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Dear Yuletide Author,


I'm excited for Yuletide again! And I hope you are too. Hope these extra details help with your assignment.

In terms of my general likes and dislikes in fic - I'm pretty eclectic. I usually prefer happy endings and generally joyful works with a lot of humour, but sad and angsty stuff can also be super awesome. Mostly I just like fic which is good (well, duh...) so if your strength is writing something a little more bittersweet, please do that!

Mostly I'm looking for something on a similar level of joyous/adorableness/happiness/snarkiness/banter to each canon. I've been doing Yuletide now for many years, so if you'd like more info about my general likes and dislikes etc, you can always check out my Yuletide tag.

1. Haven - Nathan, Duke, Audrey, Leverne
I'm looking for a matchmaking fic with Leverne doing the matchmaking. I'd like either an OT3 story with Nathan/Audrey/Duke or slash with the boys.
Things that I love a lot about Haven and would be cool to see in the story (if you like):
- Nathan's wry and quiet sense of humour - also I love his reactions to dogs and children
- Nathan and Duke's past with each other
- Audrey being badass
- Leverne's terms of endearment over the radio
I mentioned in my optional details that I'd be interested to learn more about Leverne and her relationship with Nathan in particular, but I also think it might be cool if she was still only present through the radio. Because I love how she's only a voice on the show but is still a distinct person.
I know the show's been going in a darker more tormented direction with Duke and Nathan, but I'd like something a little more hopeful in the fic. Not completely ignoring their issues but just happier.
Bonus points for including Duke's boat.

2. Blood-Smoke Series - Tanya Huff - Colin Heerkens, Barry Wu, Uncle Stuart
I don't really have anything to add to my optional details. Mostly I want more werewolves! And more pack being awesome! And how Colin feels being a cop and also pack. I mean the wer so rarely leave the farm, what the hell made him think that being a cop - of all possible jobs - was the best choice for him? Also I recently re-read the book and realized that we don't actually find out what Colin's fur-form name is, and I'm curious!
I'm fine with Colin/Barry slash here if it strikes you, but mostly I'm interested in the wolf bits and the pack bits.

3.Swallows and Amazons - Arthur Ransome - Nancy Blackett, James "Captain Flint" Turner
I asked for S&A last year as well (last year's Dear Yuletide letter is here). I'd just give you the same prompt again this year but sadly Peggy wasn't nominated. But most of the same things I said last year apply to my request this year anyway. I love these books because of the characters and the strong women (of whom Nancy is only the obvious example), and the fun adventures with sailing. I'm a sailor and I'd love a story with actual sailing in it, but if you feel you don't have the sailing expertise to do it justice I'm also very happy for a story just about the characters. Because the characters are amazing.
But Blackett family being ridiculous is what I'd like (shouldn't be hard with Nancy and Captain Flint!). With or without Swallows. Bonus points for Peggy and their mother. :)

I'll try to update this post if I think of anything else that could be useful.



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