Nov. 23rd, 2010 08:10 am
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Dear Uterus,

I am severely unimpressed.

No love,
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I've been looking at my calendar the past few days. I'm in the middle of two weeks with three presentations. It's kinda of balls, and I've been telling myself that I just need to get through Tuesday and I'll be able to relax. This is only partially true. I've got a paper coming up soon and another three all due at the end of November/beginning of December.

In sum: Grad School is a lot of work.

I knew that, but I'm not sure that I knew I would actually get up at 9am on a Saturday to spend the entire day in the Reading Room working on Presentation #3. Especially on the Thanksgiving Long Weekend.

I still like it mostly, but I kinda wish that I could be doing stuff related to my own interests instead of just more course work. Whatever - I totally signed up for this. And the courses are pretty good - it's just that they were better LAST year, and I apparently have poor timing. Whatever, I'm writing a thesis next year and I'll get to do my own interests for that.

I'm taking a bit of a break today and going to Chinatown with one of my fellow Greenies for lunch and tea shopping. And tomorrow the grad students from the department are getting together for Thanksgiving - I'm making Sweet Potatoes. Before and after these events - work, work work.

Also Menstruation TMI )

Le Sigh

May. 13th, 2010 12:33 pm
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Uterus, as usual you have impeccable timing.

At least my period isn't going to start in the middle of a trans-Atlantic flight.
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Ugh. I've had low level cramps all day and it really sucks. They're not painful enough to bother taking anything or doing anything to help with them but they're still annoying as fuck. Feeling kinda disconnected which is not unusual for me at this time of the month, and just worn out, but that might have as much to do with the two hockey games that I played yesterday than my period. I ened up watching a whole lot of due South and not getting much of the work I needed to do done. But sometimes that just needs to happen.

Right now I'm going to go and watch the last episode of due South season 1 before sleeping. And then I won't have anything new to watch on DVD. Humph. And I really want to keep going in dS. I want to get to RayK!!!! I love him a whole bunch. I love RayV too, but there's something about Callum Keith Rennie... yeah.

Hey [ profile] highlandrogue will you lend me your season 2 DVDs? I'll lend you my season 1! You know you want to. And I'll take as good care of them as I do my own (which is really good, I'm uber protective of my DVDs).


Feb. 21st, 2007 11:29 am
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Female grossness )
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My weekend was so eventful and fun and I'm far too tired and sore to write about it right now. I'll get out a nice post tomorrow.

For now it's enough to say that I really hate menstrual hormones, but thank the gods for the curative powers of a quick cry, boys and hockey on tv.


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