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The cookies turned out rather well, although perhaps a little crisper than is ideal, but such is life. And they were well received by roommates (who weren't awake until the whole process was complete except for some cooling) and by the neighbours, although I'd forgotten that our most-helpful neighbour was actually going away for a while. I hope that there are still some left for her when she gets back.

Also went to rugby, but wasn't able to finsih the entire practice because I felt icky. Especially when hacking the snot from my throat and spitting it out. Okay, maybe that was TMI, forget I said that.

I was also wondering if you guys could give me some advice. I'm thinking about getting a new MSN account because I dislike the old one, and I'm debating whether I should use my gmail account (which uses my real last name) or my wellingtonhouse account (which I use for all my internet activity). (I'm definitely not getting another hotmail account, they suck bälle) The thing is that I have a lot of Real Life friends on my MSN and I don't know if I want to tell them all that I'm Aderam, but I definitely want to be Aderam to any and all internet-folk that I speak to. Any advice? I think I'll use my wellingtonhouse account anyway but I'm still thinking about whether to use my real name (as I do now) or Aderam for the user thingy. Suggestions?
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So I'm currently baking cookies (choclate chip cookies top be exact) because I felt like accomplishing something that didn't take too much effort and wouldn't tire me out completely. Also we've been talking about doing something like this for our really awesome neighbour for quite some time now. So this morning once I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep again (Curse you internal clock, and you too evil sickness while I'm at it!) I decided to get up and start baking.

At one point in your life you aways wonder why chocolate chip cookies taste so damn good. Then you actually bake some and you realise that it's the two to one ratio of sugar to butter and equal parts chocolate chips.

Now just take a moment to think about how wonderful that is.

In other news I'm trying to figure out whether or not I'm well enough to go to Rugby practice today. I'm feeling much better than I was for most of last week but I'm still coughy and congested and can't quite breathe through my nose. I tried doing twenty and twenty (20 push-ups and 20 sit-ups, normal practice routine) and that was okay, but I think that it's really going to be the running that gets me. I think I'm going to try and go, do the warm up, and if I hack, splutter and cough go home instead of inishing the practice. This is totally a sucky way of finishing off the season.

In less-rugby related news, we are finally having a PRIDE exec meeting tonight. Although it's going to be on MSN. Sigh. Me no likey. But at least we're getting something done. I mean we're not even ratified yet and the showing of Rocky Horror on Hallowe'en is a week away. This is ridiculous!

Must go back to baking now. Mmmmm coookies....


Oct. 16th, 2006 05:57 pm
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*is ded*

Soreness from bashing people with your shoulders (heh heh heh) + fast arriving head cold + mid-term tomorrow = ow.
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It is incredibly windy and rainy out today which makes me very happy. I really enjoy most of the weather that people call bad. I love rain, and not just when it's a light drizzle but when it's an actual storm. Real weather, the kind that you can't help but be affected by is what it's all about and I love it. Mind you that doesn;t mean that I want to be outside right now getting increasingly damp and cold until my fingers fall off, but I still love it! And if I had some foulies I might do just that anyway.

Right now my pants are pretty wet, and I took the bus home!

Found out today in my Imperial Russian History class that we have a Mid-term on Tuesday. Yay. Luckily I had an extra form for my accomodations and I was able to get it filled out and filed (in triplicate) right away. But since it's not fourteen days in advance I still might not get the accomodations that I should. Sigh. I really hate bureaucracy, even though I do see why it's needed.

I also picked up my external hard drive today. Yeay! He's boxier and far more high-tech looking than William (my old one, may he rest in peace) was, so all thoughts of calling him William II were quickly derailed. I considered calling him HAL or TARDIS, but those were far too geeky and unoriginal even for me. So I've decided to call him Taliesin. After all he is someone who's main purpose is to remember things. (Taliesin is a very famous Bard of Celtic tradition, and since the Celts were an illiterate society all their culture and stories were remembered and told by the Bards. They are so cool by the way.) And while Taliesin is not exactly a high-tech name it's also not nearly as plain as most of the other names that I like, so it suits him. I'm glad that the saga of the Hard Drive is now over, since it means that I don't have to deal (or have my lovely mother deal) with those blasted peoples over at Canada Computers anymore, and I can start organizing my life again and keep backups. And he comes with a velvet bag!

Today is S's Birthday so we're going to have a lot of people over (hopefully the rain won't stop them from coming), since he asked for "loud" for his birthday. Yesturday he asked me if people would take him seriously when he's twenty. He was wearing a bright red and orange turkey on his head. I'm sure you can imagine.

Thankfully I no longer have rugby practice (the rain and wind) so that means that I can help out around here and get stuff done before the party. Ironically we're always cleaner when we have parties because we clean up beforehand and then clean up again afterwards before we decend back into our usual states of messiness.

On that note I'm going to go and do the dishes (C's already vacuumed in the living room) and decide whether or not it's worth it to go back to school for a one hour class on the Bible (Classical Mythology). I think the answer to that last one is probably no, it's not.
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My weekend was so eventful and fun and I'm far too tired and sore to write about it right now. I'll get out a nice post tomorrow.

For now it's enough to say that I really hate menstrual hormones, but thank the gods for the curative powers of a quick cry, boys and hockey on tv.
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It turns out that I can always rely on you to tell me when I should be downloading new episodes of the shows I love. All I have to do is wake up in the morning and read my friend's list in order to remind me that hey, House played last night, or apparently last night was also the first episode of NCIS season 4!

Anyway, thanks all. Much love and not kisses because I'm sick, but mental kisses. Yes.

Also the Rugby Rookie party did not kill me, nor am I especially hungover, just tired and slightly dehydrated. I'll write a more detailed post later, but right now I'm going to shower, remove the marker from my arms and face and then do my homework for the two classes I have this afternoon.
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I think that Clark gave me his cold. The one that had him dying on Sunday and sleeping for just about the entire day. He's much better already, but at the same time this is just perfect timing for me to get this cold. Tonight is our first rugby game followed by the rookie party. And all I want to do right now is go have a nap. My throat is all swollen up and my nose is stuffed and I really want to play tonight, so I'm goin anyway, but this still sucks. A lot.

I almost didn't get out of bed this morning and spent most of my time soothing my throat with tea, until my tea ran out. But then Coren gave me some of hers in Latin and that was lovely! I also didn;t do the reading for my Imperial Russia class because I didn't think that we were going to be following the syllabus that exactly. I've looked at it maybe twice since the beginning of class and it turns out that perhaps I should do so more often.

And writting this post has taken far longer than it should, but considering my brain is currently fuzzy I'm going to use that as an excuse.

I'm going to go and nap on the couch for an hour to see if I can make myself feel better.
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Today we had an exibition game for Rugby so that we who haven't played before could get some experience. There was a Sevens tournament going on so we ended up playing in the tournament (although that wasn't the original plan) and then we played a short game with fifteen as is usual. (The difference between Sevens and normal Rugby is that in Sevens there are only seven players on the team (usually there're fifteen) and the halfs are only seven minutes long instead of forty. As such it's a much faster game.) It was good fun, and we just got our new uniforms for this year. They're royal blue with white and blue stripes on the sleeves and a collar that looks like someone cut off the flappy parts. They fit tighly so that they're harder to grab at, and we have strippy socks to match and white shorts. I'm going to buy myself some spandex and rugby shorts tomorrow so that I have some of my own for practice and the like. Also I'm going to think very annoyed thoughts at the postal service so that my brother's cleets arrive tommorrow. They were supposed to get here on Friday, but they didn't. According to the web-tracker thing they're in Dieppe, NB. Pah. Hopefully they'll get here by tomorrow, otherwise I have no idea what I'm going to do for our game.

I had soemthing else that I wanted to say, but I can't remember what it was. I'm really tired and kinda sore after today's games.

I think I'm going to have a nap.

OH! Now I remember. I've decided that I'm going to go visit Jamie and Company for Thanksgiving instead of having people out here or just hanging here with the boys. I've already bought some plane tickets, and I'm looking forward to seeing him again since I haven't seen him in over three months. I should e-mail him and Adam with my flight times...

But maybe I'll nap first...
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Life seems to be settling into a kind of a routine. Everyday I go to class, and I've even figured out where they all are now (woo!) and then I have Rugby practice (although not everyday, thank Marduk), which is getting to be more and more fun as time goes on and we actualy start playing the game. I'm kinda sorry for innundating you with Rugby posts, but since Saturday I've only had two days without rugby practice, so I haven't had much of anything else to talk about.

Anyway so it turns out that I'm a Prop! Which makes me SOOOO happy. For those of you who know nothing about the sport their are two Props (usually the size of oxes) who are in the front line of the Scrum on either side of the hooker. When you see the two piles of rugby players pushing against each other in large groups the Props are shoulder to shoulder with the other team. If you've ever heard the phrase "built like a Prop Foreward" this is the position that they're talking about. And now it also refers to me! (unless something realy bizarre happens, the situation is currently slightly fluid while we see how people do in the different positions and play together and all that wonderfulness.

In other news I'm loving my classes so far. I had an honest-to-Gods squee over Latin grammer this morning because it was all coming back to me and I was so happy. We're going over Gerunds and Gerundives (I didn't know that Gerundives were actually the future passive participle and that was really kinda nice to find out) and little memory things are so useful. The tunes to go with laudo, laudas, laudat ... and -i, -isti, -it... make me so happy and grateful towards my old Magistra. I can't wait until we get to this point in Greek! We've just been learning the alphabet so far lthough last class she introduced us to the conjugation of luo (lambda, upsilon, omega, I don't know how to write in the Greek letters on the computer. Yet.) in the present active indicative. And it's in that new language glow stage.

As for German... Ich heisse Aderam. Ich komme aus Canada. Wie geht es dir? My Prof is from Belaruse and is just recently off the plane from Germany, so she doesn't speak much English, but that's okay, because it's actualy not that hard to figure out what she's saying in German most of the time, although I'm sure that some of my classmates would disagree.

Also I love the word for telephone. It's so much fun to say: Telefonnummer

My other classes, Imperial Russian History and Classical Mythology are also neat, but I'm in a happy language spot at the moment so I'll leave you with Telefonnummer and this Latin epigram, which is actually my favourite piece of poetry that I have written myself. Kind of sadly nerdy I know, but I've been resigned to this fact for a long time.

dicis, mi Luci, "in vino veritas."
dico, "te amo," sedne sum ebrius?
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RUgby didn't actualy kill me, which I generally consider to be a good sign. I sat out for the tackling because I didn't have a mouth gaurd yet (mine's coming on Friday so in the mean-time I got a super-cheepo one, oh and some socks!) and that was at about the time that I wanted to take a break anyway.

Muscles still hurt like the dickens, and I did go out of my usual way so that I didn't have to go up and down a bunch of stairs on my way to class today, but on the whole I'm still excited about playing and getting to be a part of the team and all that wonderful stuff.

My last post was kinda discouraging I admit, but that was partly because I was realy dissapointed that I might not be able to play, not just the hurty bits.

Vobis gratias ago, familia, for giving me some encouragement. It was exactly what I needed at the time. That and going to rugby and finding many others who were still sore from the Saturday practice.

Anyway, I've got another practice tonight and then tomorrow I've realy got to go grocery shopping because I have almost no food left. Luckily the store is really near by.

ETA: tackling is fun. Also I haven't used fresh Rub A535 in YEARS. THis stuff is amazing.


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