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So I have failed at Mac and Cheese?

I don't really understand what happened. This is not the first time that I've made Mac and Cheese from scratch. I've done it twice in the last few months at least. And I'm pretty sure that I followed the same basic steps in order to make the cheese sauce. But this time it did not work out.

The cheese would not join with it's milk brethren to make sauce.

So now I have Mac and Cheese with bacon and onions and not so much a sauce as a slightly more liquidy cheese that I tried to spread as evenly as possible throughout the pasta.

Part of me feels like maybe I added too much cheese... but that can't be because it goes against the most basic tenets of my faith: when in doubt, add more cheese. In fact most of the time when I actually write down a recipe for someone (rare occurrence that it is) if there's cheese involved I always say: "Add lots of cheese. When you think you've got enough then add some more and you'll be golden."

Does Monterey Jack have some weird melting qualities I was unaware of? 'Cause I think that was the only difference between what I'd done before. Teach me to try to use more than just the massive block of No Name Old Cheddar. Clearly I should stick to known cheeses.

It still tastes alright, but it's harder to eat a whole lot because of the solidity of the cheese in places. I think I'll have to get my roommate to help me finish it. Le sigh.
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Today is the longest night of the year!

I've got my Solstice candle lit and it will keep the light going through 'til dawn. I'm still working out a lot of things about my pagan practice (and probably will be for the rest of my life) but lighting a candle on Solstice is something that my Mum started doing when I was a kid, and it's a tradition I like to maintain. It makes me think of Egyptian mythology: the Sun god Ra going through the underworld every night and fighting against the serpent Apophis ("Dead false god," says Teal'c), and the priests who would pray all night to help him in his journey. Tonight is the longest night of the year. Ra can use every little bit of help.

(*Sidenote: my spellcheck thinks that "Apophis" should be "Sophism". What are you trying to say, computer?)

Today the sun set at 4:17 (I checked the exact time). And it was fairly clear today so it was actually still pretty light out when I was out getting groceries at 3:30. The other day it was so overcast that it seemed like it was getting dark around 2:30 - so this was a good day.

I made sure to get my candle lit as the sun went down. It was still fairly light outside even though it was not in my apartment.


Then I started making myself a Solstice Feast! Someday I think I'll have people over for a Solstice celebration. But for now it's good to work things out on my own. For dinner I got myself a small lamb roast and made carrot soufflé and Yorkshire puddings to go with it. Very successful:


It was my first time making Yorkshire puddings, but I had my Dad's recipe and it turns out they're dead simple. I replaced the sesame oil with olive oil because I didn't have any of the former and they tasted great to me anyway. I should definitely make them again. I've made the carrot soufflé before, although I think this is the first time I've done it with an electric mixer. In theory it should have been fairly simple too, but I cut the recipe in half (since there is only one of me) and I don't think that turned out as well as it could have. Still tasty, but not as good as it's been in the past.

Things I forgot: mint sauce and gravy.

Overall it was a great success despite my tiny kitchen.

Also - Raspberry porter (Made by the Tree brewing company) is just as good as it sounds.

I was going to make some apples (fried with brown sugar and brandy) for dessert, but after six Yorkshire puddings and almost half of a lamb roast and a carrot soufflé I'm rather stuffed in the best possible way. So I'm having mini candy canes for dessert instead. :)

And I got myself a tiny Christmas tree!


Happy Solstice everyone!
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My roommate is currently baking Celtic Knot shaped ginger cookies for St. Paddy's Day tomorrow.

The whole house smells of delicious.

I had one and it was glorious.

Can I keep her? Please?


Long day

Dec. 15th, 2011 08:48 pm
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Today was a long day.

I had my Sanctuaries final this morning which is almost four hours of my life I'll never get back. It was pretty much exactly what I was expecting it to be, which doesn't mean that it was good. But it is was it is, and most importantly it's over.

So after that I rewarded myself with McDonalds for lunch and then headed to the bar with the crew to watch the Canucks-Hurricanes game, although I had to leave early to go and play my own hockey game.

Today was the last game before Christmas break for me (there's one next week too which I'll be missing), and it was a lot of fun. I ended up getting about 24 shots on net according to our score-keeper. Which is probably not counting all of them. For context this is on par with the number of shots which NHL goaltenders see in a typical game. Except that NHL games last much longer than ours do. The final score was 2-1 for them in the end (and the score-keeper said that we got 6 shots), but it was a good game. Needless to say I'm feeling tired. Also I got the Ice Bird which we hand out for player of the game every week!

Now I'm eating a whole box of Kraft Dinner from the pot with ketchup and hot dogs, because I'm classy like that. ;) And also watching the original Tron which is loads of fun. And soon there will be sleep.
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Life's been pretty busy, but generally good.

This weekend we had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner with seven of the usual crowd. I made cheesy mashed potatoes which is a family tradition (and even moreso - I'm always the one who makes it) - and they were a big hit.

Tonight I'm going to a poker game which is a tradition among some of the department. Buy in is $10, and it's reasonably competitive - but I'm resigned to loosing everything. As long as it's a fun time with the guys I'm cool with it. So that should be fun - I should make myself a poker hands cheat-sheet before I go.

The NHL hockey season has started up again and the Canucks are playing right now. I'm listening to the game. And it's currently 5-4 for Philidelphia in the 3rd period. I dislike the Flyers at the best of time, but this is not helping. Although I'm still not too worried about the game.

I bought a new knitting pattern and I think that I'm going to use it for a Christmas present. But I think that I need to get one more ball of yarn, since I might not have enough. I'm excited to start. ;)

Why are all of the books for my next two presentations in German and French? The French is okay - but Deutsch? Lame. I do not speak German. Oh well, I've got enough time to Google Translate what I need. My main text for the shipwreck I'm looking at is called "Das Wrack". Oh Germans - you're so ... German.

I get to make stone tools in my Anthro class. Partially that's awesome, but partially I'd rather just find some good stones and shape them to make a wall instead. Bifacial what? Although our TA did his Masters' Thesis on stone tools used in high-risk situations like hunting polar bears and sea lions. And that is wicked cool.

Anyway... dinner calls!
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I don't remember what made me think of it, but a week or two ago I decided that I really wanted to make some Mocha Maple Chocolate Cake. (If you get the reference I will love you forever.)

This is from my favourite kids book ever - Sleeping Dragons All Around by Sheree Fitch. I made my Mum read that to me pretty much every night before I went to sleep (and she still likes it too!). So I went asking my friend the internet for a recipe - I figured there had to be one out there. How could you go wrong with Mocha, Maple and Chocolate?

Anyway, the closest thing I could find was for Mocha Maple Carob Cake and as you might expect it had loads of other health-nut type things in it. I decided to try and make it anyway - I used cocoa powder instead of carob powder and used more all-purpose flour in place of the whole wheat flour. And for the icing I decided to just use some off brand Nutella instead of dealing with the cocoa powder and almond butter and adding the other things to it.

Things I noticed when I was making it:
- You don't have to worry over much about creaming the butter and maple syrup together if you use a cup of hot coffee (and it doesn't say to use cold coffee) because the coffee melts the butter.
- It's possible I put in too much cocoa powder - either that or not enough Maple syrup and coffee. It's hard to taste the latter. Also it's not very sweet (I suspect this is another product of the health-nut type of cake).
- I really do suck at making icing. It should be easy - I follow instructions even. But this is not the first nor the last time I've screwed it up to the point where I think I might not bother using it.
First Corollary: When she said "powdered coffee" in the icing recipe I don't think she meant coffee grinds - my bad.

Whatever - it's still a success if only because I danced in the kitchen and didn't do the dishes!

Things that were on my to do list and are no longer:
- Finish reading my book
- Bake Mocha Maple Chocolate Cake
- Dance in Kitchen
- Don't do the dishes
- Dinner with Dad
- Care-package for L

In other words I've done the fun things... typical me. But now I'm heading off to post the package for L and do my taxes - so I'm not completely hopeless.

Tonight - Game 6 Chicago @ Vancouver. C assures me that we've got it all wrapped up - no problem. It worked last time, so I'm feeling good (oh god that's a lie - I am stressed! Stressed about hockey!) about a win. GO 'NUCKS!
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Yesterday I learned that if you leave pirogies in the fridge for a few days they congeal together into a solid mass of dough and potato which, although delicious, will not be separated from its brethren.

So I squashed them into one massive pirogi-pancake. And it was good.

Pics or it didn't happen! )

Also I'm flying back to Ontario today! Yay visiting friends!
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Roasts were on sale at the grocery store, so I got a nice little roast that should last me several meals, and some little potatoes and cooked them up for dinner tonight. I decided to just cook everything in the same pan in the oven. It turns out though that even little potatoes (cut into tiny pieces) take longer to cook than a roast beast. So I've got slightly underdone potatoes and slightly overdone beef. It's still good, but it's frustrating to know that it could be better.

Speaking of better, today I finally put up that poster in my Ancient Philosophy Class. This class is in the Chemistry (for reasons that escape me) and there's an enormous poster of the periodic table on the wall. Weeks and weeks ago I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be funny if we put up Aristotle's elements next to it?" And I finally just did it. So next to all that "science" we have a nice little diagram entitled "The Elements" with Earth, Air, Fire and Water, Hot, Cold, Wet and Dry. Which looks almost exactly like this linky linky.

I am so clever!
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Often for breakfast I'll have about half a tub of cottage cheese because it is good, and the other day I got some raisins to put in it. I usually try not to use more dishes than I have to because I have no dishwasher, so the other day I just put the raisins into the tub on top of the cottage. The result was that I had a pre-mixed breakfast this morning. What I didn't take into consideration is that raisins are dry and cottage cheese is wet and when placed in close proximity for an extended period of time the reverse became true.

So breakfast this morning was dry cottage cheese mixed with juicy raisins. Bizarre. Not bad, but I wouldn't recommend it.

In other news I got a tetanus shot on Tuesday (yay, now I can go and play with old rusty metal!) and my arm is still tender. Stupid tetanus shot. It's one of those ones that goes into the muscle instead of your veins and my muscles never really approve of that. I don't really blame them.

We got the last work schedule for before I leave for Italy (!!!). I'm torn between thinking that I've got tons of time before I head out and no time at all. So excited! And worried that I'm going to forget something. But mostly excited, because everything seems to be slotting into place.

I kinda want to pack, but I know I'm going to want/need a bunch of the stuff I would pack between now and when I leave.

(Guys, I'm really going to Italy.)
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MMMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMM Wontons........

And The General - you are spicier than I remember. Good thing C left a bunch of milk.
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So last night was the season premier of Torchwood Series 2 in the UK and I spent a good chunk of time trying to find it, and ended up downloading it while I was sleeping. I hadn't thought that it would be ready by the time I woke up, but it was and with enough time before I had to go to class for me to watch it! And it was SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!

Cut For Rambling Vague-Spoilers )

And as soon as L finishes making soup she's going to come over and watch it with me.

What's that? No I don't think that watching it twice in one day is too much.

Also in my searching I ended up finding this:
A Taste of Life With John Barrowman (streaming @ Veoh)
It's a British show where they bring on a celebrity and talk about their lives through foods that are important to them. And I have this to say about it:

Banana Bread!
Cute Baking Scottish Mother!
Freckled, Gap-toothed Child JB!

It's about a half hour and quite enjoyable. Why don't we have food shows like this?


May. 23rd, 2007 07:25 pm
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Still sick and feeling congested.


Today I got fish! And a barbeque!

(These two purchases are not related.)

I got three Mickey Mouse Platies who have a varying level of red/orange on their backs and black spots on their tail-fins that look like Micky Mouse. I have yet to decide their names, but I think I'm going to give it a few days for them to get used to the ew tank and show their true personalities. I still want to name one Snoop Dog for C's sake (because he kept telling me to name my fish Snoop Dog) but I'm not sure that any of them are spunky enough for that. However this might just be new tank jitters.

At least they've moved out from behind the fake plant.

And the Barbeque is just one of those little table-top ones that run off the little camping propane canisters, like the one that's clamped onto the rail of my Dad's sailboat (only without the clamp part. And it looks significantly less like a spaceship), but it's not like we need anything bigger than that.

I think I'm going to buy myself a ice steak when I go grocery shopping soon. (I really need to go grocery shopping soon, but I don't feel like going tonight.)

Anyway: Yay!
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So I've felt like doing some real cooking for a while and I decided about a week ago that it would be a great idea to make Deeper 'n Ever Poi again. Because then I could have a family dinner with all my roommates and not have to worry about the vegitarians (blasted vegitarians).

For those of you who didn't read Redwall as a child (or adult, 'cause hey that's cool too) Deeper 'n Ever Poi* is one of the dishes that the moles make and it's made with root vegitables and is really hearty and delicious. Redwall is full of all sorts of tantilizing descriptions of food and when I was obsessed with Redwall my Dad (Or was it one of my Mums? Hell, was it me?) went on the Internets and found a bunch of recipes for the food they described. This is the only one that I ever made myself and I think that it's the best in any case.

So today I'm making it and tonight I'm going to feed it to my roommates and friends (I think there'll be eight people, The White Hart, Fort Awesome and L who is here to work on Physics with A).

Here's the Recipe for my own reference and for anyone else's interest )

ETA: Success!!! It all went really well, everyone enjoyed it. I left it in the oven for about forty minutes or there about and perhaps longer would've been better for temperature's sake but it was still delish.

*Poi, of course, because de Molers have very thick accents. I used to be very good at it, but alas I'm more than a bit rusty.
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That's right no more Imperial Russia for Aderam. Today was the final exam and also what would have been the last class if we weren't having the exam now instead of during the exam time.

I missed the bus this morning by about 30 seconds (I watched it go by but could get to the stop fast enough) and had to walk to school. Luckily I had enough time and my iPod, so I was able to walk and listen to the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Daft Punk and the Russian Navy Hymn from the Hunt for Red October (to get me in the spirit of things). Then when I arrived I found out that my Prof had forgotten to send my exam to student services and I had to walk across campus to pick it up and then walk back to write it. And then of course the exam took me way less time to write than I was expecting. It was the same length as the mid-term and it did take me about the same amount of time to write but it always unnerves me when I take 45 minutes on an exam that we're given an hour and a half for (this is not counting the extra time I get because of my learning disability). But I went over all the answers again twice and re-read the instructions to make sure I wasn't making a mistake, and seeing none I handed it in and came home. Still leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth though.

Of course the bad taste is always cured by feeding me stew. Last night I made beef stew, so of course that's what I'm eating for lunch today. It may also be dinner since I'm not feeling very creative at the moment.

In any case now to reward myself by watching the new episode of NCIS.


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