Aug. 16th, 2011 06:16 pm
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I've basically been awake since 8pm Vancouver time yesterday (since I woke up at five to catch the train to the airport and lost 9 hours today - plus I can never sleep well on planes). I R Tired.

But I'm home. And that is good.

Now it's time to attempt to stay awake long enough to sleep at a reasonable hour. I'm aiming for 9, but I may cut my losses before then.

Goodnight all!
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The end of the Dig + Far too many 10 hour field days + holy shit I've still got so much to do = Exhausted Aderam.

Things are still mostly good and bad in the usual places. Right now though I just want to sleep for a week and get a massage from K because she's very good at it.

I'll try to do a better write-up after everything gets done. But I might be sleeping then. If I'm even scarcer than I have been that's why.

Ciao ciao.
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This trip to Italy was the trip of everything breaking (and subsequently being fixed). It was kind of ridiculous.

Things that broke while I was in Italy:
1. The eyelets for the laces of my dig boots. Yes one of them was broken before I left, but the trend continued and I ended up having to resort to cutting holes in order to lace my boots.
2. My dig pants - crotch hole. It gets me there first every time.
3. Dig belt. In the field no less.
4. Hearts.
5. The superfluous button on my capri-ish type pants. It's superfluous, but still...
6. The right underwire on all three of the bras I brought with me. The one on my dig bra was in the field.
7. The left underwire on my dig bra. Also in the field. Yes, I did throw it out before I left Italy. With great satisfaction.
8. The right underwire on my red bra. Again. On the same morning as the black bra actually. Is there something about my right side that makes underwires want to stab it?
9. Many beer bottles as I was throwing them into the recycling bin. It's more fun that way.
10. 2 knitting needles. And a third that simply disappeared. I had extras as well, but now I have to use one of the broken ones if I want to keep knitting. Le sigh.
11. One of the dust pans we use on site to scoop dirt.
12. The straw hat I got in Sorrento last year. I trampled it a bit and then I accidentally left it on the plane (trampled and under the seat) on the way to Vancouver. In my defence it was already broken and I hadn't slept in about 24 hours at that point.

Things I didn't break on this trip to Italy:
1. My trowel.
2. Hearts.
3. Any of my electronics.
4. My air mattress (which broke last year and was replaced).


Jun. 25th, 2010 07:12 pm
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So I have safely arrived in Gravina. All the important people are here and we've got just about everything set up for the start of the season. Students arrive tomorrow.

We got everything set up really quickly since there were five of us around who had been here before and knew what needed to be done how. So there was a lot of twiddling of thumbs and general hanging out. The hanging out was awesome - I love these guys so much I may have busted my gut laughing - the thumb twiddling... not so much.

But life is good. I'm sitting in Gambrinus on their wifi, we'll be going out to dinner soon, and I've living with some of my favourite people in the whole world.

Gatecon is also only 15 days away! I am SO excited! There is going to be a day of travelling hell before I get there, but I really don't care! It will be awesome and I will have a grand time and life is FANTASTIC!

(I only wish that Gatecon wasn't conflicting with Gravina - then I could stay for longer - that would be awesome too!)

More updates later! Much love from Italia!
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I'm back from the wilds of Lakes Huron and Michigan. No more sailing for Aderams. Appledore V is being pulled out of the water today and I worked a whole bunch at derigging everything for the past few days before catching my train home to Canadia yesterday.

Several things are eating my brain.

1. I am glad to be back in the country of my birth. I like the States, but it's got a different vibe from Canada and it's not home.

2. Grad Schoolz OMG! What the hell am I thinking. Please get me back in school now!

3. Sailing is awesome. I should try to get on a boat in New Zealand.

4. Fuck I don't have a place to live yet. Hello parents' houses.

5. I <3 the interwebs.

6. I miss King's.

7. There is new TV I missed while I was gone - must investigate!

Anyway there are pictures to be put up soon. And you know how I promised pictures of Italy too? Yeah, I'm on that. Really. I know you don't believe me, but I miss my Italy peeps something fierce so I am totally on that.
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Why are all of my friends on it again?

Le Sigh.

Apparently in the Facebook photo uploader when it says "Upload Failed. Please try again." what it really means is "Upload Succeeded! Please try again because we like to fuck with you and make you upload your photos in triplicate! And then we'll be annoying in other ways because we're Facebook." Honestly if all my friends weren't on Facebook I would gladly not participate. But because they are all there it's a great place to keep in touch, and also to share my photos with everyone in a fell swoop.

So I got a few more of my photos up on Facebook for my Italy trip (if you have me there do take a look - some of them are quite funny). I am going to put up a post of the very best pictures and a running commentary about what the hell I did over here, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. It's on my to do list along with several other things that are remarkably important. (So probably the post will happen before the important things. Ha!)

I've been absolutely terrible at posting lately. I think I generally need a bit of time to get back in the swing of things after I've been away from easy internet for an extended period of time. Which is of course why I'm going to leave the internet again quite soon! (What you thought you'd get to hear more inane things from my life? Wrong!) I'm going sailing for the month of September on Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. So you won't be hearing that much from me in the near future either. (Sorry.)

I'm going to be sailing on Appledore V which is a schooner I sailed on two years ago up the St. Lawrence River. So I already know the Captain. I've never sailed in Lake Michigan, and I've only done a little bit in the south of Lake Huron so I'm really looking forward to it. Plus, after this month all I'll need is Lake Superior and I'll have the full set!

In other news I've finally got things set up so that I can post from Dreamwidth onto Livejournal. So I'm going to be working from DW from now on. I'm still going to read my LJ Reading List though, so I'll still get your updates if you are not a Dreamwidth person. Likewise if any of you are Dreamwdith people who are crossposting please let me know (and add me, I'm [info - personal] aderam over there - surprise)! If you're just straight up crossposting I might take you off my LJ so that I don't get repeats, so please let me know what you're doing!

Anyway, more updates soon.
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The high today in Halifax was 15°C.

The high in Bari (Gravina is too small to have it's own weather) is 30°C.

Halifax is foggy and damp. I am wearing a sweater.

Bari is Sunny.

This is ridiculous.
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Arg! I think my laptop is starting to fall apart. Henry, why are you doing this to me when everything else in my life is expensive right now? The left-click button now requires much enthusiasm to work, the latch to keep the lid closed is getting more and more broken as time goes by, and the disk drive is being feisty and annoying - sometimes refusing to open, and others stopping in the middle of play-back because I moved the laptop even the smallest of bits. It's frustrating because I really like Henry and I don't want him to die on me! But at the same time it's got me looking at new laptops on the internet and the prices have gone way down even since i bought Henry. It's far too tempting and all.

Hopefully being shut-down for almost two months while I'm away will give Henry the rest he needs to continue working properly. If not I'm definitely going to talk to the student services people about getting the government to pay for some of a new laptop.

In other news: OMGWTF!!!!!eleven!!!!! Italy!
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Often for breakfast I'll have about half a tub of cottage cheese because it is good, and the other day I got some raisins to put in it. I usually try not to use more dishes than I have to because I have no dishwasher, so the other day I just put the raisins into the tub on top of the cottage. The result was that I had a pre-mixed breakfast this morning. What I didn't take into consideration is that raisins are dry and cottage cheese is wet and when placed in close proximity for an extended period of time the reverse became true.

So breakfast this morning was dry cottage cheese mixed with juicy raisins. Bizarre. Not bad, but I wouldn't recommend it.

In other news I got a tetanus shot on Tuesday (yay, now I can go and play with old rusty metal!) and my arm is still tender. Stupid tetanus shot. It's one of those ones that goes into the muscle instead of your veins and my muscles never really approve of that. I don't really blame them.

We got the last work schedule for before I leave for Italy (!!!). I'm torn between thinking that I've got tons of time before I head out and no time at all. So excited! And worried that I'm going to forget something. But mostly excited, because everything seems to be slotting into place.

I kinda want to pack, but I know I'm going to want/need a bunch of the stuff I would pack between now and when I leave.

(Guys, I'm really going to Italy.)
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I got smacked up-side the head with a cold sometime in the recent past.

I am not amused.

I'm stuffed up in the extreme and my throat is sore (although guzzling tea and grapefruit juice seems to help that at least). As a result I am not looking forward to my Roman History exam tomorrow. And I'm actively avoiding picking up my paper for that class or checking the mark online because I know that I did terribly and it was for my favourite Prof too...

Anyway, I'm not too worried about the exam because I am quite good at history and interested in the Romans.

But in any case what I would much rather be doing is planning my trip to Italy followed by a whirlwind tour of Europe before heading back here.

I have to be in Gravina on July 5th for the dig, and I think I might go a bit early and spend a few days in Rome beforehand. We finish up at the dig site around the 2nd of August (I think). And from there I think I'll head north, take in a few days in Paris and then head through the Chunnel to England. I have a few friends in London right now (and hopefully at least one of them will still be there in August and willing to let me sleep on their floor) and I want to check out London sights like the British Museum etc. Also I REALLY want to see the RSC's production of Hamlet with David Tennant as Hamlet and Patrick Stewart as Claudius.

So what I'd like to know from all of you well-traveled people is this: What do I absolutely have to see? What was the best piece of advice/thing that you learned from your traveling experiences? What am I missing? Also my itinerary is by no means set, so if think I absolutely MUST go to Germany (or you know, Switzerland, which is pretty much directly between Italy and France) please tell me why you think so! I just might end up doing something exciting. :)

And in other good news: I bought a new pair of Converse today! Which was necessary because my old pair has a hole in them and I want to be able to keep them around for longer without aggravating the hole by wearing them everyday. I was thinking about getting some low-tops, but they had purple high-tops in my size. The answer was clearly obvious. So now I have some Purple Converse High-tops with toes that are far too white, although I'm sure I'll change that soon enough.
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(just home from the first information session. Yay!)

(Will use the 300 warrior icon until I have some sort of archaeology/Rome/Italy icon that is mroe suitable!)


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