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I can't believe it's here again! Another busy year in the life of Aderam has gone by.

Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm really looking forward to reading whatever it is that you write - it will be awesome!

I'm not sure what else to write in my letter this year. I included my big Do Not Wants in each prompt. If you like take a look at all my previous Yuletide Letters - they're on my Yuletide tag - and they'll give you an idea of what kind of things I've asked for in the past.

Have fun! And Thanks Again!
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(Insert Dear Yuletide Author Letter once I have the chance to write it - Hi team! Thanks for writing for me! I'm almost too late to sign up! It's stressful!)

Hello friend! Thank you so much for writing for me! (And sorry for not having this up in time for assignments to go out - apparently time is passing faster than I thought it would, and I nearly missed signing up at all this year, which would have been a travesty!)

This will be my 12th year doing Yuletide (time? what even?), so if you're interested in things that I've requested in the past and such you should check out my Yuletide tag. And you can also see the fic I've written (mostly for Yuletides past) here on AO3.

General Likes: happy endings, witty banter, general fluffyness, works that are similar in tone to the source material, ladies being awesome and/or badass, magic, magical realism, werewolves, fandom cliches (inverted and regular), puns, fake dating AUs

General Dislikes: incest, imbalanced power dynamics in relationships (teacher/student, boss/employee, etc), overt cruelty from our heroes (as in the Star Trek Mirrorverse), porn without emotional context, unhappy endings, unnecessary angst, first person narration.

I don't require everything to be sweetness and light all the time, but I also really don't like unhappy stories.

I'm really excited to see what you come up with! As I said I was almost too late to Yuletide this year, so I'm a little rushed and I haven't had a lot of time to think of prompts. So wow me with your awesomeness author! I'm excited for whatever you write!

Prompt Specific Stuff:

iZombie: I don't really have anything else to add. Just these nerds being domestic please!

Carolina Hurricanes RPF: I'm glad they're letting us split up teams so that we can get actual rare characters (people?) from the NHL, but I admit I don't actually have any real connection to the 'Canes, and I'm not overly familiar with some of the new guys on the team. I just love Hockey fic! I mentioned Eddie Lack in my optional details - but please don't feel pressured to write him if you don't want to. But Skinner/Lack is something I've looked for on the archive and not really found, so I'd be super excited if you can write it. I also enjoy a lot of the EStaal/Skinner fics that are already out there, and I also love gen fics, so don't feel pressure to make it slash. Feel free to include various NHL characters from around the league. Fair warning - I was a hockey fan before I started reading the fic. I'm first a Canucks fan, and then also really like the Sens and Penguins. And I really don't like the Bruins, Blackhawks, and all three California Teams (I did say I was a Canucks fan). But otherwise I have generally positive feelings toward the other teams and players. And I have a huge fondness for goalies because I am one, and we're the best. Also I really enjoy the magical realism in the NHL fics I've read - especially the ones where it's known that weird shit just keeps happening and that's okay, like turning into a cat or whatever. So that might be a cool idea.

The Night Circus: My entire thought process for this prompt was that I like the way they do magic in this book and I want to know more about Celia. That's it. Sorry I can't give you anymore direction, but I'm really excited for what you come up with!

Wonder Woman: Honestly I just want to live on Themyscira with all those badass ladies. Honestly, how did I ever think I was straight? Give me Amazons in love! Include Diana if you like. Tell me more about the island and how they got there. Or how they live. Etc.

Thank you again! And happy writing!
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Hello! And thank you so much for writing for me!

This is my tenth Yuletide, and I can't really believe that it's been so long. And that I've managed to keep doing it every year. So I'm really looking forward to it!

I think I covered my basic prompts in the sign up form for each fandom, but here are some of my general fic likes/dislikes.

I like happy endings, witty banter and general fluffyness. I like works that are similar in tone to the source material (or maybe happier?). I don't mind angst as long as there's a happy ending.

I don't like incest, imbalanced power dynamics in relationships (teacher/student, boss/employee, etc), or overt cruelty from our heroes (as in the Star Trek Mirrorverse). I don't mind violence, I just don't like it when our characters are being violent for no reason other than for the sake of violence.

I'm not particularly active on DW anymore, but there's lots of info about me and my various requests over the years in my Yuletide tag (I've requested Swallows and Amazons a few times before, so if that's your assignment you might find some inspiration there). Or you can come check me out on Tumblr - which is also <a href=">Aderam</a>. I've got anonymous asks on, so if you have any questions please ask away. It might take me a few days to respond, but I promise I will! THANK YOU!
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(It's still within a week, right???)

First of all thank you so much for writing one of my prompts! I'm so excited to see what you have to write for me.

I think I covered things fairly well in my sign-up. Some of my general likes are happy endings, witty banter, general joyfulness and humour. I'd like something similar to the tone of the source. (Except for the Oresteia - I'd prefer if it wasn't a super heavy political tragedy - thanks!) This does not mean that I need everything to be sweetness and light - but if you're going to write angst please fix it with a happy ending. And I love all kinds of fandom tropes so feel free to apply them liberally!

I don't like incest, imbalanced power dynamics in relationships (teacher/student, boss/employee, etc), or overt cruelty from our heroes (as in the Star Trek Mirrorverse).

I'm not active on DW anymore, but there's lots of past information in my Yuletide tag from previous years if you're interested. Or you can come and stalk me on Tumblr, where I reblog random things that catch my eye and barely ever post original content. :)

Thanks again!
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Just saw that the assignments have gone out! Super excited!

Author! Just so you know - you're lovely! Thanks for writing for me. I was going to write up a more detailed Dear Yuletide Author note, but I got busy and haven't done it yet.

I WILL write one for you within the next week! But in the meantime you can take a look at my Yuletide tag from previous years and that should give you an idea of what I'm probably going to say. (Or check out what I reblog over on Tumblr.)

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Hello! And thanks for writing for me!

In general I like happier stories with banter. I like characters, so I prefer characterization over plot (although both is AWESOME). And I love fandom tropes. Pretty much all of them.

I don't like incest, imbalanced power dynamics in relationships (teacher/student, boss/employee, etc), or overt cruelty from our heroes (as in the Star Trek Mirrorverse).

I don't think I have anything to add to my optional details.

But for clarity: I mentioned that I don't want underage sex for my Eureka prompt. This has to do with the power dynamics thing mentioned above. And it depends on how you do Teenage!Nathan (should you do Teenage!Nathan - optional details and all that!). If he's still mentally in his late thirties, but in a teenage body, I don't mind that (although Jack might!). What squicks me out is when adults are taking advantage of kids who are actually kids, rather than adultss stuck in kids bodies.

I hope that makes sense! (There are some things I never thought I'd type until I joined fandom - I love this place!)

I'm not really active on DW anymore but there's still lots of info on my Yuletide Tag about my previous year's requests etc if you're curious. I've requested Swallows and Amazons a number of times, so if you want to take a look at old Dear Yuletide Author letters you might get some inspiration.

If you want to see some more recent stuff I'm Aderam on tumblr. Although I mostly reblog instead of making original content.
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Hello! And thank you for agreeing to write one of my prompts!

I don't have too much to say about my prompts that I didn't put in the optional details so I'll just add some of my general fic preferences.

I'm pretty easy to please and I read just about everything, but I generally prefer happy and funny stories. Witty banter is my kryptonite. I enjoy crossovers - most of the fandoms I'm familiar with are listed in my DW/LJ interests. And I also like AUs because I like to see how much the characters are still the same people when in different situations. Mostly I just want a story that fits with the tone of the canon even if it's an AU or crossover or whatever. I also love werewolves and spaceships, so any AU involving them would be welcome.

I don't like incest. Or imbalanced power dynamics in relationships (teacher/student, boss/employee, etc). Or overt cruelty from our heroes (as in the Star Trek Mirrorverse).

You can also look through my Yuletide tag to get a good idea of my previous requests and details and such. I've been doing Yuletide for a long time now - so there's some good info there.

Prompt specific notes:

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
- Please don't feel pressure that I mentioned Edward in my optional details and didn't request his character specifically! I put him in the optional details on purpose! Because he is optional. And I wasn't sure if I made that clear when I was writing the prompt.

The Internship
- Yes I partially watched this movie because of Dylan O'Brien. Crossovers with Teen Wolf are cool with me. Can you imagine Neha's reaction to Werewolves? Or Stuart's?

Blood Books - Tanya Huff
- I don't think I have anything to add here. I requested this last year as well. So you can always check out last year's letter.

Swallows and Amazons - Arthur Ransome
- This is another one I've requested a few times. And you can find some ramblings about the books here, here, and here.
- I'd prefer a story set during the same vague time as the books (or at least with the characters the same vague ages) and having similar book-type adventures.
- Fair warning, I'm a sailor. And one of the things I love about the books is his descriptions of being on the water and the feel of it. I'd prefer vague descriptions over ones that are wrong. I have friends who tease me by stringing random boat words together and it never fails to make me cringe.
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"Always think moose - especially when you drive at night."

Well Shit

May. 24th, 2013 09:09 am
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"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." - Lewis Carroll

I checked in with the archaeology job again. Apparently they still haven't finalized things with their clients up north, which means that they still don't know if they can hire additional people for the field season. My contact seemed frustrated by this - but not frustrated at me. She again encouraged me to keep in touch.

But things are too close to the wire. I'll be homeless on the 31st. I can't stay here.

So I've bought my plane ticket to Newfoundland. I'll be heading that way on the 30th.

In theory I know that this hasn't changed my situation at all. I could still get this job and head to Calgary and actually get to use my degree for once. If everything turns out well than this will just be a visit with my brother that I really need.

But it's really hard not to feel discouraged.

Plus, I'm in the midst of packing and moving. It's hard not to feel discouraged at this point. On the one hand: Why do I have so much stuff? On the other hand: All my worldly possessions fit into roughly 17 boxes/bags (including the duffles I'm taking on the plane).
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Non-Spoilery review:

It's like the girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead: When she was good she was very very good, and when she was bad she was horrid.

I have very conflicting feelings about this movie. Thanks J.J. for proving all of my concerns valid. I waited four years for this movie and this is what you give me?

Spoilery review:

Under the cut... )

Could we just have a movie of Scotty and Bones sassing the Enterprise and being awesome together?

Yes I hold Star Trek to a higher standard. Why shouldn't I?

ETA: There's some discussion on LJ! And it contains spoilers for STID but also probably for Iron Man 3! You have been warned.
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Hey all. It's May. Which means it's getting close to decision time.

I still haven't heard from anyone official at the archaeology firm yet, but M says that things are starting up and they'll be needing new hires soon. I'll send a polite email sometime around Monday if I haven't heard anything by then.

Still trying to feel optimistic, but I'm going to have to start making plans to move into my brother's basement soon whether I hear back or not.

I've given notice at work. So May 14th is going to be my last day.

I've started organizing books, and yarn, and clothes. And I'm getting boxes together to send to long term storage in my Mother's basement (despite having just cleared everything out of there this past summer).

And I should have gotten more accomplished today, but instead I finished reading The Silvered by Tanya Huff because I just couldn't put it down. Werewolves and mages and badass womenfolk and an Empire like the Romans in a time period more similar to the Napoleonic wars. It was awesome. Highly recommend. But that's not exactly surprising since it's Tanya Huff.

Anyway. Life is hard right now. But I'm working through it. And hopefully I'll hear something good really soon. If not I'll be heading east toward family. Which is also good.

And in the meantime we're getting Iron Man 3 at my work and we're probably going to have a staff screening either tonight or tomorrow morning. So I'm finally going to get the chance to see a new movie before everyone else! Perks of the job. :)
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So I have failed at Mac and Cheese?

I don't really understand what happened. This is not the first time that I've made Mac and Cheese from scratch. I've done it twice in the last few months at least. And I'm pretty sure that I followed the same basic steps in order to make the cheese sauce. But this time it did not work out.

The cheese would not join with it's milk brethren to make sauce.

So now I have Mac and Cheese with bacon and onions and not so much a sauce as a slightly more liquidy cheese that I tried to spread as evenly as possible throughout the pasta.

Part of me feels like maybe I added too much cheese... but that can't be because it goes against the most basic tenets of my faith: when in doubt, add more cheese. In fact most of the time when I actually write down a recipe for someone (rare occurrence that it is) if there's cheese involved I always say: "Add lots of cheese. When you think you've got enough then add some more and you'll be golden."

Does Monterey Jack have some weird melting qualities I was unaware of? 'Cause I think that was the only difference between what I'd done before. Teach me to try to use more than just the massive block of No Name Old Cheddar. Clearly I should stick to known cheeses.

It still tastes alright, but it's harder to eat a whole lot because of the solidity of the cheese in places. I think I'll have to get my roommate to help me finish it. Le sigh.
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Still haven't heard from the job. During the interview she'd said I would hear confirmation sometime "around the 20th". I'm trying not to feel disheartened. I'm not sure it's working.

I had the day off today so I've spent it knitting, watching TV, not bothering to get out of my pyjamas, and freaking out every time I get a new email.

I'm watching Deep Space Nine, because Star Trek is beautiful and optimistic and I love it.

There's an awesome episode at the end of Season 3 called Explorers where Sisko recreates a ship with solar sails that had been invented by the Ancient Bajorans. There's this story that the ancient Bajoran starfarers went all the way to Cardassia - vehemently denied by the Cardassians naturally - but there's no proof. It's an awesome episode. Because Sisko is doing experimental archaeology (which is the most fun kind of archaeology) and all of the conversations are questions that people keep saying about all sorts of things in the history of Earth. And there're sails! And Jake being cool. And the B plot involves O'Brien and Bashir being space bros and getting drunk together.

Star Trek is the best.

Important life questions: if you lived in the 23rd century and had the option of joining Star Fleet, would you?

I totally would.

Secondary important life question: What colour do you think the archaeology department would be?

I feel like it would fall under the Sciences - so Blue. But communications is Red.

Or do you think that Starfleet wouldn't take archaeologists on their exploration missions? If the Federation has a version of Inter-Planetary Expeditions (like in Babylon 5) I would be cool with that too.
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They're still in the process of hiring people, but they'll give me a call in a couple of weeks to confirm (or deny).

I may start as early as April! Depending on contracts with clients going through and the weather and other weird logistical things.

She sounded really nice!

She was mostly talking about working up North, which I think is where I'd want to go anyway!

She also mentioned that because I have a Masters degree that it's possible that I could stay on with them and be trained for becoming a permit holder! (In order to dig in Alberta each team has to be led by someone who has a permit to do archaeology in the province, each province has different regulations about who can hold a permit. It's like my brother needing his mate's ticket in order to work as a mate on the boats.)

Continue thinking good thoughts please! I really want this job!


Mar. 5th, 2013 04:11 pm
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I have a phone interview with an(other) archaeology firm tomorrow. (!!!) I have already quizzed M (who works there) about what I should be saying and what I should expect (both from the interview and the type of work they do). I'm optimistically terrified. So think good thoughts for me tomorrow afternoon (PST)!

Some other thoughts to keep myself from brooding:

- I don't like the latest update of iTunes. The reason I started using iTunes was that I found it really intuitive, and the way they changed things around this update has ballsed it up (IMO). So I thinking about switching over to using Zune more, since I have to use it for my phone too. But figuring out new software is annoying. And I do still have an iPod. Blagh.

- I need a book to bring with me to work. I want to read Tanya Huff's The Silvered because I got it for Christmas and haven't started it yet. But I don't want it to get any butter on it. Because it is a nice book and a massive hardcover. I wish it was out in paperback so I could just grab a cheap copy. Bah.

Also, picking books for reading at work is hard because it has to be something I actually want to read, but also something that I don't feel weird reading in front of co-workers. - This might be lingering issues from that awful summer job I had where my coworkers were rude and bullied me about reading Stranger in a Strange Land because it was an old '70s SciFi cover so it looked really wacky.

- I went to yoga yesterday for the first time in a while. And it felt really good, although my muscles know I was working them today. I was sure that I would need to spend most of the class in child's pose (resting), but turns out that I'm not in as bad shape as I thought I was. I have been playing hockey though, and it's interesting that I can feel which muscles are hockey muscles because those poses are much easier for me than even some of the "easier" poses that don't use hockey muscles.

- I really want to do more writing, but I'm terrible without deadlines. I've figured out that I need to finish my Teen Wolf fic before Season 3 starts in June because it's a pre-series story and I know from spoilers that they're doing a flashback episode. I'm torn between being super excited to see the canon Hale family and a little sad that they aren't going to be the same as the Hale family that's been hanging out in my head for the past few months.

And the other day I picked up a Star Trek XI fic I started years ago and wrote a couple of scenes because they were just in my head. I have no idea why since, while I'm excited for the new movie, I haven't been reading any fic or even watching any of the other Treks. Whatever, as long as I'm writing I don't really care.
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Some friends recently told me that I should watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and since I'd already heard the name bouncing around the internet I got curious.

What are The Lizzie Bennet Diaries? you ask. (Or maybe you don't, because unlike me you actually manage to keep up with the cool things that are happening on the internet.) - Well. It's a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice (as you might expect) that is being told on the internet through Elizabeth Bennet's video blog (and some sidebar video blogs by other characters).

And it shows exactly why I tend to like modern retellings of classic stories, sometimes better than the original.

Classic stories are classic for a reason. They're really good. And usually they're also really old. The really old part is where problems come in. Because writing styles, and laws, and values change a lot over time. So P&P is a great story but when I read (or watch a good historical adaptation - like the BBC mini series) it's also a mental exercise - like reading tough Sci Fi - because I have to try and understand what the fuck the characters are thinking. When you read P&P you have to remember that women are not as important as men, that there aren't that many men around because there's a war on (this is the hardest to remember because Austen doesn't really mention it), and that Mrs. Bennet is not as crazy as you think - sure she's weird, but she's putting all her efforts into making sure her daughters are alright, which is quite noble even if her methods are suspect. (This is a point I have a hard time remembering.)

But modern retellings, when done well, take all the good story bits and make them easier to understand. And you can wallow in the characters and the plot without having to stop and retrospectively seethe for all the women in that time period who weren't allowed to be people.

But I digress.

The point of this post is that The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is AWESOME. And I love the way they tell the story because I feel like it shows off the characters better. I mainlined all the episodes they have so far yesterday, they're not quite done the story yet but they've gotten to the story equivalent of Lydia living unwed with Wickham (I won't tell you how they do it for modern day - spoilers!). And here are the things that I liked:

- Even though they're Lizzie's video blogs her faults and the narrowness of her views and opinions are extremely clear. Her portrayals of the other characters are so hilarious and over the top and the way that the other characters actually appear occasionally on the blog makes so much sense.
- Charlotte has real character development and is awesome! - And the way they do the Mr. Collins storyline is brilliant. BRILLIANT.
- Darcy is a Hipster!
- Everything about Lydia is amazing. Her whole storyline is so well done, with a great hint of meta. Because Lydia is awesome and she's talking about how she deserves what is happening to her ("and that's what everyone's saying, right?") which I think is how Lydia the character in the book is treated. Hell, that's kinda how I felt about her. It's so awesome to be called out about your opinions about a character!
- Lizzie is a Grad Student. Of course she is!
- Somehow this weird format went from hilarious joking into deep emotional stuff without skipping a beat. My Heart!
- Bingley is actually a Med Student named Bing Lee. Which means that he's Asian. But also that his first name is Bing. Which is phenomenal for making jokes.

I feel like this only works in part because we know the story so well. Classics are classic for a reason and being able to have a whole video of Lizzie ranting mostly incoherently about what a dick Darcy is with very little hints to the context is a luxury that the producers can afford because we already know what happened at the ball when the Bennets first meet Bingley and Darcy. Instead of being confusing it's amusing and tantalizing because we want to know more about how it turned out in this version.

So yeah. It's weird because I'm pretty sure I like this better than I do P&P, but The Lizzie Bennet Diaries couldn't exist without P&P. I think this is part of why I like fanfic and comic book movies and rebooting franchises (although I generally prefer new stories to retelling the same one over again). Because all of the story and tradition behind the new work helps shape it and make it bigger and more substantial. It's like how every retelling of the Iliad says more about the time of the retelling than it does about the fall of Troy or the Dark Ages of Greece when Homer wrote down the story.

This got thinky. Sorry. I haven't been a Grad Student in over a semester - I think my analytical brain has recovered.

BUT the point is that if you like P&P and modern stories told in new and fun ways then you should watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. You can find the videos here.

(That link has all the videos in chronological order. I've only watched the youtube playlist with just Lizzie's videos so far because the biggest problem with this series is that through striving for verisimilitude it took me a while to find where to watch everything and not just Lizzie's perspective. To be fair I was also distracted.)

Episode 1!
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I am filled with blah. Still haven't heard back from the Job. And I know that I should start emailing some of the other companies (and that M's company is definitely going to be looking for people!). But what I thought was a yeast infection is actually a bladder infection and the antibiotics are taking a while to be effective. My lady bits are sore and I'm tired and embarrassed about not going to the drop-in clinic immediately (although the doctor I saw when I ended up going was very nice and didn't seem to think I'd been an idiot at all).

But at least I've got the next two days off.

Plus there's curling on the TV. And later the Canucks are playing and it'll be the first game since the season started that I haven't had to work (although D brought a radio on Friday night and we listened to the game while we were cleaning the popper - so that was good).

But Curling! - I always forget how much I enjoy watching curling until it's on TV. It's fun and there's cool strategy. And I love that all of the people on the top competitive teams look like normal people. It's reassuring to think that there are elite sports where people can compete who haven't been blessed with lucky genetics. High level sports always require hard work and strategy, but there are so many that require more than that. I like watching those sports too - but it's harder to fantasize about myself doing those things.

It's the provincial Scotties women's tournaments this weekend which is in the lead up to the nationals next weekend I think, and I'm definitely going to try to watch those. Curling is one of the reasons I'm glad that I got cable, because I would never watch curling in a bar (except for maybe the Olympics).
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I'm just going to put this here so that I can find it again easily later.

This is my favourite interview with perhaps the whole Teen Wolf cast, but definitely my favourite with Tyler Hoechlin.

Things that are good:
- He's so relaxed and happy and smiley and very much NOT DEREK. And I love being able to see so clearly - especially just through the body language - that he is not the same as the character he plays.

- Also he's way hotter when he's being himself because I find happiness way more attractive than abject misery. I totally understand why Derek is sad - but Hoechlin is more attractive.

- The things he says are GREAT!
a) he likes the subtext in the show (including the gay subtext) because it adds so many layers and he thinks that makes it better storytelling.
b) joking around about being happy that Colton Haynes is getting all the shirtless scenes in season 2. Then telling a story about complaining to Jeff Davis (the creator) that he wasn't getting any and he'd been eating right and working out a lot for nothing.
c) he believes that Derek is too busy with all of the other shit in his life to be worried about romance right now. And specifically mentions that he's in the process of rebuilding his family! - I completely agree with this

[personal profile] hobbitbabe you should watch this, especially if you haven't seen Hoechlin being Hoechlin yet.
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And where exactly did the old year go?

I had a truly lazy holiday season, sprinkled with work and not much else. On New Year's Eve I worked for two hours (on of my coworkers had a split shift - a stupid thing where she was scheduled to work 10-3 and then 6-8 or something like that - so I took the 6-8 part. It covered my beer for the night) and then had a few friends over to my place to hang out and drink and be generally relaxed and happy. And that was good. They left shortly after 1:30am and managed to catch the last bus.

We're still running the Hobbit at work. And I still love the music. But next week we're going from 4 shows down to 2 shows per day. Because no one is coming to the 11:30am or the 10:30pm anymore. But it means that everyone's shifts are cut down which sucks, because minimum wage is not enough to cover living expenses when I have a decent number of shifts. But I'll have some time off and maybe I'll get some writing done.

It's January now which means I should hear back about that archaeology job in Calgary soon. And if I don't hear back in a week I'm going to email them just so I can know for sure. I'm super nervous. I really want this job. I would be working in my field and actually earning enough money to live and things would be good! So wish me luck! (At least if I don't get this one there's still others I know will be hiring in a couple of months.)

And some things that happened in 2012 (in no particular order):
- Finished Grad School - I may have had to rewrite a comprehensive exam, but I still finished - Aderam, BAH, MA
- Didn't go on a dig and didn't go to Europe - (unlike the last four years)
- Survived two and a half months of unemployment
- Got my first full (ish) time job. - Working at the movie theatre
- Grandfather died. Down to 1 of 6(ish) grandparents
- Turned 25
- Purchased my first set of new goalie pads
- Attended two weddings

Places I slept in 2012 (other than home):
- Paradise, Newfoundland
- Edmonton, Alberta
- Waterton Lakes, Alberta
- A hotel (on the highway going to Waterton), British Columbia
- Toronto, Ontario
- Kingston, Ontario
- Calgary, Alberta
- Victoria, British Columbia

Which means that I didn't leave Canada at all this year (despite going from end to end). That's weird.
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Today is the longest night of the year!

I've got my Solstice candle lit and it will keep the light going through 'til dawn. I'm still working out a lot of things about my pagan practice (and probably will be for the rest of my life) but lighting a candle on Solstice is something that my Mum started doing when I was a kid, and it's a tradition I like to maintain. It makes me think of Egyptian mythology: the Sun god Ra going through the underworld every night and fighting against the serpent Apophis ("Dead false god," says Teal'c), and the priests who would pray all night to help him in his journey. Tonight is the longest night of the year. Ra can use every little bit of help.

(*Sidenote: my spellcheck thinks that "Apophis" should be "Sophism". What are you trying to say, computer?)

Today the sun set at 4:17 (I checked the exact time). And it was fairly clear today so it was actually still pretty light out when I was out getting groceries at 3:30. The other day it was so overcast that it seemed like it was getting dark around 2:30 - so this was a good day.

I made sure to get my candle lit as the sun went down. It was still fairly light outside even though it was not in my apartment.


Then I started making myself a Solstice Feast! Someday I think I'll have people over for a Solstice celebration. But for now it's good to work things out on my own. For dinner I got myself a small lamb roast and made carrot soufflé and Yorkshire puddings to go with it. Very successful:


It was my first time making Yorkshire puddings, but I had my Dad's recipe and it turns out they're dead simple. I replaced the sesame oil with olive oil because I didn't have any of the former and they tasted great to me anyway. I should definitely make them again. I've made the carrot soufflé before, although I think this is the first time I've done it with an electric mixer. In theory it should have been fairly simple too, but I cut the recipe in half (since there is only one of me) and I don't think that turned out as well as it could have. Still tasty, but not as good as it's been in the past.

Things I forgot: mint sauce and gravy.

Overall it was a great success despite my tiny kitchen.

Also - Raspberry porter (Made by the Tree brewing company) is just as good as it sounds.

I was going to make some apples (fried with brown sugar and brandy) for dessert, but after six Yorkshire puddings and almost half of a lamb roast and a carrot soufflé I'm rather stuffed in the best possible way. So I'm having mini candy canes for dessert instead. :)

And I got myself a tiny Christmas tree!


Happy Solstice everyone!


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