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Yesterday morning when I woke up it was snowing outside. In general this makes me very happy. But then a little later (somewhere in the vicinity of noonish – I work nights!) while I was lying in bed reading my power went out. – My apartment is super dark. Even in the lightest part of the day.

Turns out this is not just my breaker (as happens rather frequently in my apartment) but the whole neighbourhood. Because even though it’s Vancouver the snow is actually staying on the ground and is between five and ten centimetres!

J and C and I had been planning on going to see the Hobbit that afternoon out at the IMAX (which is in Richmond) so that we could see the first nine minutes of Star Trek. We were planning on the 4:20 show. The official word is that it takes circa half an hour to get to the IMAX from where we are. But we were planning on giving ourselves lots of extra time even before we knew about the weather. So around 2ish we start texting back and forth about whether or not it’s safe to drive with the roads being kinda crap. J has had the worst day ever with exam stress and weather stress and a massive headache, so she decides not to come. But C (our driver) is familiar with driving in snow and checked the webcams for the highways (which were clear) and decided that it was worth a shot.

So she picked me up around 3 from 8th and Waterloo. It took us until 3:40 to get to Arbutus and 30th. Which is nowhere near the IMAX. That should’ve been a 15 min drive on the outside.

Considering Vancouver probably has a grand total of 2 snowploughs, the roads weren’t all that bad. But the traffic was ridiculous, although I didn’t see anyone being too terrible at driving either (which is frankly a miracle).

So we decided to cut our losses and head for C’s place. I checked the BC hydro website from my phone and the power was still off at mine. (Boo.)

Since C lives near my work though I called up the theatre to let them know that we’d be coming to the 7 o’clock show. (Perks of working in a movie theatre – I can take myself and a friend to the movies for free.) We spent the remaining time drinking tea eating a whole grocery store chicken (me) and watching Seaquest, which C has on DVD because she’s cool like that. And then we walked through the slushy snow to the theatre.

So we didn’t get the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness (Hell, we didn’t even get the trailer – lame). But we at least got to see the movie. And lo: it was good.

”Hobbit )

I want Dwarf hugs! All the Dwarf hugs!

Then I went home and although my power was up the internet was not. I think the wireless needs to be reset. But naturally it’s my landlords who control the router. The internet is still out now and I had to abscond to a coffee shop to post my Yuletide story and check on my virtual life. I'll see if I can pester them about it tonight. On my list of things for the next place I live is controlling my own internet. I'm getting fed up with the poor signal strength in the basement and people who don't notice immediately when it's not working. Le sigh.

The Sun

Jun. 9th, 2012 09:09 pm
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Every now and then it really gets to me how much further North I'm living than I ever have before. I'm still pretty damn close to the US boarder, but when I lived in Ontario I was well below the 49th (if I remember correctly from the charts and things when sailing we were around the 44th or 45th), and I think that Halifax was even further South, although not by a whole lot.

When I was in Undergrad I sailed from Halifax to Kingston one summer, going up around the outer bit of Cape Breton and through the Gulf into the St. Lawrence River. The sun set on my watch throughout that trip and every day as we got further north into the Gulf you could see it setting later and later. And then it did the opposite once we started heading south again up the river. That was so cool.

The Northyness (technical term) of Vancouver is really noticeable with the sun and all. In the Winter around the Solstice the sun would set shortly after four, and depending on how overcast it was that day sometimes it would start to get dark around 3:30 or earlier. Now that we're heading towards the Summer Solstice the days are getting really long. It's 9:15 and the sun is only just starting to set. It feels like at least an hour different from what I remember in Ontario and Nova Scotia - probably more.

I remember last year I went down to Wreck Beach with a bunch of the Greenies and built sandcastles while avoiding the awkward naked people (for the record, it's a nudist beach, and I have no problems with the naked people, just the creepy ones - and it's always the creepy ones who decide to talk to you). When the sun started to set we just started yelling at it until it was all the way down. It was almost 10pm at that point.

I like it.

It's really cool to be able to see so clearly the movement of our tiny planet around the sun. Especially since the change in the weather isn't so much to show off the change in seasons here in Vancouver.

But it's also weird. I was thinking about curling up in bed and reading until I was ready to sleep. 9pm is in no way too early for that to be a reasonable choice - but it just seems odd when I could still see the sunlight from my dark basement window.


When does the sun go down where you are these days?


Nov. 9th, 2011 02:57 pm
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Falling back an hour may make everything lighter in the morning - but it's still very strange and frustrating when it starts to get noticeably darker at 3pm more than month away from the solstice.

Le sigh.
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Dear Mountains,

You looked lovely today. Keep up the good work.


In other news I've finished marking a whole slue of second year religious studies papers on the Bible. I remain not very impressed - also still confused about why I got assigned a course I really know very little about (surprisingly this doesn't stop me from recognizing a good or bad argument). (Well, not entirely confused - someone had to get it because all the religious studies grad students already had TAships, but why did that someone have to be me?)

I think I'm going to go and see The Eagle soon. It promises to be stupid and wrong and racist and AWESOME. Plus it's totally about Roman Britain and therefore completely relevant to my major research paper (but let's not talk about how my work on that is going...).

I still need to do a full Dental Death post, but in the mean time I've got my crown almost done. I've got the temporary crown in and I'm heading in next Thursday to get the permanent one glued on. I'm going to have a gold tooth! I'm super excited about it (yes, it's in the back). They gave me the option of the porcelain and metal version that would look like a regular tooth, but I decided to go with gold because
a) Gold is awesome and it will go well with my anchor tattoo.
b) I've had enough problems with dental work and I wanted to go with the simplest, least-likely to break version.
c) $50 cheaper doesn't hurt.
and d) I've had so much dental work done in the past two months that it would feel wrong if it didn't leave some kind of a mark (yes, I would feel differently if it was a front tooth).
It was actually pretty funny, since both my dentist and my hygienist were being careful not to influence me and let me come to my own decision (while giving me all the information about the options) but as soon as I said I wanted gold they both told me what a great idea that was. "I wish all my patients got gold crowns" said Dr. Tooth man. I find that kinda amusing.

Anyway, gold tooth next Thursday. Should be exciting!


Nov. 19th, 2010 11:22 pm
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It's SNOWING! And it's staying on the ground!

WTF Vancouver! It's only November. I am delighted and confused. Apparently it's a La Nina winter this year.

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The time of year that only ever happens in old houses. Or maybe just in Limestone Houses. It's that time of year when the stones are still cool from the winter and are insulating the house from the warmth that's starting up outside.

This means that it's cooler inside than it is outside by a noticeable margin - even with the windows open.

I actually really like this time of year and the coolness inside. I'm a cold-weather person and I like the summer heat to show up gradually because otherwise my system gets a little peeved. (Going to ridiculously hot places in the summer does not help this at all.)

The only problem is that here at my Mum's place there is no way to easily check the temperature outside before you leave, so it means that I get all my stuff together (today this meant grabbing my Canucks scarf to keep off the imagined chill of the wet day) and then have to suffer through whatever weather is actually outside (I'm far too lazy to come back once I've found out the truth).

Today because it was wet and dreary I figured that it was going to be cooler outside than it has been the past while - so I grabbed my scarf. Big mistake. It was possibly even warmer than the other day when there was sun. Warm oppressive dampness. I am not impressed.

But it's cooler inside. And I've got frozen pizza and beer (I love Moosehead!) for tonight's hockey game. (And did I mention that because the Canucks are playing Chicago that means I get to have a game that starts at 8pm instead of 10? Aderam is a happy Dragon.)

The Lake

Mar. 18th, 2010 03:40 pm
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Today is absolutely gorgeous and I've been feeling weird etc (hence the post earlier today) so I really needed to get out. So I went and braved the maze of construction on Princess St. to get a rare roast beef sandwich and some pastries from Pan Chancho (Om nom nom) got some coffee from the Goat and walked out to the waterfront by the Murney Tower (workplace of hellish coworkers lo these many moons ago) and sat about eating my little picnic and reading Smoke and Mirrors by Tanya Huff.

It was really good to see the Lake. The wind was up and chill but not too cold. The sun was glinting off the water. The Windmills on Wolfe Island were turning prettily. And there weren't too many people around because it is still fairly cold out (the Australians would not be impressed - I have nothing against Aussies, but I can't help but laugh at them when they insist that it gets cold there - 6 or 7 is not cold!). It was lovely.

And Smoke and Mirrors is still awesome. Tony Foster is my favourite. I love this series. I could totally read it all the time and not get bored. Tony/Lee is one of the only canon pairings that I love beyond all reason. I wish that it was a TV show so that I would have pictures of the actors I could draw hearts around. /girlish gushing.

But most importantly there was the water. I don't think I could have gone to Edmonton and UofA for no other reason than because there is no water (that river-like thing does not count). I need something I can sail on properly. Even if I don't get the chance to sail.


Feb. 2nd, 2010 09:38 am
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It's snowing! Yay! You'd think it wasn't Edinburgh! And I'm glad that I went to the zoo yesterday instead of today. As it was it was cold enough that a lot of the animals were hiding away inside. The poor things. The poor, cute things...

Anyway, Surgeon's Hall Museums and coffee with L today! And it seems a bunch of my friends have good news! So I'm feeling happy.

Ciao friends!
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Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. It was cold and windy - but that was mostly because I was stupid and didn't bother wearing a sweater under my coat. It's January. Parts of my brain still think that it's supposed to be colder.

So I went out for a walk around Calton Hill and took a whole lot of photos. I'd share a bunch but the internet connection here at my amazingly priced flat is rather slow so I think I won't.

Calton Hill was beautiful and the view was stunning and the wind was high! It kept trying to take away my hat (which will not do). I also very much want to climb up to Arthur's Seat now, because it looks amazing. But I feel that will take a bunch more effort (and probably a packed lunch). L has mentioned that we should do that at some point, so I will also figure out when she's available and do it then.

Speaking of L she came over last night and we had a sleep over party with blue jello (brought all the way from Canada because this crazy country doesn't have it - shame), and HAGGIS pizza from Tesco (which was actually really good, who knew?), and probably more Supernatural than was necessary. So now we're both caught up to the hiatus, and neither of us have a good way to download the new episodes. I'm sure we'll figure out other things to do. For example - tomorrow is another Capitals game! Hockey in Scotland may be one of my favourite things! I'm going to buy a t-shirt. It's going to be awesome.

Also why are phones so much more sensible here? I mean I'm probably paying almost as much as I do in Canada, but so many things about them are just easier and better. Also all of the UK is local. I can't even call in-province on local minutes! Granted my province is considerably larger than the UK, but it's the principle of the thing.

In other news, today is also beautiful but I have no idea what I want to do. :)


Nov. 30th, 2009 12:21 pm
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Dear lord, the weather is so fowl that it sounds like someone's in the shower, but it's actually just the rain/hail/snow/whatever-the-hell-it-is being blown rather forcefully onto the window. I am glad that I don't have to leave the house tonight.
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So the weather is/was in fact so horrible that the university was closed this morning. I actually got an individual e-mail from Myles telling me not to come to class because he was cancelling it, which amuses me a lot. Classes resume at 1130, but that means that I get to laze about a bit before going to my WWII class.

Last night while I was patrolling one of the first years asked me if I thought school would be cancelled today and I laughed at her. This shows me obviously. But at the point when she asked it was still just powdery snow and much wind, it hadn't started rain-snowing or freezing rain yet.

I think I'm going to buy some cheep rain boots from Canadian Tire on my way to class today because I don't own anything waterproof at the moment.
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Why is it that the weather in this city is always at its worst when I have to walk home after work at 4am? (Well tonight it was only midnight, but still - I even preferred the blowing snow to the cold almost-rain.)

I might be willing to accept that it's just Halifax in January, but still! I've had freezing rain, bitter cold, snow (and at a time of night when the ploughs haven't gotten everywhere and my choices are walk on the street or through a snowbank), and wind that cuts through your clothes.

Weather, I am not impressed.


Nov. 22nd, 2008 04:17 pm
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Nov. 20th, 2008 11:14 am
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Sometime last night the snow that was snowing all day yesterday and melting into puddles once it hit anything that wasn't air, started to actually stay on the ground. We have ground-snow! And my 13(?)-year-old neighbour has written his name in enormous letters in his backyard by shovelling it away.

And K didn't believe me when I said that it was supposed to snow in November and that when I was a kid it used to snow on Hallowe'en. She's only two years younger than me and is from the same geographical region. Kids these days.

In other news I am tired, but I am still going to go down to SMU to hand in my forms so I can take a course there next term, and I am going to start on my paper before 6pm, and I am going to finish reading the Iliad today (only about 30 pages to go). I will be accomplished!
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I really think my title says it all.

It's even staying on the ground too! La la la-la! I love the snow. My Roommates can complain all they like because they have no fat to keep them warm, but I'm really happy!

And now I must venture out into the white expanse... okay into the streets dusted lightly with snow, and head for the library. It's the last research paper of the season and I can see daylight on the other side of exams. What joy!
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Why is it that every time I go to the fish store it rains? And not just calm rain either, intense wet rain that soaks your pants within the first five minutes and that you can feel pounding into the shoulders and hood of your raincoat.

So I got a new fish. He's a sucker fish and an algae eater so I won't even have to feed him. I've yet to think of a name, but all things in time. The fish store people did have quite a time getting one of them out of the tank. Right now he's sulking under the plant, but I'm sure his spirits will rise as he gets used to the new environment and realizes how much algae I have lying around for him to eat.

ETA: I've decided on a name for my new fish. He's Steve. Steve the Sucker Fish. That is all.
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Um yeah. We had one. Last night. And it was amazing!

After all that snow we got yesturday afternoon we decided to ambush our friends at the Nut House. And we were throwing snow at them as they were coming out of their house and while they were up on thier balcony it was totally awesome. Until we got broken up by the police. (no kidding) Who came in with a megaphone and said in a very 1984 monotone "This snowball fight is over".

(This is actually quite cool, I think)

So we relocated to a schoolyard nearby and continued. It was amazing the snow was nice and wet and perfect for packing and this morning I've got a few extra bruises and some sore muscles. So worth it. I got pelted so many times in the head too, but my brain feels fine enough to do my German Oral today. (I picked the last possible time to do my Oral, not because I like doing that but because they were all in the morning (the last one (me) is at 10.30) and the earliest I've had class all term is 10.00.)

(Woah, there were too many parentheses in that sentence.)

Anyway, I must away.

Es Schneit!

Dec. 4th, 2006 02:46 pm
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It was raining this morning as I walked to the university (S and I missed the bus by about three seconds). Big, fat drops that filled the air and seemed to fall in slow motion defying the wind (5-10 knots gusting to 15, but I bet it was a clear 15 on the water without the buildings slowing and confusing things). It was cold and S complained that it should be snowing instead of raining at this temperture. And then while was I doing my German Exam (It's done yay!!!!!! *dances around and starts singing "O Tannenbaum" because it's the only song she has the words for in German, except maybe some German Punk lying around in her iTunes*) it turned into snow. Vigourous, large flakes descending with speed as if they were trying to make up for the sloth of their liquid brothers. The wind has also picked up quite a bit.

And the snow is staying on the ground. At first it was just piling up to melt together as slush on the sidewalks and wet ground, but now there's a lumpy damp white carpet covering our backyard. And I'm inside and (mostly) dry watching the snow with pleasure before starting (yet another) knitting project.

The rest of my weekend was as equally enjoyable as the first half and perhaps a post will be made about the good things that happened later, but for now I've got snow and knitting and a new episode of Torchwood calling my name.

And so I bid you a snowy Aufwiedersehen!


Nov. 9th, 2006 03:04 pm
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It's days like this that I wish I had some foul-weather-gear. Like a lot. I really really want some.


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