Mar. 5th, 2013 04:11 pm
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I have a phone interview with an(other) archaeology firm tomorrow. (!!!) I have already quizzed M (who works there) about what I should be saying and what I should expect (both from the interview and the type of work they do). I'm optimistically terrified. So think good thoughts for me tomorrow afternoon (PST)!

Some other thoughts to keep myself from brooding:

- I don't like the latest update of iTunes. The reason I started using iTunes was that I found it really intuitive, and the way they changed things around this update has ballsed it up (IMO). So I thinking about switching over to using Zune more, since I have to use it for my phone too. But figuring out new software is annoying. And I do still have an iPod. Blagh.

- I need a book to bring with me to work. I want to read Tanya Huff's The Silvered because I got it for Christmas and haven't started it yet. But I don't want it to get any butter on it. Because it is a nice book and a massive hardcover. I wish it was out in paperback so I could just grab a cheap copy. Bah.

Also, picking books for reading at work is hard because it has to be something I actually want to read, but also something that I don't feel weird reading in front of co-workers. - This might be lingering issues from that awful summer job I had where my coworkers were rude and bullied me about reading Stranger in a Strange Land because it was an old '70s SciFi cover so it looked really wacky.

- I went to yoga yesterday for the first time in a while. And it felt really good, although my muscles know I was working them today. I was sure that I would need to spend most of the class in child's pose (resting), but turns out that I'm not in as bad shape as I thought I was. I have been playing hockey though, and it's interesting that I can feel which muscles are hockey muscles because those poses are much easier for me than even some of the "easier" poses that don't use hockey muscles.

- I really want to do more writing, but I'm terrible without deadlines. I've figured out that I need to finish my Teen Wolf fic before Season 3 starts in June because it's a pre-series story and I know from spoilers that they're doing a flashback episode. I'm torn between being super excited to see the canon Hale family and a little sad that they aren't going to be the same as the Hale family that's been hanging out in my head for the past few months.

And the other day I picked up a Star Trek XI fic I started years ago and wrote a couple of scenes because they were just in my head. I have no idea why since, while I'm excited for the new movie, I haven't been reading any fic or even watching any of the other Treks. Whatever, as long as I'm writing I don't really care.
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Quick informal poll:

When you are reading fic (or, you know, anything) do you prefer verbs in:
a) Past tense.
b) Present tense.
c) Don't care either way as long as it's consistent.

I'm working on my Yuletide and I can't decide which I prefer - half the time the present sounds better and half the time I want to do the past. Obviously I need to pick a tense and stick to it, but I can't decide which is better. ([personal profile] hobbitbabe having seen some of the text, do you have an opinion about what fits better in this particular story?)

In other news I've somehow managed to lightly sprain my wrist. I actually have no idea how, it's just been sore and potentially getting sore-er all week (either that or I was paying attention to it more). I went into the walk-in clinic down the street from me and had the doctor check it out to make sure it wasn't something worse than I thought. And yeah. Apparently it's just a sprain and it will heal even if I continue to do the same stuff that caused it to hurt in the first place (it'll just take longer). He said that I didn't have to wrap it, but I decided to get a wrist brace anyway because it'll remind me to take it easy and give it some support when I'm doing stuff around the house.

Fortunately I don't have any more Christmas knitting to do, so I'm going to take a break from that, but I'll still be typing and doing things at work that strain my wrist a bit. Damn wrists. Also, what the hell am I going to do when I start getting twitchy fingers?

And my roommate left to visit parents just a few minutes ago. So now I've got the place to myself, and I will celebrate by going to work. ;)
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I felt like I should write these down to remind myself of the things that I've been meaning to write. I'm terrible at doing it when I have class and things, but maybe I can get a few out of the way over the Christmas Break - or at very least remind myself of them at that far distant date when I actually, maybe have time to write.

- The XMFC fic about Hank adjusting to how everything changes after the movie. And the Letters he exchanges with Raven.

- The Inception Fic where there's a clear difference between violence in dreams and violence in reality and the characters get antsy about it.

- The White Collar fic where Neal hates driving.

- The Inception fic where Arthur and Eames are in Halifax

In unrelated news today was shitty - not for any particular reason but just because of all the usual things - and brain. So I came home early and watched Merlin Behind the Scenes stuff from Series 1, and it totally cheered me up. Thank you Merlin Cast for being awesome!


Apr. 12th, 2010 02:35 pm
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I have this crazy idea for a Star Trek fic where the Enterprise is a modern day tall ship and their at a festival with all the other ST vessels (possibly in Halifax because I know the port). And Pike is the Captain and the three watches are Red, Blue and Yellow (instead of White). The Mates are Kirk, Spock and Uhura. Scotty is the Boatswain and Keenser is the cook.

All I need is a plot. *headdesk*

The idea keeps clamouring around in my head because no one ever writes modern day tall ship stories. They always do Age of Sail stuff (and often not well). And I'm not really qualified to write an Age of Sail piece anyway because most of my sailing knowledge is practical rather than historical. Even though I've sailed on nice creaky wooden boats with antiquated sail plans they all have modern amenities and safety standards.

Anyway - plots are HARD. Part of me just wants to re-tell the movie, but I find the high-stakes of the movie are way to unbelievable for this setting. Maybe I can just do some sailing hijinks with an over-arching plot of Jim coming into his (second in) command duties?

Dude - the Enterprise could have a prank war with the Narada on the festival circuit! Okay, now I need to think about all of the best pranks I remember and then figure out how to explain them to land lubbers without making the whole story sound weird. - Rice in the furls! - Renaming the ship. - Whipping the braces. - Chekov as the new kid being told to find the shoreline!
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A while ago I decided that I really needed to write more - or more specifically that I needed to finish more of my writing. So I signed up for the Dean focused Hurt/Comfort Challenge at [livejournal.com profile] hoodie_time.

My prompt was #5 Dean with appendicitis. Bonus if it's wee!Dean. Gen please! :) from [livejournal.com profile] whisper99.

In Which Dean is Still Too Young to Drive
Gen - Dean, Sam and John
~3650 words

Summary: John burst out laughing. “You’re too young for a learner's permit,” he managed after a few more minutes. “But I’ve already made myself one!” Dean pointed out helpfully.

Sam’s leg was definitely broken. )
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At work again. Somehow lately I've only been posting from the desk. I keep meaning to post at other times, but then things like sleeping and going to my Russian class (which is awesome by the way) seem to get in the way. Tonight (this morning?) I have the dubious pleasure of working the midnight to eight shift. Eight hours of not much going on because we don't have too many guests and the people who are staying aren't students and thus are smart and asleep by now.

Whatever, apparently I get paid today (tomrrow?) So that's pretty exciting. (It also makes me feel a little better about buying seasons 3 and 4 of Due South. Not that I felt especailly badly about it in any case.)

I started writing something because I got this crazy thought about what it would be like if one of my original characters just walked up to me while I was walking at night and introduced themselves (I think the answer is just that I'd be WAY freaked out and kinda scared, even though I totally wish that some of my characters really existed so that I could be friends with them), but I only got one sentence that's worthy of keeping (see below).

It was late, nearly midnight, and the sky was weighed down with fog, thick clouds of it narrowing her world to the blurred edges of the street lights and the muffled sounds of traffic on the main roads a few blocks away.

Anyway, I think it might be time for me to go and make some coffee, or at least get something to drink. Maybe I'll try to hold out sans caffeine for as long as possible.
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And so life continues on in that crazy way which I have come to expect.

My fish are definitely sick (something which I've been in denial of for the past few days because I'm sick and I really didn't want to kill them so soon), so I just went to the fish store and got some medication that will hopefully make Princess Trina better and stop Bertram from getting sick along with her. Now my tank is flourescent green. It said on the instructions that this would happen, but I never expected that it would look so SciFi. My fish will be living in an intensely green environment for the next four days and after that they will hopefully continue to live and be happy, frisky and twitchy for many years.

On the TV front Supernatural still has control of my brain (thanks [livejournal.com profile] superjamie) and the Winchester brothers keep giving me little pieces of stories that I can never actually make into something coherent (this is of course the story of my life). My favourite line that I've had so far is:

Throughout his childhood they ate in roadside diners so often that Sam thought he hated all-day breakfast until he went to Stanford and craved greasy bacon and eggs and soggy half-cooked pancakes every night of the exam period.

Which sat there in a Word document for quite a while grining devilishly at me and telling me to write more of it until I started trying to find it a home. I think I might have something, but this is not clear to me.

I have similar woes with my original fiction where I have characters that I love floating around in a setting without anything resemebling a plot to anchor them. Which is why I have almost nothing written about them. Le sigh.
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When do people file taxes in the States? And (for people who have done both) are they very different from Canadian taxes?
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It rained a whole lot today, a torrent that I was very happy to be inside the Tower and watching. In any case it ended up inspiring this little piece that might end up part of a story that I want to tell that's set at King's and deals with Magic and Learning of all types. This just deals with people and rain.

The Story. Unbetaed, so I apologize to the typo intolerant. )


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