weeks and weeks ago I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be funny if we put up Aristotle's elements next to it?" And I finally just did it. So next to all that "science" we have a nice little diagram entitled "The Elements" with Earth, Air, Fire and Water, Hot, Cold, Wet and Dry. Which looks almost exactly like this linky linky.

I am so clever!


Nov. 16th, 2008 04:24 pm
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I cannot concentrate at all today. Actually, I haven't been able to concentrate all week. (Or at least not on Latin.) Every time I try to do my Latin homework, I sit down and can't get through more than twenty lines. It's balls. Normally I do about 100 lines over two or three hours. But I just can't seem to do it this week.

I am so glad this term is almost over. I do still have tons of papers and exams to deal with. But those I can handle (I 'll probably complain about them too though). I just can't wait for this term to be over.

Only two more weeks of classes...
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I did my Latin Sight Passage for the Honours Exams today. I am now 1/4 done the exam portion of my Honours degree. (That is of course, assuming that I passed.) I felt decently good about it. I couldn't tell where the piece I had to translate was from, but it was about Jason and the Argonauts, and the stuff about boats leads me to believe that Dr. O'B picked that passage for me on purpose. It's exactly his sense of humour.

I do want to know where that passage was from though, because it was one of those passages which helps to remind me that I actually do know what the hell I'm doing. I could see the grammatical constructions even though they were basically lying on top of each other, and I knew most of the vocabulary. Also it was prose instead of poetry.

But I'm done!

And now I've got to write a paper for tomorrow. C says I should wait until after hockey (I think he's mostly joking) and I totally could finish it afterwards (I've currently got an A+ in this class, and I haven't been putting a lot of effort into it), but I might write up an outline or something. And I should get a start on my Latin homework since my brother and some other folks'll be in town this weekend (yay!) and I probably won't have time to do anything then.
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From Chapter Eight of the Cambridge Companion to Ovid: "Landscape with figures: the aesthetics of place in the Metamorphoses and its tradition" by Stephen Hinds.

The deftly compressed ecphrasis, rendered the more emphatic by parenthetic postposition, constitutes a kind of authorial reclamation of and gloss on the twin version’s displaced set-piece laudes. There is a further hint of metaformular wit too: when read against the implied speech of the goddess in the Metamorphoses (ut loca laudauit), the Fasti’s Diana has claims to be a rhetor too, but one who (like a good slender elegist) merely ‘touches on’ her descriptive theme: ut tetigit lucum.

Sometimes the things that I can understand frighten me. It frightens me that I understand what the hell this guy is saying. But at the same time I love "parenthetic postposition" in all its plosive alliterative glory.

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So I agonized a little bit and then decided not to do the paper that's due tomorrow. This isn't as crazy as it sounds - honest. You see for my Roman history class there are four essay topics for the semester and I have to write on three of them. My plan was to do the first one so that I would still have a free skip later on, but I'm feeling kinda stuffed up and brain-dead. And also I'm just not interested in writing about how Suetonius' place in history effected his opinion and protrayal of Julius Caesar. Partially because I think it's bloody obvious (and I always feel like an idiot when I write papers that I think are obvious, even if they're exactly what the prof wants), and partially because it'll be nick-picky and boring to flick through fifty pages of Suetonius' Life of Julius Caesar to find good examples to proove said obviousness. And I do think that all three other topics are interesting:

Topic B: How would it seem to people at the time that Augustus had restored the Republic?
Topic C: Why are Trajan and Livy's Letters important as historical documents?
Topic D: Why would contemporary Roman's like the character of Lucius in Apuleius' The Golden Ass?

See? They're all much cooler than flipping through Suetonius to find proof that he's way more comfortable with one-man-rule than Republican Romans (after all it`s not like he`s lived in the Empire under good, solid Emperors for his whole life).

In other news I just got hit with the cold that's been going around. It sucks balls. In fact it sucks bälle. But on the up-side, L is making chicken soup for the purpose of curing colds. She says it is magical Jew-Soup and will fix us all (her included). I am very much looking forward to eating some.

In the mean-time I think I`ll do some readings for class (and not that paper I`m not going to do!) and drink a bunch of mint tea and maybe watch some television. Oh TeeVee - how I love thee.
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So I only have one fish left now. I was doing my reading for tomorrow when I looked over and noticed the carcass of Dany Heatley (named for the Ottawa Senator) in the bottom of my tank. Just the other day he looked fine and was swimming about merrily eating algae. This has led me to one conclusion - MURDER.

Ted is the only fish I have left. He is the fish I have had for the longest period of time and is still going strong - as I type he is in fact swimming up and down the side of the tank in a jaunty manner. He was present for the depression-induced death of Augustus, the equally unexplained death of Steve-the-Sucker-Fish, I believe that he ate Clementine while I was in Europe this summer (she simply disappeared), and now Dany Heatley's sudden demise.

There is a clear pattern developing here.

On the one hand - my fish are dying. On the other hand - Ted is suddenly way cooler than he used to be (and he was always pretty cool).

In less shocking news I haven't yet seen the season opener of Heroes because I'm waiting until after I finish my big important classes on Wednesday and then I'm going to reward myself. I am really looking forward to it, but I am strong and am not going to read anyone's reviews until after I watch it.

Anyway I must go and read some more Iliad for class tomorrow... perhaps write a reading response... or perhaps not. I do have two papers to write within the next week, but if I don't write one for this week I'll have to write one for next week. - It's a dilemma and a half.
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Today was the first day of classes. It was also the day that I picked up my new laptop.His name is Alexander, following in the tradition of naming my electronics after famous kings. Also he's a tablet and I am currently "typing" this using my pointing pen thing and handwriting recognition software. It's actually remarkably good. I haven't even really had to teach it much. I love him. He's so cool.

Also tonight is our annual Frosh Week Casino Night, so the guys and I are watching Ocean's 11 to get pumped. It should be a blast. I'm wearing my tails. :)

I'm very excited. Yay!
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Sometimes I really hate school. As you can probably guess a) this is one of those times, and b) I am writing a paper.

I currently have 1543 words of a 2000-word paper completed, which is really good because all I managed to get down yesterday was about 400 - ultimately not significantly more than the introduction.

I wish this history of seafaring class wasn't so disappointing. I mean, I love boats! (I am in fact hearing S's impression of me in my head at the moment: *in a high pitched British accent, because that's how S does a female voice... any female voice* "Boats! Latin! Boats and Latin and Sci Fi!")

Do you think that my prof would accept scoffing at Rediker and ogling Vickers' pie charts as "situating the book in the context of other work in the field" and "critical analysis" respectively?

I am leaning towards yes...

However, I did spend about five minutes straight laughing at some lines over in [ profile] troyswann's journal in which Aristotle referred to Plato as "Form Boy" (is it still a Platonic Dialogue if Plato was not the one to write it? Huh? I ask you THAT!), so I suspect that my rocker is decidedly off at this stage in my life.

*laughs like a drain. An insane, sentient drain. (that may be redundant)*


Mar. 10th, 2008 08:39 pm
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So it turns out that I actually have five weeks of Midterms rather than four. I was supposed to have my Greek midterm on Wednesday, but Prof M forgot to tell the rest of the class after I talked to him about it and he figured out a date (right in front of me I might add). I asked today if we were still having the midterm on Wednesday because he hadn't mentioned it in a long time, and S made an exclamation of shock and worry. Prof M ended up holding his book over his face in shame. It was cute. He's wonderfully absent-minded-professorish. I like it best when he wears bow-ties. (Last Monday he'd gotten a haircut, so I mentioned it and we ended up starting off the class with him muttering about how there aren't any good barbers in town!)

I'd actually been hoping to get these things over with sooner rather than later, since the middle of term is actually long gone. But this is how things go. Le sigh.

At least he didn't forget to tell the rest of my Greek History class about the Midterm we're having tomorrow, so that's still a go. And I should go back to studying that.

ETA: Best typo from my Greek History Notes - "Sappho is participating in the conversation about Zeus as a comic, rational force in the world." I really meant "cosmic" but I kinda like the it the other way around...


Feb. 28th, 2008 11:45 am
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I am going to Italy this summer for a course in Roman Field Archaeology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've got my Latin Midterm tomorrow bright and early. C and I met up yesterday to try and study together, compare notes and fill in the gaps that we have in the translation and things like that. It didn't really work out so well, since pretty much we just got together and tried to figure out how to go about the studying bit and realized that neither of us have any idea how to study for a Latin exam at this level. Last year we had vocab lists that we could go over, and we didn't do nearly as much translating. But all we could figure out to do for studying is to go over absolutely everything that we translated and look at it and try to memorize the vocab and all that jazz. It's kinda frustrating because I don't really have the time or the concentration to be able to do that properly, and I'm missing a huge chunk of translation because of missing class or not being prepared or a mixture of the two. I think that after the exam I might ask him if he has any suggestions on studying methods, and talk to him in general about the workload (which is way more than I can handle, and the same goes for several others in the class with whom I have spoken) and things like that.

Well, once more unto the breach!

forsan et heac olim meminisse iuvabit.
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Did you know that the number of people who go to the University's counseling services increases by 150% (or some such large number) in the month of February?

I still haven't found my motivation for schoolwork yet. Which is kinda sucky because I do actually like my classes and my profs. Although I seriously suspect that being able to scrape by without terrible consequences hasn't helped.

Sometimes I wish that I could just Hibernate throughout the month of February. Just curl up in my room with tv on DVD/the internets, and interesting books with little to no thought requirement. Make full use of my amorphous blob comforter and the sweatpants with King's written on the Bum. Emerging only for food and hot showers and Hockey Night in Canada.

The Bears have totally got it right.

Although I totally wouldn't want to wake up to two hungry cubs and the Arctic Tundra.

The agenda for tonight: Screw "Two Years Before the Mast" and Hesiod, I'm going to watch more Six Feet Under.

I am such a bad student right now.
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So I'm going over my notes, and I'm finding that most of my misspellings are do to typos (yay!), and the majority of them are because I'm typing so fast that one letter comes before the one that should be there.

My Most common typo : "fo" instead of "of"

Funniest Typo so Far : "Hathor. Sometimes the daughter of Ra, sometimes the Mother of Ra. She is a Sky God and she bears the ank. The Sun dick on her head between the horns." Rather appropriate, considering she's the Goddess of Fertility as well, but still...


Nov. 13th, 2007 08:13 pm
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I think I might be getting a cold. However this might be the result of staying up late last night to finish my research paper on Piracy in Elizabeth I's reign and how it contributed to the rise of England as a maritime power (yeah, that's right, I'm that cool. S asked me to trade, but there's no way I'm writing a paper on human rights). Anyway I'm really tired (three hours of sleep!), but my sinuses are also really painful, and I find it uncomfortable to read things that aren't illuminated by my computer screen (isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Also this might be related to the massive amounts I was reading over the past bit in order for me to write said research paper). So I've decided to take the evening off, watch the new NCIS and House when they come on TV in about half an hour. I am considering the possibility of more painkillers.


Oct. 15th, 2007 09:51 pm
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Why are conclusions so haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard?

I've completed my paper that's due tomorrow except for the conclusion (in great time too! Sure it was only 1500 words but still) and I can't figure out how to write the conclusion. I've been sitting here for the past half-hour procrastinating precisely because I can't figure out what to write.

Conclusions Suck.

I think I will try not to write

ETA: HUzzah! Done! And before eleven o'clock too!
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Well, not really. But I'm still really tired (and have been for a while, although thankfully it's not the mysterious debilitating tiredness that I experienced in grade nine) and my sinuses (sini?) are still in pain (miserabile sini!). And of course this wasn't helped by staying up late to listen to the internet coverage of last night's wholly depressing Canucks game. I was planning to go to sleep and only listen to part of it (o the trials of cheering for a hockey team that is quite literally a continent away) but it got to a point where I kinda had to continue listening as a point of solidarity. But it was a bad scene.

Anyway I have a lot of Latin to translate today, and a bunch of Greek homework and a massive amount of Livy's War with Hannibal to read that I'm behind on, and I really don't have any motivation to do so. It's not so great. What I really want is some time off, but we just had that for Thanksgiving and it really didn't do me any good.

I'm tempted to go to the doctor and see if they might tell me something new and exciting about my sinuses that will stop them from being unhappy. But I strongly suspect that they'll just say something about them being dry ("use the saline nasal spray!") or try to get me to use nasonex again (which actually made my sinuses hurt even more). Both of which are things that are not worth my time to go and hear again, because I'm not going to use Nasonex, and I don't like the bloody saline stuff either. I was considering going to the sauna at the pool, but I just remembered that it's a dry sauna, so it wouldn't do anything good for el sini.

Okay, I'm going to stop complaining now.

Exciting stuff is that I'm going to a presentation on Graduate Studies at the University of Edinburgh this afternoon. It's for the department of History, Archeology and Classics, all of which are things in which I'm interested. And I keep thinking about Grad school and being crazy because I don't really know what I would need to do yet. I figure, presentations = a good start.

Anyway I think I'm going to go and get some paperwork done now. YEay! Or not.


Oct. 2nd, 2007 03:33 pm
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I am so the tired. I can't even get up the energy to sit while I type this, so I'm going for the awkward stomach typing method. I'm sure those of you with laptops know what I mean.

Anyway, 0830 class + sinus cold + waiting around for over an hour to get my Mumps Vaccine = le tired.

Vaccine's always make me tired and adding that to the sinus cold that's been bugging me for the past week or so (my sinuses are always annoying, it is no fun) and I want to sleep a whole bunch. Also there's Mumps on campus, hence the vaccine booster, so everyone's going a little crazy about diseases. Usually I'm pretty relaxed about these things, but there have been several outbreaks of Mumps since February so I thought it would be a good idea to get the shot. Especially since it's free for students.

Tonight I have a recitation exercise for Latin to record, a bunch of pages for the Rise of Rome to read and a whole slew of Greek homework that I only vaguely know about because I took a sick day yesterday. Also I have to watch the new house and the first episode of the Tudors which is airing on the CBC (it's at the same time as NCIS, but I know where to find NCIS on the internets).

Plus I've still got a lot of the Aeneid to read by Friday.

I think I may just sleep for a while instead...


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