Apr. 5th, 2007 12:55 am
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Gah. Must work through the sleepiness. So close to the end of the paper... so close to the end of this class...

Calculating in my head whether or not I'll have the time tomorrow to finish this off before it needs to be handed in and whether or not sleep right now is more important is not exactly my idea of the good. Also my brain is slowly shutting down, which makes it all the harder to make this decision, not to mention writing the aforementioned paper.
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I have absolutely no concentration right now! I have two mid-terms tomorrow and a paper due! But I actually can't bring myself to work on any of it. Not even the last-minute panic is doing me any good.

La La laaaaaa!
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I hadn't realized that I missed squirrels until I got here and they're everywhere. The bastards. I know you, Squirrel! I don't care how cute you are, I know you're just a rat with a puffy tail. A really cute puffy tail... especially when you're all fat for winter.

Anyway back to my date with Akhilleus...

(Do you think he'll still want to go out with me after I finish this paper? Even though I'm starting to see Odysseus a wee bit as well?)

(Actually I'm far more attracted to Telemakhos...)


Dec. 15th, 2006 02:32 pm
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So I haven't posted in a while (I am still alive!), I guess that it's really just because I haven't had much to say. I've returned to Ontario for the Christmas break, and it's left me with a strange feeling of disconnect. This city is so familiar but at the same time it's not at all where I belong anymore. It's not home (I want to go home). I think this is what it would feel like going through the places that you know really well from favourite TV series' or books (except that you can't see the setting as much with books I find). Like something is just a little bit off.

Traveling was normal. I got no sleep at all because I got the 6.30 flight since it was the cheepest, and therefore had to take the 3.40 shuttle to the airport. I got to use my french in Montreal since the cab driver taking me to the train didn't speak english and the ticket guy just assumed that I spoke french instead of asking which language I preferred, which was interesting and made me glad that we tend to randomly speak french at home.

So I've got a two papers to write for Classical Mythology tonight and then once I e-mail them in to my Prof I'm done until January, which will be a bit of a relief.

I got to play hockey on Tuesday right after I arrived in town and it was SO weird using someone else's equipment. It was not as nice as mine but I still managed a few nice glove saves even though it took a whole lot more effort to pick the puck off the ice to hadn to the ref than it does with my own gloves. Also I got a new stick since we didn't get one from the person we got the equipment for, so I'm going to have to think about whether or not I can get it back home since the one I have back there is nearing the end of it's life anyway. Also the Canucks have won both of their games this week (take that Calgary!) which makes me happy. And I'm still winning our hockey pool.


Anyway back to Achilles and Odysseus... (I have another date with Achilles. "Aderam and Achilles are going steady!" says C, or at least he did say that a week or so ago.)
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Urggg. So tired.

But it's done. I just did the final read-over to make sure there weren't any embarassing mistakes before printing it out and I don't think it's terrible (particularly since I'm not very interested in the subject). And that's generally a good thing, you know.

Anyway, it's time for me to go and start work on my Latin translation that we're taking up in class in an hour and a half. Arg.

Also it kinda freaks me out that my printer, Dickhead, hasn't been a dickhead at all this year. I just tell him to print something and he does. None of that "but I'm out of paper" whining that he did all last year.

I'm sure it's a trick and he's just biding his time.


Nov. 21st, 2006 12:42 pm
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Okay so I'm procrastinating from doing Research for my Russian paper and what better way to procrastinate than to try and figure out what class to take next semester. Four of my classes are full year, and I'm actually happy with that even though I'm frustrated by how slowly the German is moving along (we only know nominative and accusative! It's crazy!), but taking Imperial Russia (italized because it can't be said in a normal voice) this semester has made me realise that I'm not interested in more modern history anymore. Maybe it's because the lecturer wasn't very good (she wasn't bad, just hard to take notes from and she just can't seem to make me enthusiastic enough about the subject matter to actually do the readings.), or maybe it's just me, but I figured out that the European History class that I signed up for was not going to make me happy.

So I went looking through the class schedule. The cool looking Roman History class that is set around the time that the whole thing is falling to pieces is at the same time as my Latin class (which you couldn't make me drop if you started jabbing me with hot pokers ... well maybe then) so I can't take that but there is a class on Greek Tragedy that meshes with my schedule which could be really exciting. And there's also a class in Contemporary Studies called "Reflections on Death" that I'm intregued by, even though it's in Contemporary Studies.

I know that the Reflections on Death class with probably be harder (and not only because it's much earlier in the morning) but that's one of the reasons I kinda want to do it. I haven't had nearly as much Philosophy this year as last year (surprise, surprise) and it's not exactly one of my favourite disciplines because I have a hate/love relationship with most philosophers that extends to most philosophy students and professors as well. But I feel like for the sake of my mind I really should do some more philosophy. (A scary enough thought in itself from someone who would rather sit around reading stories in Latin than having to deal with some thinkers who thought that they were so right that they had to share with the world.)

On the other hand (men ... de ... Sorry, Greek reference. If only I could use the actual Greek letters this explanation would be superfluous!) the course on the Tragedies might have exactly the right kind of Philosophy for me and will probably appeal greatly to my inner, slightly abused English Student. Also it's taught by the same Prof who's teaching me Ancient Greek right now and I like her a whole bunch even when she takes extra time to explain participles and I was okay with it on the first go through. (She has awesome hair). Also also the Tragedies class would give me another credit towards my Classics degree, which is always good.

Ga! I think I'll talk to my Greek Prof and see what she thinks (did I mention that she's also the Classics Department's Undergraduate Advisor?) and in the mean time get back to that work thing.

Just under two weeks of classes left, which means I'll be free of Imperial Russia soon (yeay!).

(But then I'll have to make a descision!)
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So I was having trouble figuring out how to write about the Bible (yey for mini-paper questions that don't give you a choice of what to write) while staying true to what I actually think and not getting into how very wrong it all is, and I was getting nowhere. I talked to both of my roommates who were at home, both of whom were good sounding boards but didn't really have much in the way of answers to my problem. So I went back to my desk, picked up a pen that I aquired while sailing on the Bounty (It's for "Lifegaurd Alaska" and I have no idea how it got to the Bounty, but it's a nice pen), and started trying to write out various reasons why Job had a better understanding of God than Adam and Eve did.

Then I found myself writing out a truely bizarre metaphor that somehowlet me write out the whole bloody thing (sans metaphor) in fourty more words than were necessary.

What's the metaphor you ask? Understanding God = a Sandwich.

(Yes you did read that properly)

Understanding God is like a Sandwich. Adam and Eve were given The Sandwich (note the capital letters) right after they were created, but if you just get a sandwich then you don't really know what's in the sandwich until you tak it apart. Thus the Fall. Adam and Eve, exercising their free will throw The Sandwich all over the ground so that thye can see what's inside, but then they're so upset that they broke The Sandwich that they can't bear to look at the thing. This is where Job comes in, several thousand years later, and is forced by Satan (minion of God) to put The Sandwich back together. Job succeeds! And because he had to identify and find out how all the pieces of The Sandwich fit together he has some super awesome knowledge of The Sandwich. Of course it's been sitting on the ground for the past few thousand years, so it's all covered in dirt and not the same, but it's the best that any of us fallen humans are ever going to get, and it's better than Adam and Eve managed.

P.S. I'm not at all interested in a religious debate, I didn't even want to deal with this question in the first place, but here I am and even if I'm so wrong that I may fall off the edge of the world of right I'd realy prefer to wait and hear it from my Prof. On the other hand if you want to share in the ridiculousness of my brain, or add any other stupid metaphors about usually serious things I'd LOVE to hear them!
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First of all I can't believe that this is my first paper of the year so far. I guess that's what happens when you take this many languages, not that I'm complaining. And Secondly I forgot how hard it was to get past the first paragraph. I've got all my ideas and quotes lying around all shinny, happy and expecting and I'm staring at the computer screen and reading inane e-mails just to distract me.


I think that I'm going to go to Sobey's and buy something pre-prepared for dinner and get some Jolt Cola (or maybe just Coke) so that I'll be able to work properly.


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