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"Always think moose - especially when you drive at night."
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Drunken phone calls from my brother! :)

It's always good to pick up the phone and hear him yelling at everyone else at the party: "It's a four and a half hour time difference - she'll be eating dinner!"

And I was.

He was in Newfoundland at a St. Paddy's Day Party. And they were all talking about me. And he was propagating the (true) rumour that if I don't end up doing well in my degree I'm going to move to Newfoundland - ("So everyone here loves you and hopes that this Masters thing doesn't work out!").

So he called me.

Because he misses talking to me. :)

And everyone else was yelling love through the phone and asking when I was next going to come and visit.


I miss Newfoundland. :(

But right now I feel important and loved. And that's pretty awesome.

Take that Masters Degree! No matter what you throw at me I've got a plan for awesomeness!
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1. My brother is married.

2. I now have a sister (in-law). She is wonderful and looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress.

3. Newfoundland!

4. The food at the Wedding.

5. The DJ.

6. All of us Bridal Party looking really attractive.

7. Everything about the East Coast.

8. My student loan has come in! Yay! I can has money again!

9. Got an email from M - I'm going to Gravina again this summer! And he definitely wants me to run my own trench!

Things that are not awesome:

1. Vancouver (in comparison to Newfoundland - for now).

2. 12 hours of travel.

3. WestJet - their seats are not as wide as my hips. Their leg room is crap. Their entertainment system is balls. And my direct flight from Toronto to St. John's stopped in Halifax in both directions, which added over 2 hours to my travel time.

4. I have to go back to school and I have a lot of work to do.

The wedding was beautiful and awesome and J and G were so pretty together. I watched their first dance and thought to myself "when did my brother get so classy" - and then I realized it was all her. He had a big smirk on his face all weekend. C and A did speeches at the reception that nearly made me cry because they were beautiful. (And A, being the huge nerd that he is, ended his with "May they live long and prosper - so say we all!")

I tried to take some photos, but then realized that I could get a whole lot of good ones from people with much nicer cameras than mine. I'll share some once I've got them.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend with wonderful people. I'll write up more about it later, but for now I'm gonna sulk some more about being on the wrong coast and having a lot of work to do.


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